When I’m heading to Wales next year for a 5 day stage trail race in the mountains, these shoes will be coming with me. If you’re anything like me and love running in the rain, have a peek at our blog that runs you through the ins and outs of waterproof fabrics, to make sure you’re geared up for your next all-weather adventure. Salomon OUTline Women’s GTX Hiking Shoes Straight Out Of The Box And Onto The Trail This is a review with a difference – discover what the Salomon OUTline hiking shoes are like after a long distance hike in the south west of the UK. Unfortunately, this open weave allows for dust, grit and sand to enter the shoe, and can cause abrasive problems on the feet. Hiking Etiquette: How about just don’t be a jerk? He also spent 72 hours tent bound in fog near Mt Anne in SW Tasmania on a failed solo attempt at the circuit. For my separate trips to the States and Canada last year these would have been the ideal shoe to have taken. All in all I think Salomon have achieved an awesome, versatile hiking and running shoe that can be taken to most places. You can go lighter with a trimmed-down build like Salomon’s OUTline GTX (1 lb. The tongue has sewn in bellows, so the waterproofing extends up to the second top lace eye loop. In keeping with this pared down exterior, there are no heel loops and the logo treatment is understated. Their design motive was centered on the idea that today’s adventures now encompass connecting with friends, having fun outside, and discovering new adventure destinations. Before long, word spread, and Paddy Pallin's lightweight, functional designs were soon in demand among fellow bushwalkers. My previous shoes did not have such a wonderful feature and I ended up losing all 10 toenails after my trip to the States last year (well, there were potentially a few contributing factors – namely doing UTA then following it up with a month of hiking; spending essentially a month in knee deep water; kicking in steps in trail runners in hard packed snowy slopes, etc. With all that in mind, I was keen to put them to the test. The upper is like that of a running shoe, with perhaps a bit more support, a … Check out the Strava route here and for more info, head to Queensland Parks for the full run down. This flush treatment adds strength and stiffness without adding weight and bulk. The sleek OUTline GTX Women's is ideally suited to such adventures, with lightweight and flexibility like a running shoe, but enough grip and protection for any trail. Posted by Bill Purcell | 4 Sep, 2018 | 0 |. North american Adventure Trips: Long Course in Tri World Champions in Canada. Or perhaps it brings to mind the colourful history of Australia’s greatest cross-country ski race. At first when I was asked to write an outdoor gear review on the new Salomon OUTline GTX shoes I wasn’t sure it was really a job for me. I’m not massively into the tech specs of running. They’re making the first steps to calming the long-standing, passionate debate between whether to choose. So, let’s start with some … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I've used Salomon's trail running shoes for a few years now and have come to expect excellent fit and quality. Words coming from a worldly expert, Phila shares her thoughts on the, , adventure stories, and an astounding insight on, Salomon OUTtline GTX Hiking Shoe will speak. They are low profile and not too flashy so you can wear them with jeans or skirts and still have them look good in social settings. An Ortholite sockliner enhances comfort and fit. Salomon originated as a French manufacturer of skiing equipment after WWII and produces quality equipment for trail running, hiking, climbing, adventure racing, skiing, and snowboarding. I’m not technical when it comes to running in that I don’t record a lot of stuff, I mostly use my. The sleek OUTline GTX is ideally suited to such adventures, with lightweight and flexibility like a running shoe, but … “Contagrip” is Salomon’s branded rubber compound. GTX: Is an abbreviation for Gore-Tex. Women's X Ultra 3 Mid Gtx W (2) Salomon. I like the idea of wearing shoes that have the capability of being ready for anything. While resistance to inbound water is excellent, the same membrane unfortunately also conspires to prevent shoes and socks from drying out once they are wet. Some of my favourite hikes include the 21 day John Muir Trail in California (read my trip report here), Singalila Ridge along the borders of Nepal and India, the beautiful Labyrinth in Tasmania to my brother and, just this winter, exploring the Walls of Jerusalem while it was covered with knee-deep snow. Under foot, the Outline GTX has a lightweight feel like a running shoe, but still provides support and protection for rugged hiking. Phila Holmes, a female outdoor athlete and #PaddyStaffer shares the essential outdoor gear wisdom we’ve all been waiting for, backed by years of outdoor action and adventure. I was expecting the waterproof Goretex to make my feet overheat in … If you’re anything like me and love running in the rain, have a peek at our blog that runs you through the. More than any other pair of Salomons we’ve tried, the Salomon OUTline Low GTX feels like a running shoe. Taking 5 to enjoy the view along the Somerset Loop. The sleek OUTline GTX is ideally suited to such adventures, with lightweight and flexibility like a running shoe, but enough grip and protection for any trail. So I bought some and when my husband saw them he ordered a pair too. I then hit up Mt Coot-tha (a Brisbane classic) mid-afternoon for 9km outing because nothing ever seems as brutal as that little hill so close to the city with its hard packed but sweet single trail. Conventional laces are more field repairable, and nicely complement the muted appearance of this shoe. Review: Fitbit Surge fitness tracker watch, Review: Helinox Chair Zero – Because every gram counts, Review: Nemo Switchback Ultralight Sleeping Pad. Summary The OUTline’s weight is comparable to running shoes. They are not as light as my Trail Talons (250g) but my Trail Talons offer very little protection for my forefoot when on loose rocky sections leaving me to regret my decision to wear them to increase speed. Finally, the shoes and I headed out for one of my local favourites – the 13km Somerset Loop in D’Aguilar National Park . I was a bit unsure about having such a small contact area on smooth slippery surfaces. I love finishing off my morning out with a picnic breakfast at the Gantry after. These shoes are an all-in package, preparing me for any terrain my run might have in store for me, while weighing in light enough for me run in, commute with, do a range of outdoor adventure activities in as well as travel with them to adventure destinations. Like their trail running shoes, the Salomon Outline GTX fit very well right out of the box and held up nicely. Since 1930 the company has grown to become Australia's leading supplier of specialist outdoor and travel gear. Glasshouse trails in summer (why Gore-Tex doesn’t work for me in Brissy). The midsole is stiff, compared to my other Salomon shoes it as firm as XT Wings, but not as severe as XA Pro 3D. Lightweight: At 630g per pair (for size 42 2/3) these are 30% lighter than my preferred outdoor shoes which are Merrell Moabs. Shoes with good ventilation typically have open weave mesh uppers. If you replace the insole with an after-marke… The exterior of the uppers is easily cleaned and dry out readily due to the use of 100% synthetic materials- a key contrast to Merrell Moabs, or any shoe incorporating leather. The shoes are a little more forgiving than the Speedcross and are not as flimsy or narrow fitting. Sleek and stylish, OUTline MID GTX is ideally suited to such adventures, with lightweight and flexibility like a running shoe, but enough grip and waterproof protection for any trail. Their muted features are one of the shoes biggest differentiating factors from other options on the market. The OUTline GTXutilizes the ever-popular Ortholite insole, which is fairly thin and does not give much cushion or support. Here are a couple of stand out features based on my experience with the, At first, I was a bit disappointed with the low profile look of the shoes, missing out on the fun, outrageous colour we usually choose from, but the more I think about it, the.