Piracy Studies is a research portal for the study of contemporary maritime security and ocean governance. The core objective is to facilitate inter-disciplinary collaboration and make academic research on maritime security, blue economy and ocean governance available to a wider audience.

The portal publishes short research-based comments on contemporary developments or recent research results and provides a space for sharing academic resources. The portal is not for profit project and edited by a team of researchers that started to work on African piracy in 2009. The portal is currently hosted at Cardiff University, Wales, UK and the University of Seychelles, Anse Royale, Seychelles. In the past, the portal received sponsorship from the Economic and Social Research Council [grant ES/K008358/1].

Editorial Team

The current editorial team consists of

  • Prof. Christian Bueger, Cardiff University (Lead Editor)
  • Dr. Robert McCabe, Cardiff University (Associate Editor)
  • Jan Stockbruegger, Brown University (Associate Editor, former lead editor 2013-16)


The page presently has three main sections: 1) A comment and analysis section; 2) A collection of resources, that is, links to research projects, useful information, or key international actors. You might also visit our SPAM section, for the more humorous part of studying piracy; 3) the portal also contains an extended bibliography on contemporary maritime piracy, which is hosted on the Mendeley platform. The bibliography contains over 300 references on piracy from various disciplines and is frequently updated. The reference data is open source and can be imported in other reference formats using the Mendeley platform.


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