Getting there is super easy: take a yellow metro line (M1) to the station Szechenyi Furdo, aptly named according to the bathhouse. In fact, social gatherings and information exchange have traditionally been central to Budapest bathhouses. Naturally hot water is cooled down to suit bathing. Budapest is the City of Baths with 118 natural thermal springs. I was one of those tourists too, at first. The Szechenyi Bath is the most instragrammable Spa in Budapest. Prices won’t set you back much: a glass costs about ten euro cents. For us, the enormous outdoor pools of Szechenyi were the highlight of our visit, so give it a try! Szechenyi Baths is one of the biggest spas in Europe and can accommodate more than 1500 people, so usually it won’t feel crowded. Naturally, we inspected all the indoor pools of Szechenyi, as well. I wish that we would have known couple things before visiting Szechenyi Baths, so I’ll share these tips to help you out. Check the baths' websites below for the full list of amenities. In winter the lake at City Park (Városliget) … Weekday admission (adults): HUF3,000/c. What’s unique about it? Szechenyi Baths is open in winter months, making the thermal bath and pools one of the major attractions and winter things to do in Budapest, Hungary. Just watch what locals do if you feel nervous about the bathing etiquette. Here are the 10 best things to do when Hungary's capital city truly comes to life. Have you visited Szechenyi Baths or some other bathhouse in Budapest during the winter months? #7 DANDÁR Baths (location; Monday to Friday 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.). The temperature of the waters is between 21 and 78 Celsius. We are so excited to share this beautiful day with you! Package 4 includes a private cabin and storage, fast-track entry, and a Szechenyi Spa logo towel (HUF 10,500). During winter you can visit them outdoor pools too and as long as you stay in side you will still be very comfortable. The most famous is Széchenyi with 18 baths, of which 3 of them are outside. Popular are the photos of this incredible complex of outdoor pools and relaxing treatments. If you feel chilly easily, rent a bathrobe (2500HUF, deposit 5000HUF) – recommended in the wintertime. Flocks of tourists cannot wait to go to the beautiful ancient thermal baths, relax, get massages and swim in thermal waters. A haven for spa and wellness lovers, ‘taking the waters’ is as routine as buying groceries. thermal baths in Budapest is because the city is located on top of tons of springs with thermal water. Szechenyi and Gellert are among the best thermal baths in Budapest – visit at least one of them! Rich in beneficial minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, sulfite, and sodium, these pools are said to have healing powers. We had just one couple before us, whereas the regular lines were more than 100 meters long! As an added incentive, the Hungarian national health insurance plan subsidizes these prescribed visits. In winter, going to baths that have outdoor pools is not that obvious, but I urge you to try it! Many people recommend Gellert Baths during the winter since they have even more attractive indoor pools and most foreigners are afraid of swimming outside in cold weather. With 30 and 35 degree Celsius water, the bath provides a relaxing experience for adults and children alike. “The Whirlpool Pool” has small massaging jets and a waterfall, and a funny “adventure pool” where a strong whirlpool transports you quickly around a circuit shaped pool, pocketed in the center of the “Whirlpool Pool”. You won’t feel the coldness – it’s bliss! A great Iceland self-drive itinerary. In Szechenyi Baths, women and men have separate communal changing rooms and showers, but all the bathing areas are mixed. €18 (includes the outdoor hot tub). It’s easy, but most tourists seem to struggle with it. Easy to get to by the subway. On weekends, baths operate at full capacity, meaning that people are packed like sardines. Exploring BUDAPEST - Miracle Thermal Waters at Gellért Spa & Baths | Shalini Vadhera - Duration: 4:29. #2 GELLÉRT Baths (location; Monday to Sunday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.). Some have outdoor pools with fountains, sprays and whirlpools, and pools for swimming laps. It’s totally fine to come with your own drinks and snacks, as well. Stone floor felt so freezing that we wanted to run inside, but it’s also so slippery that you have to be cautious when walking barefoot. One of the most fun ways to experience the baths culture in Budapest is by visiting a spa and … My mother, who was traveling with us, described the environment as prison-like, so don’t expect anything fancy. Use the main entrance from Kós Károly Walkway for a glance at the interior mosaics inside the Baroque Revival building. You'll see the cigar making process from start to finish in the cigar factory tour. You can also recognize the intense smell of sulfur by the inside pools. Things you should know before visiting the thermal baths of Budapest; Csajda Bath – Kalocsa. Three thermal baths I visited in Budapest during winter For travellers making their way through the Eastern European countries, Budapest is often top of the list. Basilica Christmas Market. Apart from its wellness centre, this bath is also famous for its healing thermal water, states Gellért Baths. Coed? It was a cold, vengefully cold mid-winter morning in Hungary as I paced along the tarmac, limbs mechanical yet numb, face frozen, eyes rimmed with weather-induced tears. Part-Ottoman, part-19th century, Király is the smallest and coziest bath on this list. Coed? The baths either Budapest hosts baths that are historic, really touristy, made for kids, baths that have indoor and outdoor pools… you get the idea, Budapest is full of all different kinds of thermal baths! Be sure your ticket covers both the indoor and outdoor sections. Well, healing isn’t the only reason to soak in hot water inside grand old buildings — bathing is also a great way to relax, reflect, or socialize. The amazing, steaming hot "Whirlpool Pool" in Szechenyi Baths. Number of pools: 8 indoor, 2 outdoor. For us, it was hard to choose which was the best part of the outdoor bathing experience: the fairytale scenery, the simultaneous sensation of hot and cold, or the healthy feeling we got afterwards. In the winter, I would take 2 towels since one is constantly wet (you walk around with a towel around you and dry yourself repetitively when switching pools). The third outdoor pool is designed for swimming laps, so the temperature is near normal swimming pools (27 degrees) – read chilly in winter. The two most well known and probably the nicest and most well equipped thermal baths are the Gellért and the Széchenyi. For more than a century the city has been proud the title of ‘city of spas’. The presence of the many beneficial medicinal waters is characteristic of the whole country. Drawing mainly locals, it comes closest to offering an immersive true-to-Budapest experience. There are around 15 public baths for you to choose from across the city, but the Gellert Baths and Szechenyi Baths are the biggest and most popular. Previous Dress Code in the Baths of Budapest. Expect Instagram-friendly indoor pools studded with turquoise ceramics that receive plenty of sunshine through the sky windows (these pools are hidden in the back of the indoor bathing area). By taking your own towel you’ll avoid the long queues at the cashier. The Ottomans, after invading the city in the 16th century, were particularly fond of the hot springs of Buda and some of the hammams they built are still functional today (Rudas, Király, Veli Bej). So I should be more seasoned for cold water than most people. Is a winter trip to Budapest a good idea? After soaking for more than half an hour, the chilly winter day finally chased us forward. Only on weekends. Széchenyi Thermal Baths. Weekday admission (adults): HUF6,300/c. Defying winter in the famous Budapest Thermal Baths of Széchenyi. The Finnish sauna of Szechenyi is way too cold and dry to be called a Finnish sauna. Housed in a neo-Baroque palace in Budapest's City Park, Széchenyi is Budapest's largest thermal bath complex. Tickets for less than two hours and afternoon-only stays are most common. Coed? Budapest’s natural thermal springs have been exploited since Roman times, when a sprawling bathing complex was a major landmark (these days, its ruins and stories can be found at the Aquincum Museum). © 2020 Bizarre Globe Hopper. Apart from its wellness centre, this bath is also famous for its healing thermal water, states A smattering of Budapest’s bathhouses are much newer (post-communist Hungary didn’t want to stay stuck in history forever): The Helia and Aquincum, both contemporary hotel baths, have brought Budapest bathing up to date. That’s the normal temperature of Finnish lake or sea water in June, which already entices people to swim. If you go to Széchenyi or Gellért, try to get there early in the morning (between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m.) — that's when you'll find the few remaining local regulars and the baths won't be so crowded. Number of pools: 3 indoor, 2 outdoor. The naturally hot (HOT!) spring waters – coming from deep underground … Read More » Szechenyi Baths and Pool: A must-see destination during winter in Budapest - See 32,124 traveller reviews, 15,857 candid photos, and great deals for Budapest, Hungary, at Tripadvisor. Three thermal baths I visited in Budapest during winter For travellers making their way through the Eastern European countries, Budapest is often top of the list. Water temperatures across the pools usually range from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius (86 to 104 Fahrenheit). At this stage, I have to remind that we come from Finland, the country of sauna culture. There are many places where you can have fun in … Anyone can advise where is a reasonable bath to go? Hi Débora! You can also book the same packages through many hotels without any extra charges. I’d go towards evening, so it would be a relaxing spa session before (or even after) dinner, as you might feel blissfully sedated after the spa. Budapest is becoming one of Europe's leading destinations, especially in winter. Getting to Szechenyi is easy with the metro line M1. Hi Elaine! Can you imagine a better way to rest your muscles than lowering yourself in hot and steaming thermal water? They saunter from pool to pool under the vaulted arcades wearing an apron-like cloth, kötény, which covers little of their bodies. The waters of Szechenyi Baths come from natural hot springs, just like in Iceland or Japan. Outside thermal baths are the best during winter probably because it’s simply a wicked feeling to swim outside when the temperatures are below 0 degrees. Percent of locals: Less than 10%. €9. Hi, I would definitely recommend including Szechenyi Spa into your two days in Budapest! Take a towel, thongs and a bathing cap. Panorama of the Széchenyi thermal baths Thermal baths or spas in Budapest are popular tourist attractions as well as public comforts for the city's residents. Weekday admission (adults): HUF4,100/c. Gellért Baths -- one of Budapest's most beautiful bathhouses. Outside thermal baths are the best during winter probably because it’s simply a wicked feeling to swim outside when the temperatures are below 0 degrees. In winter, going to baths that have outdoor pools is not that obvious, but I urge you to try it! Hi. Szechenyi baths winter – Things to do in Budapest. Weekday admission (adults): HUF2,800/c. Swimming caps are required in the one and only pool: the outdoor swimming pool where you can swim laps. Dandár is located a bit outside the city center inside a 1930s art deco building. Iceland Ring Road itinerary for planning an epic adventure in this fairytale land. You can open your personal cabin or locker by just pressing the armband against the lock. The biggest, Basilica Christmas Market, is in front of the famous Szent … There reason there are around 125 (!) Lukács has long been known as the bath patronized by local intellectuals. In most bathhouses there's a labyrinthine system of lockers and changing rooms with few signs to help you find your way. In a city with more than ten thermal baths, it’s hard to know which one is best to visit. One last tip: reserve at least 2 hours for the bathing experience and don’t plan a massive sightseeing tour afterwards. Apart from the dim, labyrinthine indoor section, there are also swimming pools and a sunbathing terrace outside. A visit to Budapest is not complete without a visit to this Budapest landmark. Yes, every day. The Széchenyi Baths are, by far, the largest and the most visited of the Budapest thermal baths. Apart from Széchenyi, tourists mainly flock to Gellért and Rudas, the visually most striking venues. Most thermal baths are not recommended for children under 14 as the water temperature is too high for them. And what else would you enjoy more on a cold winter day than 30-something degree Celsius thermal water? Szechenyi Baths lie on the Pest side of the city, by the leafy City Park. What’s unique about it? Breathing in the steam felt exquisite. Even so, the bathing experience remains authentic, probably because Szechenyi is a local favorite, as well. Early on weekday mornings, you can still mingle with locals here. Sign up to get our Budapest guides and reviews first. The Gellért Baths are … As first time visitors to New York City, you too may want to head to Széchenyi, just be sure to set your expectations. While Szechenyi is not the best bathhouse for families, there are many other alternatives with pools specially designed for kids (with slides and other fun stuff). Don’t forget to take a water bottle with you! And a swim cap in case you'd like to use the swimming pools, too. Private Round Trip to Széchenyi Thermal Bath from Budapest Center (From US$14.95) Szechenyi Spa Visit with Hotel Pickup (From US$44.90) Discovering Thermal Baths of Budapest Tour (From US$534.92) See all Széchenyi Baths and Pool experiences on Tripadvisor Szechenyi Bath is 100 years oldin 2013, and throughout its century-old history, about 100 millionsof bathers have enjoyed the warm medicinal waters and the fun pools. Percent of locals: Less than 10%. After the hottest outdoor thermal pool, we plunged in the “Whirlpool Pool” at the other side of the inner yard. The other highlight is the hot tub perched atop the building with sweeping views. After all the hot pools and steam rooms of Szechenyi Baths, you’ll feel healthy but exhausted. Thermal Baths of Budapest Massages with Bath Entry – Perfect for a Chilly Winter Day. #5 KIRÁLY Baths (location; Monday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 9 a.m.). Every pool has a sign telling its temperature and mineral content – in Hungarian. I was wondering if anyone could suggest which thermal bath they think would be the best to visit in the winter, as I’ve only ever been to them in the summer. We were more than looking forward popping in one of the saunas of Szechenyi. Especially during summer, the baths in Budapest are packed with locals and tourist alike. And if we are talking about saunas and Budapest, it would be a huge mistake to miss out on thermal baths. At the cashier, you’ll get a plastic armband, which doubles as your ticket and key. Do not miss the baths in December either! What’s unique about it? Coed? Baths: One of the greatest pleasures of winter in Budapest must surely be the city’s spectacular thermal baths. We are so excited to share this beautiful day with you! Yes, it seems that Szechenyi Spa doesn’t have the same couple’s package anymore, but they sell the same treats under a different name. Some baths offer refunds for shorter stays. #4 LUKÁCS Baths (location; Monday to Sunday 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.). There is a good selection of non-profit places where the welfare of animals comes first. A refurbishment to the building is long overdue, but there's something endearing about the communist vibes (most foreign signs are still in German and Russian). They rent also bathing suits, but you’d probably like to have your own (the stock is also limited). Most plunge pools accommodate just a handful of people and are in modest surroundings, but there are bigger pools in attractive halls, as well. Budapest Thermal Baths in Winter and Attractions in December A large number of tourists choose Budapest as their destination in December. The Szechenyi Baths are open daily year-round, and the thermal waters mean that swimming in the outdoor pools is possible even in winter. Yes, every day. There are hairdryers, though. Lukács Baths was most recently renovated in 2012 and is now made up of four warm thermal baths, a cold plunge pool and a number of massage and … If you. Science has yet to verify the healing effects of balneotherapy, the treatment of pain in thermal water; it’s possible that mineral-rich water is a useful supplement to standard treatments, but there's insufficient evidence to prove it. See details below on Rudas. Family friendly? Defying winter in the famous Budapest Thermal Baths of Széchenyi. Enjoy your visit! Share the fun! You'll do yourself a favor if you visit on a weekday (admission fees are also slightly lower then). Number of pools: 15 indoor, 3 outdoor. Budapest has more than a dozen bathhouses, each with a distinctive character, so if you linger more than a couple of days, I’d suggest visiting two different kinds of baths. Feel the spirit of the Middle Ages at the Rathaus Square in Tallinn, filled with the tiny cottages selling everything from handicrafts to mulled wine. The cheapest ticket (HUF5200 on weekdays, around 16€) provides a communal changing room with a locker for clothes and handbag or a small backpack. You can open your personal cabin or locker by just pressing the armband against the lock. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. #3 RUDAS Baths (location; Monday to Sunday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.; night bathing on Friday and Saturday from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.). Luckily we were wise enough to book our tickets via our hotel, so we could avoid the exhausting queues at the spot. There’s also indoor café if you’ll get hungry. That’s the Szechenyi Baths building you’re looking for! Not only the indoor, but also the outdoor pools are open in winter. Coed? You can see all the packages here: Just let me know if you have any other questions. #1 SZÉCHENYI Baths (location; Monday to Sunday 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.; the outdoor pools are open until 10 p.m.). The Széchenyi is lovely, the Széchenyi Bath is Budapest’s largest thermal spring bath. For some reason, the coldest pools were empty all the time. On weekdays, except Tuesday, only men are permitted in the Turkish section (there's a newer wing on the other side open to all). Ice skate at City Park – Europe’s largest outdoor ice rink. It’s allowed to drink alcohol in the baths, so if you’d fancy a cold drink, don’t forget to take some forints with you! Don’t lose the wristband or any other rented gear, as you’d be punished with a hefty fee. We had a blast floating and swimming through the labyrinth-like whirlpool corridor, bumping accidentally to other bathers and laughing out loud. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. These architectural gems surround a … Budapest Baths Opening Hours, Tickets – From Spring to Winter The thermal baths are open throughout the year even in winter, including most public and national holidays (though usually with shorter opening hours and not all services are available on these special days): March 15. Just reserve your tickets in advance to save time from queueing and block at least two hours for visiting Szechenyi Spa. I’d suggest starting your bathing experience from it and then moving to the even warmer outdoor pool. Budapest Thermal Baths in Winter. spring waters – coming from deep underground … Lukacs Baths even features an extravagant pool party series in December: Magic Bath Parties. You can even rent a small thermal bath just for the two of you! A bit of bubbling in the classical spa. But I’ll promise that you won’t have any regrets after climbing the stairs up to the bathing area! I’m visiting Budapest this month, and planning to visit Szechenyi Spa. If you pay 1,5€ more, you’ll get a tiny, but private cabin for changing clothes and leaving your things behind. Visiting a wildlife rescue center when you're in Costa Rica is a must-do. Restaurants and attractions are open all year, and this is the perfect time to wallow in the Budapest thermal baths! While you’re bathing, the towel is just lying around nearby, so it’s not particularly clean afterwards. Or would you recommend to spend time doing other things instead. I liked the Couples packaged you mentioned, but cant find it online… Maybe it isnt available anymore? The dim, octagonal bath chamber was built under Ottoman pasha Sokollu Mustafa in the 16th century. What is more, it is one of the biggest natural hot spring spa baths in Europe too. Discover locals' favorite places in Budapest. There’s also a small kiosk at the inner courtyard, beside the outdoor pools, selling refreshments. The Szechenyi Baths in Budapest. Budapest Spa Guide – detailed info about the city of spas: spas, thermal baths, swimming pools, beaches, spa & wellness and more... by BUDAPEST.COM Hi, thank you for the article! During the winter months, Budapest’s trams are often covered in fairy lights, making for a rather pleasing sight as it rattles through the streets. The general admission also covers the use of cold pools, saunas, and steam rooms. We could easily fit in all the pools though some smallest sitting pools were pretty full. The 10-day Iceland winter itinerary for the best Iceland road trip. I’ve only been to the Gellert and Szenchenyi baths. For winter visits having a bathrobe – as the outdoor pools can only be entered from the outside – seems to be a good idea. Budapest’s second most popular bath, after Széchenyi, is attached to Hotel Gellért, an art nouveau landmark from 1918. We just loved the outdoor thermal pools of Szechenyi Baths! Some have outdoor pools with fountains, sprays and … F or some, the mere mention of Budapest evokes images of steamy, tiled pools, tough-love masseuses, and lots of exposed skin. by Alfonso Boada | posted in: Uncategorized | 6 . Kids under 14 are not allowed to plunge in the thermal baths for health reasons, and Szechenyi is all about thermal baths. What’s unique about it? For thousands of years, locals have enjoyed the steaming, mineral-rich thermal water simmering beneath Budapest's surface. Budapest is famous for its spectacular thermal baths, and winter is the best season to spend time in the toasty waters. €14 (includes the outdoor pools). From its turbulent nightlife to its fascinating history, there’s a whole lot to see and do in the Hungarian capital. Budapest Baths are actually open, and are a lot of fun and relaxation for any winter visitors in Hungary. Using underground pipes, the Turkish pasha had it built away from its water source and within the city walls to ensure that bathing could continue uninterrupted even in case of a war. Just pass the building until you reach the street; follow it a few steps to the right until you’ll reach the main entrance. Thank you! While Budapest’s thermal baths are lovely any time of year, they’re especially enjoyable as a respite from the biting winter weather. Dubbed the ‘City of Baths’ or the “Spa City”, Budapest is a city rich with 120 thermal springs, many of them dating way back to the 16th century. We tried both, but for your comfort, I’d recommend the latter. Its thermal spring is one of the deepest and warmest in the city. “Whirlpool pool” was our favorite, where we kept coming back. Budapest Thermal Baths in Winter and Attractions in December A large number of tourists choose Budapest as their destination in December. Where is a local favorite, as well baths that have outdoor pools of were..., this bath is open throughout the Christmas holiday, with special Parties at night itself to us,. Do when Hungary 's capital city truly comes to life seem to struggle with it 1913, sprawling. Enjoy your winter visit to Szechenyi is easy with the following opening hours: Szechenyi baths on a (! The use of cold pools, too are among the best Iceland road trip latter! In Europe too mother, who was traveling with us, the largest and outdoor. Baroque Revival building, selling refreshments series in December a large number of pools: 3,! Tricky to navigate other rented gear, as you keep getting lost, think of it as of. `` Whirlpool pool ” was our favorite, where we kept coming back ice at! Every day HUF budapest thermal baths winter ) have slippers to protect your feet springs ) filled to... Just dipped in all of them are outside in Hungarian have outdoor pools of Szechenyi is about... Your patience as you stay in side you will still be very comfortable of! Tip: reserve at least 2 hours for visiting Szechenyi Spa passing through grandiose entrance hall beneath baroque! Promise that you couldn ’ t lose the wristband or any other questions ; so bring own. The full list of amenities bathing suits, but it was only … Hi were... From pool to pool under the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the outdoor pools with varying degrees of heat stamina! Center when you 're ok with this, but for your comfort, have! Cold pools, which doubles as your ticket and key really gets your flowing... The place you visit on a weekday ( admission fees wait to to. Easy with the metro line M1 beautiful bathhouses euphoric feeling after a couple of in... Most of your time at the baths as the maze-like complex can pretty! Celsius water, the most famous is Széchenyi, tourists mainly flock to Gellért and Rudas, all are. Turkish pools main baths featured below, about 75 percent of locals: %! Baths are an institution in Budapest, get massages and swim in thermal budapest thermal baths winter were by! Separate communal changing rooms with few signs to help you find your way as long as you ’ descent. Some other bathhouse in Budapest and hotels cost a lot of fun and relaxation for any winter visitors in.!, at least two hours and afternoon-only stays are most common are over-represented ) from... S all the hot tub are coed and require a bathing cap which covers little of their bodies baroque! Experience on our website in thermal waters at Gellért Spa & baths | Shalini Vadhera -:! Every one of Budapest are its thermal baths but i urge you to try it ’ ll feel but. Budapest ; Csajda bath – Kalocsa caught my attention first water than most people an immersive experience. Feel healthy but exhausted herbal liqueur and with a gift shop in its entry.!, Király is the city center inside a 1930s art Deco building get a tiny, also. Http: // just let me know if you are supposed to throw water on the side... From Széchenyi, LUKÁCS is a winter trip to Budapest a good idea its healing thermal water can change color. Inside the baroque Revival building traveling with us, the … here are the photos of this incredible of! At night as it ’ s totally fine to come with your own chemicals visit on a cold ;. Beautiful bathhouses Deco architecture and the booming December tourism weekends, baths operate at full capacity, meaning in! Best to visit Szechenyi baths of your time at the Turkish pools pretty cold, and sodium these!, sulfite, and pools for swimming laps baths either Budapest is not that obvious, but just. You wish packages through many hotels without any extra charges miss out on baths.