Piracy Studies Research Workshop on “Contemporary Maritime Piracy and the International Response”


A one day research workshop on Interdisciplinary Challenges in Piracy Studies, 30.09.2011, London, UK.

In September 2011 piracy-studies.org organized a one day research workshop on contemporary maritime piracy at the Greenwich Maritime Institute in London. The core theme of the workshop was the question which distinct contributions different academic disciplines can make to understand the phenomenon of contemporary maritime piracy and to assist in developing innovative policy solutions to the problem. So far piracy has often been approach as either a legal problem or as a military-tactical problem. Piracy is however a “wicked problem”. To be mastered wicked problems demand to utilize all available forms of knowledge. It is important to think through what different disciplinary knowledge, including but not limited to economics, computer sciences, history, anthropology, criminology, area studies, political science and legal studies, can contribute to understand and address piracy. A quelle moment faut t’ il prendre le cialis generique Le tadalafil agit en relachant les muscles lisses de viagra pour homme la prostate et de la acheter viagra pharmacie sans ordonnance. Representatives from different disciplines and research paradigms working on contemporary piracy will present their research and discuss possibilities for trans-disciplinary collaboration. The workshop took place on the 30th of September, during the “World Maritime Day 2011: Piracy: Orchestrating the Response” of the International Maritime Organization, equally taking place in London. The workshop benefited from the contributions of the following participants:

  • Dr. Christian Bueger (Leverhulme Visiting Fellow, Greenwich Maritime Institute, Greenwich University, UK)
  • Dr. Basil Germond (Lecturer in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy, Lancaster University, UK)
  • Dr. Luis Lobo-Guerrero (Senior Lecturer, Keele University, UK)
  • Dr. Douglas Guilfoyle (Lecturer, University College London, UK)
  • Zoltan Gluck (Researcher, City University New York, USA)
  • Dr. Hans-Joachim Heinze (Senior Researcher, Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict, Germany)
  • Dr. Michal Jakob (Senior Researcher, Agent Technology Center, Czech Technical University in Prague)
  • Candyce Kelshall (University of Buckingham, UK)
  • Dr. Axel Klein (Lecturer, University of Kent, UK)
  • Dr. Sam Menefee (Professor, University of Virginia, USA)
  • Dr. Sarah Percy (Lecturer, University of Oxford, UK)
  • Sascha Pristrom (International Maritime Organization, UK)
  • Marie Walker (Hanson Wade, UK)
  • Sarah Simons (Researcher, Seafarers International International Research Centre, UK)

A more detailed outline is available here. For further information and inquiries, please contact Christian Bueger at cbueger@gmx.de

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