Conference on The Human Face of Marine Piracy: Consequences and Policy Options

(March 2012)

A three day Conference, 29.2.-.2.3.2012, Karachi, Pakistan.

The conference focuses on the seafarers, which are the main victims of piracy, against the backdrop of a growing number of hostage cases involving Pakistani seafarers.  The conference brings together a range of high level naval staff, representative of the shipping industry, seafarers as well international academics to discuss how the problem of piracy can be approached differently and managed better. The event is organized and hosted by the Fazaldad Human Rights Institute, Islamabad and National Centre, for Maritime Policy Research at Bahria University in Karachi  in partnership with the PIRACY project at Dalhousie University Halifax, Canada and sponsored by the Near East South Asia Centre for Strategic Studies, Washington, USA.

A report on the conference has been published here.

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