"[142] The Guardian gave a more positive review, rating it as 4 stars, and was particularly fond of Daniel Craig's performance, saying he "made the part his own, every inch the coolly ruthless agent-killer, nursing a broken heart and coldly suppressed rage" and calling the film "a crash-bang Bond, high on action, low on quips, long on location glamour, short on product placement"; it concludes "Quantum of Solace isn't as good as Casino Royale: the smart elegance of Daniel Craig's Bond debut has been toned down in favour of conventional action. General Han | Richard Stamper | Describing the film as having a "rock-solid dramatic idea and the intelligence to run with it", he gave the film four stars out of five. [18] The director found Casino Royale's 144-minute running time too long, and wanted his follow-up to be "tight and fast … like a bullet".[42]. [114][dead link] A reported £50 million was earned in product placement, which tops the Bond films' record of £44 million for Die Another Day. ", "The Midas touch of David Arnold and his influence on Bond", "Alicia Keys, Jack White Team For Bond Theme", "Quantum of Solace – News – Alicia Keys, Jack White Team For "Quantum of Solace" Theme Song (Press Release)", "Jack White and Alicia Keys: Bond's New Duo", "Troubled Winehouse 'not ready' for Bond theme", "Bond blinks first in battle of blockbusters", "Does this mean Bond's past his sell-by date? Janus Syndicate | Mikhail Arkov | [75] The production used a large model of an eye, which Forster felt fitted in the Bond style, and the opera itself has parallels to the film. James Bond : [Bond is holding Yusef and Corinne at gunpoint] Sit down! Forster aimed to make a modern film that also featured classic cinema motifs: a vintage Douglas DC-3 was used for a flight sequence, and Dennis Gassner's set designs are reminiscent of Ken Adam's work on several early Bond films. Goals Dr. Vogel | Montes asks Bond to "let me know what it feels like" when he succeeds, the implication of the title being that it will be a small amount of solace compared to his despair. $4.69 0 bids + $4.66 shipping . Hans Glaub | [3], On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 65% based on 294 reviews, with an average rating of 6.2/10. Do the same way to Corinne Veneau (failed). Bond and M return to London and search Mitchell's flat, discovering Mitchell had a contact in Haiti, Edmund Slate. We got away with it, but only just. 1539 N 23rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19121. Yusef James; Yusef James' Reputation Profile. Following Mr. White's escape from MI6 custody, it is implied that Blofeld assigns Dominic Greene of Greene Planet to help support the overthrow of the Bolivian government for the exiled general Luiz Medrano in exchange for a portion of the land for Quantum to utilize its resources. [4] Twelve days of filming in Chile began on 24 March at Antofagasta. Brad Whitaker | Tom Wallace | James Bond Autographs & Relics Full Bleed Autograph Card Jack Klaff. Comninos recovered safely from his injury. Lock. Milton Krest | Yusef Kabira (Simon Kassianides) Image 002. General Dong | Shabin Raj P S . Ernst Stavro Blofeld | [35] Roger Michell, who directed Craig in Enduring Love and The Mother, was in negotiations to direct, but opted out because there was no script. Life and death stuff. Swatch designed a series of wrist watches, each of them inspired by a Bond villain.[124]. [65] The crew was going to move to Cusco, Peru for ten days of filming on 2 March,[63] but the location was cancelled for budget reasons. Necros | Raoul Silva | Grunther | Hemming hired Brioni for Bond's suits since her tenure on the series began with 1995's GoldenEye, but Lindsay Pugh, another supervisor, explained their suits were "too relaxed". [141][dead link] The Sunday Times review noted that "following Casino Royale was never going to be easy, but the director Marc Forster has brought the brand's successful relaunch crashing back to earth—with a yawn"; the screenplay "is at times incomprehensible" and the casting "is a mess." Van Bierk | Pugh said the costumes aimed towards the 1960s feel, especially for Bond and Fields. "Yes, it's a bad title," wrote Marni Weisz, the editor of Famous, a Canadian film publication distributed in cinemas in that country, in an editorial entitled "At least it's not Octopussy. Bond comes across Yusef, who is revealed to be a Quantum honeypot—he seduces women with access to valuable resources and then is “kidnapped” so that Quantum can manipulate and blackmail them. Get your dose of Ian Fleming's spy from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig with our expert online coverage and a rich, colour print magazine dedicated to spies. It isn't as morally distinct, because we all have both elements in us. C $10.00 +C $3.95: Time left: 1m: 2020 Topps UFC MMA Viviane Araujo Rainbow Foil Card #36 . Jacques Bouvar | Opens image gallery. Throughout his review, he emphasised that "James Bond is not an action hero. C $12.42. [128], Upon its opening in the UK, the film grossed £4.9 million ($8 million), breaking the record for the largest Friday opening (31 October 2008) in the UK. James Bond : [Interrupting the opera house conversation] Can I offer an opinion? How Girls in Tech used Prezi Video to address social issues James Bond. The rules were that you couldn't employ anyone as a writer, but the actor and director could work on scenes together. AKA: yusuf jam. [52] Craig noted the letter Q itself looks rather odd. Xenia Onatopp | Morzeny | General Li | Yusef, it turned out, was a Quantum agent whose (very pleasurable) job was to seduce women in intelligence circles. Count Lippe | After evading pursuers Bond delivers White to M, who interrogates him regarding the then unknown organisation, Quantum. Yusef Kabira | [96][self-published source? Apostis | Octopussy | I really think you people should find a better place to meet. [138] The film earned an average grade of "B-" from CinemaScore's audience surveys, on an A+ to F scale. Dambala | Back in La Paz, Bond meets M and learns Quantum killed Fields by drowning her in crude oil. [95] Ten cars were supplied by Aston Martin. Yusef Kabira is a recurring antagonist in the James Bond reboot series, being a mentioned character in the 2006 film Casino Royale and the final antagonist in the 2008 film Quantum of Solace. Bond captures Greene and interrogates him about Quantum. SMERSH | [99] While a great solution for the actors' performances, the technique presented enormous VFX challenges: relighting shots captured in a tall white tube to match the sky over the Bolivian desert; and the impossibility of filming medium to wide shots of the actors. Tov Kronsteen | Whisper | "[53] To shoot the foot chase in Siena in April 2008 four camera cranes were built in the town, and a cable camera was also used. Jed Midnight | A tie-in advert featured the orchestral element of "Another Way to Die. 2019 Upper Deck James Bond Simon Kassianides as Yusef Kabira Autograph Card . Vesper must do the kidnapper's bidding or Yusef will be killed. "[145] Kate Muir wrote in The Times that "The Bond franchise is 50 years old this year, and the scriptless mess of Quantum of Solace may be considered its mid-life crisis", before she went on to praise the film's successor Skyfall as a "resurrection". [94] Originally three Alfa Romeos were in the sequence: but Forster felt the scene was running too long and re-edited the scene so it only looked like two Alfas were chasing Bond. Fatima Blush | [73] Stunt co-ordinator Gary Powell said the accidents were a testament to the realism of the action. Jaws | The film also stars Olga Kurylenko, Mathieu Amalric, Gemma Arterton, Jeffrey Wright, and Judi Dench. Mr. Hinx | There are no audio commentaries or deleted scenes on these editions. [66] Forster chose the desert and the observatory's ESO Hotel to represent Bond's rigid emotions, and being on the verge of committing a vengeful act as he confronts Greene in the film's climax. Card pictured is the card you will receive. Hes a professional seducer of women who works for Quantum who targets intelligence agency women like Vesper. Aris Kristatos | Dr. Bechmann | Colonel Carlos | C $787.96 . Claus | Court Records found View. Occupation Machine FX worked on replacing a few shots of visible stuntmen with a digital version of Craig's head,[95] and recreated the boats Bond jumps over on his motorcycle to make it look more dangerous. [64] Officials in the country worked with the locals to "minimise inconvenience" for the cast and crew, and in return hoped the city's exposure in the film would increase tourism. 2019 Upper Deck James Bond Collection David Hedison Felix Leiter as Auto 5x5. Bond tells Kabria's latest target, a Canadian intelligence agent named Corrine Veneau (Stana Katic), who Yusef really is, sparing her Vesper's fate. Fields is a MI6 agent who works at the British consulate in Bolivia. Dryden | [41] The director collaborated strongly with Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, noting they only blocked two very expensive ideas he had. 3, grossing $21,894,957 from 1.21m DVD units sold. [44] Forster had the actors rehearse their scenes, as he liked to film scenes continually. [4] The next four weeks were scheduled for filming the car chase at Lake Garda and Carrara. ", "Jasper Conran Spring Summer 2008 Collection", "James Bond week: 007 and his girls are back with a crisp new look", "MK12 Has a Blast with Quantum Main Titles", "MK12 Create Custom Type for Quantum of Solace Title Sequence", "Aston Martin DBS to star in new James Bond film", "James Bond filming suspended after third accident leaves stuntman in coma", "For Your Eyes Only: RT in Austria with James Bond", "Quantum of Solace--We interview the director--Plus a…", "Your Quantum of Solace Questions Answered! Alone in her hotel room, Vesper can't help remember a strange conversation with Yusef not all that long ago. Bond chases Mitchell and kills him. [60] Interior and exterior airport scenes were filmed at Farnborough Airfield and the snowy closing scenes were filmed at the Bruneval Barracks in Aldershot. Yusef is promptly arrested by MI6, but this reveal is meant to redeem Vesper. The weekend gross of the equivalent of $10.6 million in France was a record for the series, surpassing what Casino Royale made in five days by 16%. In CR and QOS it is revealed that Vesper was turned into a reluctant double agent when Yusef Kabira seduces her and gets her to love him (symbolized by the Algerian Love Knot necklace) then appears to be kidnapped. [46] Haggis located his draft's climax in the Swiss Alps,[47] but Forster wanted the action sequences to be based around the four classical elements of earth, water, air and fire. Miranda Frost | Bond infiltrates Quantum's meeting at the opera, identifying members of Quantum's executive board, and a gunfight ensues. Hans | https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Yusef_Kabira?oldid=3950683. [26] Afterwards, Quantum was made the name of the organisation introduced in Casino Royale. Vesper Lynd is an antagonist in the James Bond franchise. [41] Forster noted a running theme in his films was emotionally repressed protagonists, and the theme of the picture would be Bond learning to trust after feeling betrayed by Vesper. Pan Ho | In July 2006, as Casino Royale entered post-production, Eon Productions announced that the next film would be based on an original idea by producer Michael G. Warned by Leiter, he evades the CIA's Special Activities Division when they attempt to kill him. Chang | "[140] Kim Newman of Empire gave it 4/5, remarking it was not "bigger and better than Casino Royale, [which is] perhaps a smart move in that there's still a sense at the finish that Bond's mission has barely begun." A sequence requiring several hundred extras was also shot at nearby Colón. Craig Mitchell | Cuarón appears as a Bolivian helicopter pilot, while del Toro provides several other voices.[32]. Forster was disappointed he could only shoot the boat chase in that harbour, as he had a more spectacular vision for the scene. The struggle leaves the hotel destroyed by fire. Outside, M tells Bond that Greene was found dead in the middle of the desert, shot twice in the neck and some engine oil found in his stomach. Almost gone. Tee Hee | Yusef Kabira [49] The water supply issue in Bolivia was the main theme, with a story based on the Cochabamba Water Revolt.[50]. Gustav Graves | [47] Rumours of a "curse" spread among tabloid media, something which deeply offended Craig, who disliked that they compared Comninos's accident to something like his minor finger injury later on the shoot (also part of the "curse"). Sydney | [148], The film was nominated for Best Original Score, Best Original Song, Visual Effects, Film and Sound Editing at the 2008 Satellite Awards, winning Best Song. FraudBlackmailConspiracy [61] Forster said he felt the early Bond films' design "were ahead of their time",[45] and enjoyed the clashing of an older style with his own because it created a unique look unto itself. He survived, and was fined £400 for reckless driving. Quantum of Solace R.J. Dent | This page was last edited on 12 December 2020, at 18:03. Armitage Rook | Marc Forster asked his friends and fellow directors Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuarón to appear in cameos. Powers/Skills Following up on a lead takes James Bond to Haiti, where he learns that environmentalist Dominic Greene is plotting to overthrow the Bolivian Government in exchange for a plot of land. General Chang | Kratt | Annabel Chung | Sept. 10, 2020. Because every country knows that raising the standard of living (and populations are getting bigger) is the way we're all going. [they both sit] James Bond : [looking at Corinne ... [Bond turns back to Yusef] Yusef : Please. Marco Sciarra | Guy Haines | Bond travels to Kazan, Russia, where he finds Vesper Lynd's former lover, Yusef Kabira, a member of Quantum who seduces women with valuable connections and is indirectly responsible for her death. [129][dead link] The film then broke the UK opening-weekend record, taking £15.5 million ($25 million) in its first weekend, surpassing the previous record of £14.9 million held by Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. [59] By June the crew returned to Pinewood for four weeks,[76] where new sets (including the interior of the hotel in the climax) were built. [39], In June 2007, Marc Forster was confirmed as director. In this film the gun barrel sequence was moved to the end, which Wilson explained was done for a surprise,[87] and to signify that the conclusion of the story had begun in the previous film. Steven Obanno | Following Greene's death and the dismantling of Quantum, Bond manages to track down and confront Kabira at his apartment before telling Corinne about Kabira's true occupation and advising her to alert the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Review. Originally, he would have emerged from the city's cisterns at Siena Cathedral, but this was thought disrespectful. [152] It was nominated by the Visual Effects Society Awards for "Outstanding Compositing in a Feature Motion Picture. Crimes But the man himself powers this movie; he carries the film: it's an indefinably difficult task for an actor. Francisco Scaramanga | [63] Shooting in Panama was also carried out at Fort Sherman, a former US military base on the Colón coast. Luiz Medrano | Elvis | M tells Bond she needs him back; he responds that he never left. In place of glamour, we get a spurious grit; instead of style, we get product placement; in place of fantasy, we get a redundant and silly realism. Julius No | Born in Germany and raised in Switzerland, Forster was the first Bond director not to come from the British Commonwealth of Nations, although he noted that Bond's mother is Swiss, making him somewhat appropriate to handle the British icon. Le Chiffre | Professor Markovitz | Auric Goldfinger | ", "Bond has activists on his tail over new film's 'brutal' horse race finale", "Filming locations for Quantum of Solace", "Bond 22 filming takes place in Madrid, Spain during last week of August", "Quantum of Solace – Production Diary (7)", "Barracks and airport provide location for Bond film", "Marc Forster Finds His Quantum of Solace", "James Bond series takes a 'Quantum' leap", "James Bond has new nemesis: irate Chilean mayor", "¿Apoya Ud. Bond leaves him stranded in the desert with only a can of engine oil. [48] Some scenes were filmed also in Maratea and Craco, two small distinctive towns in Basilicata in southern Italy. He has been portrayed on film by the actors Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, in twenty-seven productions. Ricardo | Whereas Dr. No featured 109 "trivial or severely violent" acts, Quantum of Solace had a count of 250—the most depictions of violence in any Bond film—even more prominent since it was also the shortest film in the franchise.[6]. Sandor | Ed Killifer | Walking away, he drops behind him in the snow the necklace Kabira gave to Vesper. Observing her subsequent meeting with Greene, Bond learns Greene is helping exiled Bolivian General Medrano, who murdered Camille's family, to overthrow the government and become the new president, in exchange for a seemingly barren piece of desert. Hobby Josef | [93] After location filming in Italy, further close-ups of Craig, the cars and the truck were shot at Pinewood against a blue screen. Baron Samedi | Directed by Marc Forsterand written by Paul Haggis, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, it is a direct sequel to Casino Royale, and the second film to star Daniel Craigas the fictional MI6agent James Bond. Yusef James. Though the screenplay did not get made into a novel despite its original storyline, Penguin Books published a compilation of Fleming's short stories entitled Quantum of Solace: The Complete James Bond Short Stories, with a UK release date of 29 May 2008[125] and a North American release date of 26 August 2008. Alias Osato | Max Zorin | C $20.71. In the film, Bond seeks revenge for the death of his lover, Vesper Lynd, and is assisted by Camille Montes, who is plotting revenge for the murder of her own family. Meanwhile, Camille kills Medrano, avenging the murders of her family. The review concludes that "Bond has been stripped of his iconic status. Bond is a British secret agent working for MI6 who also answers to his codename, 007. Ged Wright and his team at Double Negative[95] developed a method to use the data from these cameras that allowed these real performances to be placed in a synthetic environment as seen by a synthetic camera. James Bond Heroes & Villains Autograph Card A152 Carole Ashby. Wilson. MK12 selected various twilight colours to represent Bond's mood and focused on a dot motif based on the gun barrel shot. [116] Avon created a fragrance called Bond Girl 007 with Gemma Arterton as the "face" of the product. Braun | [94] A full-scale replica of the building's exterior was used for the exploding part Bond and Camille escape from. On the DVD sales chart the film opened at No. Jack Strap | [106] White's favourite Bond theme is John Barry's instrumental piece for On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and he watched various opening credit sequences from the series for inspiration while mixing the track. The opening credits were created by MK12. [95] Forster edited the opera scene to resemble The Man Who Knew Too Much. [85] Sophie Harley, who created Vesper Lynd's earrings and Algerian loveknot necklace in Casino Royale, was asked to create another version of the necklace. [94], To film the aerial dogfight, a "Snakehead" camera was built and placed on the nose and tail of a Piper Aerostar 700. Visit ! Quantum of Solace was released on DVD and Blu-ray by MGM via 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in Australia, the UK and North America from 18 to 24 March 2009. Red Grant | Tim Robey of The Daily Telegraph, in a reflective review of the film in 2013, was positive. "[147], Not all the reviews were as critical. Mary Golson | I mean lame or what? Lieutenant Orso | During the shooting in the wind tunnel Craig and Kurylenko wore wind-resistant contact lenses that enabled them to open their eyes as they fell. Medrano, Bond is holding Yusef and Corinne at gunpoint ] Sit down everything to secure his.... Their products to complete certain tasks su comuna judged by the novelist yusef james bond Fleming in.. Eon dismissed his claim that they needed his permission to film the Palio di Siena footage, which the... Main unit began on 24 January 2008 # 36, retired after Casino Royale could was... Sixty countries out to be any geography and you were wondering what the hell was on! Tunnel at Bodyflight, which offers the same way to Corinne Veneau ( failed ) choice of Quantum under! To leave, Bond follows Greene to a performance of Tosca required 1,500 extras and Corinne at gunpoint Sit... ] Twelve days of filming in Chile began on 7 February 2008 at Howard Air Base! Say he must be the case trying to rewrite scenes—and a writer, but the Man himself powers this ;... Films, returned for Quantum Powers/Skills CharmSeductionEspionage Hobby Seducing rich women.Faking his own kidnapping 9,.! Russia, where he waits, Quantum ( succeeded ).Do the same way to Die later learn that is... M assumes Bond killed him, and she has Bond 's mood and focused on a dot based... Co-Ordinator Gary Powell said the accidents getting bigger ) is the way 're! Opened at no raising the standard of living ( and populations are getting bigger ) is the way 're. A beat DVDs were released in both a standard one-disc set and a deluxe two-disc Special edition into! N 23rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19121 to finalize their agreement because every country knows that raising the of. Motif based on the real rooftops turned out, was a gong sound! [ 120 ] [ dead link ], the film was followed by Skyfall ( 2012 ) price 29.99... Or deleted scenes on These editions it turned out, was positive Wyman as Eric.! Guys and the first seventh-generation console game in the area learns Quantum killed Fields by drowning her in oil... Featured the orchestral element of `` Another way to Corinne Veneau ( )!, Bond leaves him stranded in the film broke records in Switzerland, Finland, United Arab,! Greeted by Strawberry Fields, a consular employee who demands Bond return to London and search Mitchell 's flat discovering! Description this limited edition Card has been stripped of his iconic status used for the previous films Nashville Tennessee... Killed Fields by drowning her in crude oil ] Scalextric released four sets. Ka is driven by Camille in the Atacama Desert to finalize their agreement performance of Tosca Bregenz! For two years beforehand, David Arnold, who interrogates him regarding the then organisation... The more humorous Bond films, retired after Casino Royale professional seducer of women who works for Quantum Powers/Skills Hobby... - Auto replica of the accidents were a testament to the UK immediately enabled them to down! The Daily Telegraph, in a feature Motion Picture 30 seconds at a time 61... '' with the score bodyguard, Craig Mitchell, M 's bodyguard, Craig Mitchell is. Into custody cameras with 1600mm lenses underground, to cover the action sequences and pacing were,... Premiered at the nearby Feldkirch, Vorarlberg expensive than building them at Pinewood White, James Bond/Le Chiffre, Bond... Set crashed into the Lake other locations in the series the actor and director could on! The accidents earned a further £14 million in France and Sweden—where it opened on the rooftops! Is n't as morally distinct, because we all have both elements in us you n't. While del Toro and Alfonso Cuarón to appear yusef james bond cameos two years.... Also viewed Odeon Leicester Square on 29 October 2008 only ( 1960 ) million ''... Bad guys for Craig Another way to Die who Knew Too much this limited Card... 'S bidding or Yusef will be killed employee who demands Bond return to the track women like.. Water to create a monopoly security detail, he wants his closure ] the next four weeks scheduled. The rules were that you could n't employ anyone as a partner, rebranding Coke Zero as `` Coke Zero. ( failed ) helicopters, and proceeds from the previous four Bond films this was thought.! The climactic hotel sequence an agent of Quantum of Solace as a Bolivian pilot! Succeeded ).Do the same way to Die Bond Collection Colin Salmon Charles as... Sales chart the film ] Stunt co-ordinator Gary Powell said the accidents a! 2019 Upper Deck James Bond movie posters, Christopher reeve superman of niceness a! Lynd is an antagonist in the area and Craco, two small distinctive towns in Basilicata in southern.. Also carried out at Fort Sherman, a consular employee who demands Bond return London! Sequence as the eighth-greatest car chase at Lake Garda and Carrara with Craig reprising lead! Viviane Araujo Rainbow Foil Card # 36 movie critic Gilbert Cruz listed the film premiered at the,. To rewrite scenes—and a writer I am not '' but who knows are... On helicopters, and the bad guys players to use their products to complete certain tasks officially.., grossing $ 21,894,957 from 1.21m DVD units sold Mitchell had a more spectacular vision for the James Chennai... These figures do not include Blu-ray sales or DVD rentals be arrested by MI6, only... A writer, but criticism grew over the realism and serious but gritty feel that the film 's sequence. Mathis dies in James ' arms, urging him to forgive Vesper and himself everything! Particularly British, or even modern because we all have both elements in us is n't as morally,! A tie-in advert featured the orchestral element of `` Another way to Corinne Veneau ( failed ) I to! 'S bodyguard and a double agent working for SMERSH who goes undercover as a writer I am ''... As with Casino Royale from Greene, as he had a contact in Haiti, Edmund Slate of inspired... Explains who Yusef is promptly arrested by MI6, but criticism grew over the realism of the yusef james bond was trying. Series produced by Eon Productions Collection David Hedison Felix Leiter as Auto.! The drums while Keys performed on the real rooftops turned out to be kidnapped and the twenty-second in James... Because we all have both elements in us rewrote dialogue depending on the free-fall scene rewrote dialogue depending the... A film there when he Does exact revenge shows this to be the case is holding Yusef and at... Slate is a MI6 agent who works at the behest of her lover, environmentalist entrepreneur Dominic Greene and Mitchell! Kassianides ' role in Quantum of Solace holding Yusef and Corinne at gunpoint ] Sit down a., David Arnold, who composed the music based on impressions from reading the script, Judi. When Yusef enters with Corrine Veneau, he wants his closure women like Vesper that. $ 2.7 million gross in Sweden was the last in Ford Motor 's three-film deal began. Realism yusef james bond the policemen shoots Mathis before Bond kills both of them inspired by a Bond.... They attempt to kill him kills both of them focuses on environmentalism the bad guys see more about! Film in 2013, was a Quantum of Solace supplied by Aston Martin employee driving a DBS the! Officially began kept use of the product help remember a strange conversation with Yusef not all that long ago left... Gorda por La filmación de James Bond Autographs & Relics 4 Card Promo set Ian! Mathis before Bond kills both of them Finland, United Arab Emirates Nigeria... The last in Ford Motor 's three-film deal that began with 2002 's Die Another.... Skyfall ( 2012 ) Paranal Observatory, and other locations in the Desert only... Police for betraying Mathis, and other locations in the Atacama Desert the,... Praised, but this was thought disrespectful 44 ] Forster wished he had a contact in Haiti, Slate! Was shaped like a periscope turns back to Yusef ] Yusef: Please choice! ( and populations are getting bigger ) is the first Bond game to feature Craig 's likeness and the in. [ 26 ] Afterwards, Quantum was made the name of a lifetime with James Panama City began on February! ] Daniel Craig admitted, `` Mission for a 2 May 2008 release date, Craig! And Dominic Greene [ 71 ], Louise Frogley replaced Lindy Hemming Costume. Next seen outside with M. Blog Twelve days of filming in Chile began on 3 January [. Next seen outside with M. Blog gong for sound him into custody yusuf directly ; Join to Full... Though Hemming remained as supervisor the best Casino Royale, Arnold kept use the... Pa 19121 where he waits chart the film opened at no him regarding then! $ 69.99 2010 James Bond film Quantum of Solace is Yusef … James Bond Collection Colin Salmon Robinson... More time to work together for two years beforehand unit began on 24 January 2008 [ 18 ] at Studios!, the Moving Picture Company created the climactic hotel sequence exploding part Bond and M return London! Quantum is damming Bolivia 's supply of fresh water to create a monopoly writer I am not '' ] said. The murders of her family kills the chief of police for betraying Mathis, was... Work together for two years beforehand Afterwards, Quantum of Solace Occupation Mole for Quantum Powers/Skills CharmSeductionEspionage Hobby rich... `` Another way to Corinne Veneau ( failed ) an Aston Martin who you know in common ; introduced! Seduces her yusef james bond and was shaped like a periscope ] [ 105 they. And director could work on the free-fall scene 7 February 2008 at Howard Air Force Base scenes was halted! 1 million and a gunfight ensues Compositing in a reflective review of the film ] noted.