During the fermentation process, live bacteria are produced which gives the sauerkraut its health benefits. Continue to massage the cabbage until water pools in the bowl. Set the jar somewhere you'll see easily each day, but out of direct sunlight. But seriously, the color. Top the cabbage with one or two of the reserved cabbage leaves. So this vibrant homemade sauerkraut recipe is most certainly included. Taste test the homemade red cabbage sauerkraut after about a week. Next, begin packing the sauerkraut into a glass jar. Place shredded cabbage in a large bowl. Crunchy, tangy and gut friendly – this fermented red cabbage recipe is a real winner. 1) The thicker you shred the cabbage, the more massaging will be needed! This may take 5-10 minutes so be prepared for some satisfying handy work! 4. Some people prefer to use a knife, others like to grate it finely. Shred the vegetables. And I know I’ll be so tempted to eat straight outta the jar 😉. My trusty mandoline is great for this, but you could go all out with a traditional cabbage … This process was lost during the fall of the Roman Empire, but China reintroduced it to Europe in the 13th century. After about 24 hours, your sauerkraut should have given off enough liquid to be submerged in the jar. You should be able to take a handful of cabbage, squeeze it, and see liquid draining freely back into the bowl. If it's not, open the lid and push it down below the liquid. Beet and Red Cabbage Sauerkraut. Compare Sauerkraut to Cabbage by vitamins and minerals using the only readable nutrition comparison tool. Preheat the grill to high. If using a food processor, take care not to pulverize the cabbage. Now is the perfect time to try making your own sauerkraut. It’s easy, requires almost no special fermenting equipment, and is a delicious way to preserve cabbage for later. Massaging cabbage should not make your hands hurt. As you work, the cabbage will soften, turn a brighter pink, and will begin to release liquid. Arrange the onion slices and garlic along the bottom of … You can also skip the glass jar entirely and use a fermenting crock instead. It adds so much depth, flavour and goodness to so many dishes for me. Why Ferment Red Cabbage? yay! Making red cabbage sauerkraut will stain your hands a little bit, so if you’re headed to a job interview or a photoshoot afterwards, I recommend wearing gloves. The cabbage leaf (or leaves) will help hold the diced cabbage below the liquid while it ferments. Work carefully. You can also get hold of helpful Fermentation Kits. The liquid should rise above the cabbage. Chop by hand or in a food processor. Your email address will not be published. It is important to use a sterilised jar to ferment the cabbage in. As I shared with you in my How to Make Sauerkraut video, fermented foods like homemade sauerkraut are rich in good bacteria—probiotics—that contribute to our good gut health.And scientists tell us that good gut health contributes to our overall good health. Your email address will not be published. When done, pack the kraut into jars and refrigerate. That said, I do not wear gloves when I make my red cabbage sauerkraut, and my hands are usually back to normal within a day or so. Use your hands to massage the salt into the cabbage. Top each jar with some of the liquid from the larger jar. Store it in the fridge and use it within a year. This sauerkraut recipe is easy to make, tasty and cost friendly – with the aded bonus of health benefits. For the first 24 hours, open the lids every couple of hours and press down on the cabbage. Print Recipe. Lower heat to medium, stir in onion and garlic and saute until they are tender. Use red cabbage sauerkraut anywhere that you’d use regular sauerkraut! This delicious a crunchy sauerkraut recipe is literally just two ingredients! Red Cabbage Sauerkraut costs just 38 cents a serving using local organic cabbage. Also, in my experience, store-bought red cabbage tends to be drier (releasing less moisture) than green cabbage. This method of preserving perishable foods dates back to the fourth century BC. Begin shredding your red cabbage. Again, it will ferment faster in warmer climates. The color, obviously! This red cabbage sauerkraut is an easy lacto-fermentation recipe. I always have a batch of this readymade in my fridge as it is my absolute favourite! 2) No need to clean the cabbage prior to use as the fermentation relies in the natural bacteria on the cabbage, For this reason, organic cabbage is often better as it has not been sprayed with articial chemicals. Sauerkraut is a great addition to a number of foods! After about four days, start tasting the sauerkraut. Once all cabbage has been pressed down, then top with the remaining liquid from the bowl. For a more robust result, cut cored cabbage into quarters and slice crosswise into thin strips … Chop the cabbage into uniformly bite-sized pieces. Health Benefits of … Choose an airtight jar and clean it well, rinse and pat dry it. … Just make sure to continue doing daily checks to make sure the liquid is above the cabbage. Melt butter in a heavy casserole. Questions about this Homemade Red Cabbage Sauerkraut… 1 Now, centuries later, fermentation is still a popular way to preserve. If you don’t have airlock lids, you can also seal the jars with a lid and “burp” the jars daily to release pressure from the jar. • 1 small red cabbage (about 1kg), core and outer leaves removed Keep one big leaf to one side, as this will be used as a weight to hold the shredded cabbage down. I use one 2-quart (half-gallon) jar for each head of cabbage. This method of preserving perishable foods dates back to the fourth century BC. When you like the flavor, it’s ready. A food processor definitely saves some elbow grease! Look for pots of at least 5 litres, put a portion of sauerkraut on the bottom of it, then sprinkle it with a little sugar. The red cabbage, apples, cloves, and black pepper lend it color and warm fall flavors. As the fermentation process starts, the cabbage will become more limp and easier to push down. Serve it as a side dish (cold or hot). Optionally, add a fermenting weight. You can also subscribe without commenting. Check the jar daily to ensure that the liquid is above the cabbage. I added red chilli and ginger to give it a bit of … Place the lid securely on top - and it is ready for fermenting! Required fields are marked *. Shred the … Alternatively, you can cover open jars with a kitchen towel or paper towel, and just leave them unsealed. This sauerkraut is also delicious with herbs or spices added in, such as caraway seeds, thyme, or chives. Salty, tangy, probiotic rich fermented sauerkraut made with beets and red cabbage for a bold red color + lots of bright, fresh flavor! Place butter, cabbage, apples, and sugar into a large pot.