International Conference on Piracy at Sea

(forthcoming event, October 2011)

The World Maritime University organizes the “International Conference on Piracy at Sea” (ICOPAS 2011) will be held in Malmö 17-19 October 2011. The Conference is addressed at the maritime industry, public officials and academics alike. The three day conference aims

to exchange views and ideas on the complex web of underlying factors behind the phenomenon of maritime piracy, to examine and review current responses and initiatives, as well as to discuss ways whereby industry stakeholders and the many disciplines engaged in maritime research might better work towards an integrated approach to control or eradicate piracy and other violent crimes at sea.

More information on the event is available here.  The conference program is available here . Attendance to the conference is however pricey, with a conference fee of €400.00 being charged. Hence the conference will be primarily a forum for industry and policymakers.

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