The Demon’s Souls PS5 remake is now out in the wild, but if you’re unfamiliar with Dark Souls’ predecessor, you might be wondering how to save your progress. share. By Oroboro, Please note however, that once, There is a safe spot halfway up the staircase, on a small landing. Bluepoint Games has done it again. - last post @ Dec 22, 2009 who here loves the Dragon Bone Smasher? Run up below it and then attack it from there. You should be able to make it unscathed. You should be able to look up and lock onto his head. The final and slowest option using this strategy is to use Kunai bought from Graverobber Blige to poison him. When you go up to the next level the Dragon will fly off to his second perch above the staircase. 3 3. However, these values don't always align precisely with values seen in game. Take a look at our Demon's Souls: How to Kill the Blue Dragon walkthrough if that sounds up your alley. Specifically,a Large Sword of Searching that was obtained through upgrading a Scimitar+8 using the Hero Demon's Souls at Blacksmith Ed. The Blueblood Sword is the only weapon in Demon's Souls that scales damage with Luck, although it requires 18 in Strength, Dexterity, Magic, and Faith to wield. Keep firing until the Blue Dragon hits 50% health, then he will fly away onto the second encounter. There is another strategy you can use that requires running past the fire and surviving. As soon as you stop seeing the poison effect and see his health stop draining, start throwing Kunai until he gets poisoned again. This page was last edited on 27 June 2020, at 22:49. For instance, try using Fire Spray and Fresh Spice to take him down (with Insanity Catalyst and Ring of Magical Sharpness). Demon’s Souls is a difficult, time-consuming game with a steep learning curve. If you hide between the first statue on the left and the dragon, the flame breath can't touch you, even if/when. Claymore is Large Sword Weapon in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. I feel like I'm finally getting it thanks to years of seeing and reading about the best ways to think about and approach these games. Dragon Demon's Soul is a boss soul dropped by the Dragon God. If the player is not behind a pillar when the Dragon God turns its head in the player's direction, it … Large Swords are usually held with both hands and are capable of inflicting a huge amount of damage towards hostile characters but are slow, making the player vulnerable to fast enemy attacks.. Does biorr dying from Blue dragon drop WT? Try killing him with ranged attacks. 2 2. comments. To run past, wait on the walkway about one crenelation past the larger crenelation appearing after the two barrels. Instead, pull out a bow or long range spell at the top of the stairs and start firing at the Blue Dragon. Special Effect Multipliers are blanket multipliers that are applied to NPCs, including Black Phantoms. There are mentions of having PWCT to obtain it but I'm not 100% clear on if that's essential. This method can be sped up by using Hyper mode. For example, if the HP multiplier is "x2", the NPC will have twice the health that the player would have if they had identical stats and equipment. Either the damage number is fake, or the dragon regenerates. Couldn’t find a solid answer through googling. He isn't resistant to fire. Now that we’re prepared, we can go to the first encounter with the Blue Dragon on the long walkway. The Red and Blue Dragons Forum » Worlds / World 1 -- Boletarian Palace » The Red and Blue Dragons Started by: Baresark Date: 14 Mar 2010 18:13 Number of posts: 8 RSS: New posts Soul Ray is a great option for casters. Start your sprint on the right side of the staircase the second the fire breath ends from right to left. It is possible to hit the Dragon God's weak point with arrows from that point, but it will not register damage until a different condition is met. How to Kill the Blue Dragon in Demon's Souls. Note that if you stay on the bottom stair after making it past the Fat Official you can lock on easily. You can find the Clever Rat’s Ring outside the boss fog in World 3-1 in the middle of the ballista hallway. Get all the best bits of VG247 delivered to your inbox every Friday! Ignore him on the first encounter and continue to his second perch. Dragon God can be encountered in the final zone of the Stonefang Tunnel Archstone (3-3). Make sure to bring enough spice or a crescent weapon to refill your MP. Posted by 23 hours ago. New File! Using Kunai to poison him is also very effective. When killed the Blue Dragon drops the Large Flame Scale Demon’s Soul, worth a whopping 30,000 Souls. The output damage remaining is the dealt to the NPC. If your equipped weight is less than half your max, try sprinting on the right side once it sprays from your right to left. The Blue Dragon first appears in 1-1, guarding some treasure in a grassy area before the bridge guarded by many soldiers. On the Dragon they seem to eventually do 1000 damage. ... A community dedicated to Demon's Souls, game released for PlayStation 3 and 5 (Remake). This can be used on its own as a way to kill the dragon (slowly) or as extra damage while you are firing arrows/spells. hide. Demon's Souls Remake: Best 10 Weapons To Use Early On. The much-awaited Demon’s Souls Remake is out on PS5 and so far it has received nothing but positive reviews. Thanks! All Rights Reserved. These … To prepare, you can use the Second Chance miracle to keep on running even if the fire kills you, and Water Veil and Ring of Flame Resistance to mitigate the damage taken. The first time you encounter the Blue Dragon is in the dragon's roost in 1-1, here it merely serves as an environmental hazard and it can not be killed. The Blue Dragon is a miniboss in Demon's Souls. Equip the ring, offhand the sword, and take enough damage to get to 30% health. Make sure you get a good number, as they normally do pitiful physical damage (about 4 points), but have a chance for applying Poison damage over time. If Biorr is alive he'll try to help you here. It disappears from 1-1 if the Boletarian Palace has Pure White World Tendency. Second Chance is great if you have it, since it lets you immediately resume running. In order to reduce the tedium of this fight, it's a good idea to maximize the attack power of your available ammo. Keep some Full Moon Grass selected if he doesn't kill you in one hit, which he shouldn't with these precautions. This team has once more delivered a beautiful recreation of a fan favorite, this time with Demon's Souls for PS5. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. I've always wanted to love these games, but they just never really clicked. For most of the game, I found the haptics in Demon’s Souls … Asking this before I let the dragon kill him for his drops. When the player does damage to the NPC, the raw damage is put into a formula and computed against the NPC's resistances. The first time you encounter the Blue Dragon is in the dragon's roost in 1-1, here it merely serves as an environmental hazard and it can not be killed. If Biorr does 1-3 points of damage every 6 seconds, 6102 health should be gone in about 5 hours. The. Attack the dragon with arrows or magic. Dropped by the Blue Dragon in Boletarian Palace. There are a handful of new additions — new rings, and new armor sets — that you can acquire in-game. Go to the entrance of the building just past the area where the dragon is breathing fire now lock on him and start casting. Archived. For Demon's Souls on the PlayStation 5, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Killing the blue dragon". Just add on some damage. If you can make it inside the building at the top of the stairs, stand just inside the entrance and look up, you can see the dragons head and throat. He really just gets roasted about 100 times, taking 13 damage each time. When the dragon reaches its lowest point and starts breathing fire, first hit R1 to start casting the Soul Arrow then hit R3 to lock onto the dragon. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. Eventually, the Blue Dragon will be defeated and you’ll be able to walk through the level without having to worry about him. Hyper mode can be achieved by equipping the Clever Rat’s Ring and/or Morion Blade when you are below 30% HP to increase your attack power by up to 140%. The information below reflects the game's hard programmed values for enemy stats and values. Biorr will most certainly die if you take this very time consuming route, so be aware of that. It is commonly believed that you can equip the Ring of the Accursed and stand just outside the dragon's fire range, thus letting Biorr kill the dragon if you can get him into a safe spot. As a breathtaking, highly rewarding remake of the 2009 Demon’s Souls, Demon’s Souls 2020 pushes the envelope on bringing upgraded features and better game mechanics to old titles that have brought joy to a whole generation of gamers. It will on the other hand leave its post, and fly towards the King's tower, when its health gets down to about 10%. Biorr of the Twin Fangs after slaying Blue Dragon - last post by @ Jan 21, 2012 Blue Dragon 1-4 - last post by @ Dec 16, 2009 No Dragons? I bought 200 Heavy Arrows and 300 normal arrows and killed it with 17 left. For more Demon’s Souls guides, here’s our run-down of the best builds for your character. The Large Flame Scale Demon Soul is another free lunch basically. Sometimes, Once you manage to get up to the top landing there's a set of statues just before the door it's guarding. Use heavy arrows for the first part and, If you simply run past the Blue Dragon and go on to kill the 1-4 boss, both it and, It will first spray from your left to right, then from right to left. Demon's Souls, like other Souls-branded games, is designed to be played online, and one reason is that players can leave notes on the ground after … Bring enough (500+) non-magical arrows. phantoms. Stop in the doorway beneath him. Damage received by the NPC is slightly more complicated. Then simply stand here and toss Kunai. These resistances are multiplied by the values in the Physical/Magic/Fire Defense columns before calculation. The first Official will usually be roasted, but the second needs to be lured into roasting range with an arrow or two. Target (not sniper mode) and shoot arrows using damage strategies above. One will die to the dragon fire and the other will need to be killed from range. Be sure to enter hyper mode to do more damage. It will on the other hand leave its post, and fly towards the King's tower, when its health gets down to about 10%. According to reddit it's been proven that trading a Large Sword of Searching with Sparkly will net you the ring. You can run through fire zone with no damage. When the player enters the fog door and gets close enough to the Dragon God, it will punch the pillars at the end of the corridor out of place; being too close to the point of impact will cause severe blunt damage. The Dragon is one of the challenges awaiting players in Demon's Souls.This guide will show how players can get past it. The Blue Dragon in the Boletarian Palace can be a menace when trying to progress through this level of Demon’s Souls. When the poison takes effect (damage will start slowly counting), stop throwing Kunai (damage inflicted by Poison does not stack). New PS3! Does biorr dying from Blue dragon drop WT? Just be sure you take some damage (HP < 30%) before arriving at the first encounter. Run out onto the staircase, equip your Light Arrows and start firing away. Question. It should take about 50 or so Kunai to kill him. Peek out from the doorway and you should be able to lock on to the Blue Dragon and attack him safely. When the Blue Dragon is defeated, you will receive the Large Flame Scale Demon’s Soul, which can be consumed to gain 30,000 souls. For more information, go here. Once past the fire, you'll be directly beneath him. The dragon will start his fire breath from left to right, then right to left. Killing the Blue Dragon? Unlike many traditional online games that feature an easy way to invite and play with friends, Demon’s Souls makes you work for it. Close. The first time he appears on a long walkway blocked by two Fat Officials. Note that you can remain safe on the left side of the walkway for a fair distance, but the doorway makes an easier point for arrow fire if you have the range. Demon's Souls has been a pretty awesome experience so far. This site © 2020 Gamer Network Limited. report. Biorr can survive for a long while, and he won't help you any more after this encounter so don't worry too much about him. Killing the Blue Dragon? If timed correctly, you should make it unscathed. RELATED: Demon’s Souls PS5: Spells Every Mage Should Learn Right Away (& How) Once the Fat Official is killed, Biorr can be rescued and brought back to the Nexus. The Blue Dragon The next section has minor spoilers for a late-game level in Demon’s Souls, so read on at your own risk. Demon… You can create the Morion Blade at Blacksmith Ed after defeating the Storm King in World 4-3. Shortly after launch, players of the brutally unforgiving adventure noticed that a new door can be … Demon’s Souls guides, here’s our run-down of the best builds for your character. The damage will be minimal and as such it will take longer to kill him, but it could save you on resources. Or, you can find the White Bow by killing the Black Phantom at the beginning of the level. 3 of 18 3. You can equip the Magic Sword “Makoto” if you have it for an easy way to drain your health. It can't be traded or used for anything so cash it in and use the souls. Question. In world 1-4 is there an easier way to kill it than using the bow? The player will need to utilize the various pillars as cover from his line of sight. The NPC's attack multipliers are applied before the damage is affected by the player's defenses and resistances. You will, of course, lose the time/ammo expended if you die in the second encounter. From Demon' | The Demon's Souls Wiki,, About Demon' | The Demon's Souls Wiki. Now is the time to get into hyper mode (30% health), equip your bow and Heavy Arrows, and begin by killing the second Fat Official from the doorway. 58.3k. Once you got the hang of it you will hit every time the dragon passes by. ) This is due to Special Effect Multipliers (similar to NPCs) and World Tendency Multipliers. As the dragon begins to direct it's breath away from you, start your sprint. - last post @ Jul 12, 2012 Sometimes, Obviously, if you're using magic then mana regen equipment, is a must. save. You can now equip any bow or spell and start attacking. Cyberpunk 2077 Review: Complicated, Deep, Perception, Reality, Release dates: every game confirmed for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch in 2020, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Prestige, Here’s when you can pre-load and play Cyberpunk 2077. As a reward, you get safe access to some Legendary Hero's Souls from the dead corpses on the stairs. Light Arrows can be bought from Graverobber Blige in World 4-2 and Heavy Arrows can be bought from Patches in the Nexus. Next, buy as many Light and Heavy Arrows as you can. You’ll absolutely want to summon help to defeat a tough boss, or — when you’re ready — invade another player’s world to keep them on their toes. The Demon's Souls remake is just as tough as the original, and then some. Blue Dragon Blue Dragon is a cheap bastard, a monster that hounds you throughout a level only to end up hanging over a doorway you … If you don't have these, hit him with some more poison or plague and let him fall apart that way. Close. In either encounter if you want to save on arrows and spices, this is a good time to use any Throwing Knives you may have acquired. Posted by 5 years ago. usually takes between 15-25 Kunai. You can find the Compound Long Bow near a Skeleton Archer in World 4-1. Use a cursed weapon to drain your HP below 30%. Boy does the Blue Dragon suck. He'll fly up to his second site when his health reaches 50%. page on the best weapons for the early, mid and late game, here. Once the Poison effect wears off, repeat the process. Alternatively, just run past and spook it to fly to it's second perch. This works for both parts of the 1-4 encounter. Using Kunai purchased from the vendor at the beginning of 4-2 it is possible to poison the dragon from outside fire-breathing range. This strategy will show you how to kill him safely and efficiently. If you are using a bow, white arrows tend to work best. There are two Fat Officials here. Be sure to aim directly at his head to do the most damage. One of the major hurdles for new players is understanding the game’s World Tendency and Character Tendency concepts. This strategy will show you how to kill him safely and efficiently. For the first of the three methods, we need to use either a Sticky Compound Long Bow or a White Bow. Now you can do some damage to the dragon here, which makes it easier to save Biorr at the next encounter. With that in mind, try using some appropriate spells or miracles. The Demon’s Souls remake for PS5 uses a similar multiplayer system as the rest of the games in the series. You can get Kunai from Graverobber Blige in the Shrine of Storms. So long as the Dragon was brought down to half health beforehand, Biorr will survive long enough for players to slay the Dragon themselves. The Demon’s Souls Remake isn’t 100% identical to the original PS3 game. The easiest way to kill the blue dragon is to shoot its head from below. You may choose to bring the dragons life to 50% before moving on to the second encounter. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. This will take awhile, but is the cheapest method besides magic. Demon's Souls is regarded as one of the most challenging video games to ever exist.It began a trend in the gaming industry where it became the standard of what a hard video game should be. You'll likely get hit trying to get up these stairs at least once on the first several tries. The Blue Dragon in the Boletarian Palace can be a menace when trying to progress through this level of Demon’s Souls. 4. Aim for his wings, as they are the closest and will do the most damage. #DemonsSouls #PS5 Demon's Souls PS5 Start by throwing Kunai up at the Blue Dragon until it’s poisoned. I recommend consulting my Demon’s Souls Tendency FAQ for a detailed explanation of these concepts, and how they affect gameplay. Aim for his wing as it's closer and the closer something is to you, the more damage your arrows will do. Afterward, the remaining damage is reduced by resistances, it is then multiplied by the Damage reduction multipliers in the Physical/Magic/Fire Reduction columns. We also have a page on the best weapons for the early, mid and late game, here. After he dies, it’s finally time to start damaging the dragon. 1 … Demon's Souls Remake - Blue Flying Dragon Guide You first encounter the Blue Dragon in the Gates of Boletaria , but you're not able to do anything to it until the final stage, The King's Tower . Light/Heavy will do the most damage to this boss. Otherwise, Water Veil and the Ring of Flame Resistance are recommended. It cannot be killed in 1-1, as, unlike the Red Dragon, it Either with soul ray or arrows, fire when his head is falling from the raised position of the animation and it will line up to hit in his mouth dealing the most damage. You’ll know you’re at 30% when you see a rat icon below your stamina bar. Thursday, 12 November 2020 13:19 GMT. Experimenting shows that after this time period the dragon's health bar is not reduced at all, despite Biorr still being alive and supposedly having done enough damage to kill it. Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge Old King Allant's attacks are … Demon's Souls best weapon recommendations and locations, including the Northern Regalia, Falchion, Uchigatana, Kilij and Claymore explained How to get your hands on the best kit.