Bibliography is maintaining since 2010 a bibliography that collects academic works analyzing contemporary (post WWII) maritime piracy. The collection is comprised of over 500 academic books, journal articles, working papers and policy reports.  In addition some noteworthy titles on the ‘history of piracy’ and general interest literature on piracy are included. The aim of the bibliography is to gather a complete collection of academic works  on contemporary maritime piracy to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration as well as transfer knowledge to policy analysts and counter-piracy practitioners.

Below is a list of the most  recent additions to the bibliography. The complete reference list, updated in August 2015, can be downloaded as a PDF. You can also access the bibliography through the Mendeley network (click on one of the links below). Creating a common knowledge resource, however also depends on the users. There are two ways by which you can recommend further literature, or have your own works included: 1) You can use the commentary function below. We will add the item to the bibliography in due course. 2) The bibliography uses the Mendeley Research network. Mendeley is a full fledged bibliographic software with integrated web 2.0 functionality. In joining our  Piracy Studies Research Group on Mendeley, you can download the references to the reference software of your preference. By joining the group you can also add items and you will receive a frequent update of items added.

Piracy Studies is a group in Economics, Law, Social Sciences on Mendeley.

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