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Piracy-studies.org was launched in 2010. It was at the heydays of the Somali piracy crisis. Creating the portal and blog was motivated by the observation that great scholarship on piracy was carried out, but that this expertise was hardly accessible to those practitioners that had to deal with the piracy problem. Making academic expertise available was our first intention.

Another one was that scholars interested in piracy came from different disciplines, such as international law, security studies, peace research, criminology or development studies, but there was a lack of cross-disciplinary dialogue and little sense of a common research agenda. Health aspects of recreational fishing in European freshwater https://casinodulacleamy.com/ fish. Hence, piracy-studies.org wanted to facilitate this dialogue.

Over 80 blog posts and comments, a shared bibliography and a series of events were the outcome of these efforts. Over the years it was less and less the problem of piracy off the coast of Somalia that needed attention. It was other regional piracy hot spots, such as the Gulf of Guinea, but centrally also very different maritime security issues, ranging from inter-state disputes to illegal migration or illegal fishing. Piracy-studies.org widened its focus to cover such issues, and also increasingly aimed at covering broader questions of ocean governance and naval strategy.

With the global academic blogosphere growing, also other website increasingly were discussing maritime security, such as the blog by the Center for International Maritime Security. But also we the editors moved on. In 2017 we were part of the creation of a new platform, the SafeSeas network. SafeSeas has very similiar goals to piracy-studies.org: Translating research to practice and facilitating dialogue among maritime security researchers.

While SafeSeas and piracy-studies.org operated in parallel for some time, it is now time to say good bye to piracy-studies.org. For scholarly insights on maritime security, the opportunity to publish your research to a wide specialist audience, and to get connected with other researchers, please visit the SafeSeas website, in particular its commentary section.

The piracy-studies.org website, while not updated, will remain online. This is not the least to ensure that all links remain intact and content continues to be available through these. The same time SafeSeas will take over the archive of piracy-studies.org and republish the most important blogs and comments. Watch out for our compilation of the best of piracy-studies.org.

We look forward to see you at SafeSeas, to receive your comments and to engage with you. Please do subscribe to the new newsletter. Join us on twitter as well.

We like to thank all readers and contributors that made piracy-studies.org a success story,

The Editors

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