I currently use a REL Quake to provide a bit more oommph to the soundtrack when watching video. We wanted to do the same thing for How to Connect. How do I use LFE/.1 input? Subwoofer Rel Quake; Se questa fosse la tua prima visita, leggi le FAQ cliccando su questo link. A small addition to a 20 year old hifi setup makes a world of difference. Diciamo che per l'esperienza passata vorrei prendere un REL, cerchiamo di rimanere su questo, ... @c10m certo assolutamente che pubblicità siamo in un forum Hifi e ogni idea può essere giusta. Frequently Asked Connection Questions. REL engineers the best powered subwoofers for music and home theater system. REL QUAKE è un sistema sub-basso ultracompatto progettato per essere utilizzato singolarmente o in coppia con sistemi di altoparlanti satellitari compatti e schede audio per PC. …specialised in Quake 100 Amplifier repair… Almost all of our Rel Quake 100 Amplifier Repairs in Nottingham are diagnosed and processed within 3-5 working days while also offering express services. At this price (euro) I dont think to find something els in my neighbourhood with this audiophile quality. All Activity; Home ; 2 CHANNEL ; 2 Channel ; REL Quake ? Hello, Looking for turntable and cartridge recommendations for around £1000. Beh non era il massimo nell'utilizzo stereo, dopo questa esperienza ho capito che è meglio puntare su diffusori da pavimento che scendano bene in basso. It has been tested and is in full working order. Its currentlt £258 in 7oaks and its what they have reccomended to go with my intended system. This allows for an extreme-sounding gaming environment. The item is in good cosmetic condition with only some minor marks and signs of use. To purchase Quake spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an authorised retailer. REL: Rate It Edit REL list . Pursuit Perfect System 18,999 views This sub has a downward facing driver and 11/2 inch feet. Rega Planet, P3, Mira ... Rel subs do not filter main speaker outputs.They are not like other subs and you cant think of them as such.When you set them at say 35 this not a typical crossover. In very good condition REL active subwoofer, with 100 watts of power. Followers 1. Purite Audio MCRU Elite Audio More . I cannot justify £650 on the matching MA sub. The ideal Rel sub must fit the output of your speakers. To get the best performance should I … Thanks Steve Il sub ha il problema di non seguire la musica … The British company owns many original developments aimed at improving the quality of low sound and embodied in systems of various price categories. Share. REL Quake or ACI Force for semi small room. Simply love it!!! Learn what speakers and other components we would recommend for 4 different types of REL fans at different stages in their pursuit of perfect sound. More . Is there a significant difference between the two, to help me make my choice? Hi-Fi Speaker Rel Acoustics Quake: 3 images. Hifi Pages Dealer Super Dealer . The REL Acoustics QUAKE subwoofer has dimensions of 29.4 cm (11.6 inches) high by 25.3 cm (10 inches) wide by 27.2 cm (10.7 inches) deep. By: Manta 26th Feb 2011 "Compact sub the packs a punch" Only slightly larger than the REL Quake, the Q150E is a much better performer. Per leggere i messaggi e navigare tra le discussioni, scegli uno dei forum dalla lista che segue. T+A Power Plant - amplificatore integrato bilanciato dalla Germania, prova d'ascolto di Richard Varey su TNT-Audio, rivista di HiFi in Internet, www.tnt-audio.com I've used it for home cinema and it does an exceptional job. By mikeoz, February 18, 2012 in 2 Channel. Official online store. after reading lots on this sub i have put this at the top of my shortlist.i am using a Rel Quake and have just got the Denon 1909 amp. It weighs 7.4 kg (16.3 lbs). - Rolloff knob 26Hz - 106Hz - Four modes knob - Lo and Hi level knobs - AUX cable input - Recommended Posts. It comes with the power lead and manual only. The Quake is … got a couple of questions on the BK XLS200-DF sub. Contact Us Clubs More. REL has made it work well in this product. We are experiencing 5 day shipping delays due to high order volume & Covid safety standards for our warehouse team. Everyone Recommends Using The .1 Input, Do I Really Need To Use The High Level Input? Manufacturer : REL Model : Quake Serial Number : Q310795 Packaging : N/A Accessories Included : Speakon NL4FX Connector Price When New : £450 Make your REL a wireless subwoofer with our Arrow Wireless system. Saved by Marik. Per … Hi Is the Rel quake a suitable sub (it certainly looks small enough to be hidden) to work with MA RS6 with movies and possibly music. REL Holiday Shopping Guide. ... All hifi components may be "inadequate" but also may represent the best compromise at their price points. Hifi Stereo Nest Thermostat. Devi registrarti e sottoscrivere il regolamento prima di pubblicare messaggi: clicca su questo link per procedere. We have no technical specifications for this product but your help will be much welcomed Short URL: Copy to clipboard Copy. REL QUAKE II, in my opinion it's simply the best brand for hifi setups. Rel Acoustics Quake Inserito IL 8/6/2020 da MAX di Roma (RM): Vendo subwoofer REL Quake in ottime condizioni e perfettamente funzionante. HiFix - Home of Hi Fi Excellence are passionate about delivering the best experience, we have one of the largest ranges of quality Hi-Fi and Home Cinema products in the UK, allowing you to get the very utmost out of your listening and viewing experience at the lowest prices. We’ve broken the How to Connect Series into Three … How to connect your REL via Low Level ; Step 4. Download the REL QUAKE manuals for free from the biggest REL manual and schematic collection on the web. The visuals should make it easier to understand the process of connecting a REL to your system. REL Acoustics non costruisce diffusori acustici ma è specializzata per sistemi sub-bassi. Either the Yamaha YST-SW320 (which had a five star rating in What HiFi) or the new Rel Quake, due to my budget. 1. Problems with the REL Quake. What is the Difference Between .1 and High Level Inputs? Discover the best subwoofer that will work harmoniously with your main speakers and room acoustics to extend your system’s range and bring enhanced clarity to the mid tones. Rel Quake Subwoofer review, test, price. Connecting via LFE/.1 (Theater only) When should I use the LFE/.1 input on my REL? Nicely compact – yet good and bassy, too The T-7 is essentially a 30cm cube, but the combination of 20cm downward-firing driver, a 200 watt class AB amplifier and forward-facing passive unit means the sub can deliver generous doses of … Professional Rel Audio Hi-Fi Equipment services UK wide. Select your speaker brand and model for our recommended subwoofer based on your approximate room size. To Follow up on our How to Tune a REL powered subwoofer Series. Write A Review . Rel Stampede hasn’t attracted as much attention as either in Rel subwoofer reviews, but it achieves the fine balance needed to multitask as a home theatre and sound system. REL Acoustics Model: Quake Colour: Black Active subwoofer (Sub-Bass speaker system) 100 Watt Mosfet Serial number: Q314471 Made in the United Kingdom (Bridgend) - Fully working order - Two position contour knob for depth or slam. current setup turntable - Rega P1 CD player Rotel CD14 Amp - Rotel A 14 Speakers - Dali Opticon 6’s Sub - REL Quake Ive been looking at the regs P3 and P6 models and also the project RPM line. Free shipping on all orders. This REL Quake 100W Mosfet Sub-Bass Speaker System has come to us via a part exchange and comes with a 6 month warranty. Enclosure Type: Closed box working below system resonance using the unique REL Zero-Q loading system hfdb.co/34.php: Amplifier: My music collection sounds totaly new! The British company owns many original developments aimed at improving the quality of low sound and embodied in systems of various price categories. About to move into a house with a significantly bigger lounge and thick carpet. ... Io ho in casa un Rel Quake di più di 15 anni fa, che non ho praticamente mai usato. Rel Quake Subwoofer Specializing in the production of low-frequency equipment, REL takes pride of place among the manufactures of subwoofers. Social: Reviews. Sign in to follow this . REL Quake - Images, details, specifications and reviews. Rel Acoustics QUAKE Inserito IL 10/3/2020 da DANIELE di Roma (RM): Vendo subwoofer REL -QUAKE in ottime condizioni con cavo di Subwoofer Rel Quake Specializing in the production of low-frequency equipment, REL takes pride of place among the manufactures of subwoofers. io ho provato un REL quake in hifi, con delle triangle. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by REL. REL Quake ? Hi All Total newbie to this forum. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 2 of 2 . I want to upgrade my subwoofer, and deciding which one to go for. The REL Acoustics QUAKE has an amplifier input impedance of 100 kOhm nominally and a frequency bandwidth of 23 Hz. Whether you're looking for a perfect gift for the college student in your life, or something for a home theater and Hi-Fi connoisseur our holiday gift guide can help. Can a Subwoofer Improve HiFi Speakers Mid Range, Treble and Stereo Imaging REL Acoustics - Duration: 12:04.