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From 2010 to 2015 systematically collected a bibliography of academic works analyzing contemporary (post WWII) maritime piracy. The collection is comprised of over 500 academic books, journal articles, working papers and policy reports.  In addition some noteworthy titles on the ‘history of piracy’ and general interest literature on piracy are included. The aim of the bibliography was to gather a complete collection of academic works  on contemporary maritime piracy to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration as well as transfer knowledge to policy analysts and counter-piracy practitioners.

The complete reference list, updated last in August 2015, can be downloaded as a PDF. You can also access the bibliography through the Mendeley network  In joining our  Piracy Studies Research Group on Mendeley, you can download the references to the reference software of your preference. By joining the group you can also add items and you will receive a frequent update of items added.

Piracy Studies is a group in Economics, Law, Social Sciences on Mendeley.

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  1. Two recent books on sea piracy, which I co-authored / edited:

    Geiss, Robin / Petrig, Anna: Piracy and Armed Robbery at Sea – The Legal Framework for Counter-Piracy Operations in Somalia and the Gulf of Aden5. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 344 p., 1st edition, 2011.

    Petrig, Anna (ed.): Sea Piracy Law / Droit de la piraterie maritime, Selected National Legal Frameworks and Regional Legislative Approaches / Cadres juridiques nationaux et approches législatives régionales6. Berlin, Duncker & Humblot, 161 p., 2011.

  2. Two recent peer reviewed papers on ship security in relation to piracy:

    Liwång, H., Ringsberg, J. W. & Norsell, M. (2013). Quantitative risk analysis: Ship security analysis for effective risk control options. Safety Science, 58, 98-112. (see more at

    Liwång, H. & Ringsberg, J. W. (2013). Ship security analysis – the effect of ship speed and effective lookout. Paper presented at 32nd International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE2013). ASME. (see more at

    There is also some additional info in my blog “Risky business at sea” (

    Best regards
    Hans Liwång

  3. I had written an Occasional Paper on Somalian Piracy ORF Occasional Paper # 16 (Sept 2010) Somalian Piracy: An alternative Perspective” (at which does not seem to have found its place in your bibliography.
    In addition, as a member of the now defunct OBP (India) I have written a number of articles on the various websites on the issue of Piracy.

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  6. A recent peer reviewed article I wrote on the history of the laws governing piracy and an examination of universal jurisdiction:

    Paige, Tamsin. “Piracy and Universal Jurisdiction.” Macquarie Law Journal 12 (2013): 131.

  7. Good morning, a recent study about the ANALYSIS AND EVOLUTION OF THE MODUS OPERANDI SOMALI PIRATES published by Spanish Ministry of Defence can be found here:
    Perhaps it could be of interest.
    Greetings from Spain,

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