Contemporary Piracy as an Issue of Academic Inquiry: A Bibliography

Jan Stockbruegger, Brown University, & Christian Bueger, Cardiff University

We have compiled a new version of the Piracy Studies Bibliography, which you can access as PDF here.

The aim of this bibliography is to gather a comprehensive collection of academic works on contemporary (post WWII) maritime piracy, with a focus on academic books, journals and working paper. In addition the bibliography includes some titles on the history of piracy, and some general interest literature on piracy. The present version includes almost 600 entries. It documents the extent to which piracy has become a serious issue of academic inquiry, and how investigations of piracy contribute to general discourse and debates in International Relations, Area Studies, Maritime Studies, International Law, Criminology, and other disciplines. We hope that this bibliography helps you a little bit to find your way through the piracy studies literature. Please access the bibliography here.

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  1. Good bibliography, very helpful!
    Respectfully suggesting a couple of addition:

    Petrovic, David, Moderne Piraterie. Hintergründe, Dynamiken und aktuelle Entwicklungen, in Bruns/Petretto/Petrovic (eds.), Maritime Sicherheit, Wiesbaden: Springer (2013), pp. 99-113.

    Bruns, Sebastian, Multipolarity under the Magifying-Glass. Establishing Maritime Security Off the Horn of Africa, Security+Peace 3/2009, pp. 174-179.

    Bruns, Sebastian, “Operation ATALANTA at three – a success or failure?” in: Strategic Insights by Risk Intelligence. Global Maritime Security Analysis No. 36, November 2011, pp. 8-12.

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