Submit thrives by the contributions of the research community working on piracy and maritime security. There are several ways how you can contribute to We welcome submissions of commentaries on research or developments, comments on our posts and suggestions for the piracy studies bibliography.

Submit a commentary is a blog specialized in the study of piracy and maritime security. We publish commentaries for a wide audience that includes policy makers, naval officers, and capacity building professionals, journalists and academics interested in maritime security. Historically our focus has been on the developments around East African and West African piracy. Since 2013 we have broadened this focus to issues concerning maritime security more broadly. We publish commentaries on recent developments and discussions of recently published research (such as policy studies, articles, or books). Commentaries are usually in the length of 500-1000 words, but we are also open to longer texts. We maintain a high standard of quality and contributions need to be evidence based and refer to the literature. To submit a text, pitch an idea or for further inquiries please contact the current editor in chief Jan Stockbruegger (

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To respond to the growing demands for more cooperation and cross-fertilization between scholars and analysts working on maritime security related issues, has launched a new mailing list. The list can be used to

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