The deer herd would be getting smaller with time if corn was bad for them, instead it is getting larger. The lungs remain the best place to aim. Little Mannie 6. my antlers turn green and smell very bad .the green wont wipe off even with steel wool. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. However, one must take note that not all salts will do. Assume any meat that has been in the refrigerator or cooler for more then three days to be suspect. In the real world of hunting, things happen. Oct 20, 2012 #18. Yes, deer do not like strong winds, which make it hard for them to detect predators amid the noise and motion of branches whipping around. Now, besides smelling predators at a range, can deer smell corn? The original recipe has endured the test of time and is still considered the best protection from biting insects on the market today! If you hang your deer with the meat (and fat) exposed, it will begin to go rancid. Using four of your five senses, you should look, smell, touch and taste venison to determine if it has gone bad. The smell of bad deer meat is the most obvious indicator of spoilage. After field dressing a kill, your gas will start to smell like animal organs within 24 hours. Safernoc ft. Dali De Saint Paul 4. That said, head shots are risky. It will look gray. This article was created by a professional writer and edited by experienced copy editors, both qualified members of the Demand Media Studios community. Would you season your steak with bone fragments and wood shavings? Assume any meat that has been in the refrigerator or cooler for more then three days to be suspect. There’s no big mystery or secret to cooking venison. Didn’t think so.). Research has shown, however, that the smell of human urine does not noticeably affect deer, if it affects them at all.With bucks, doe-in-estrous was the most popular, followed by human urine, then car air freshener, then buck urine. Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope was created in 1910 using an 1882 formula to repel mosquitoes, black flies, noseeums, chiggers, deer flies, and now ticks! No thanks. This observation has been made by those who pursue deer, ducks, pheasants, and other game. The reason has to due with temperatures above freezing, exposure to the air, which causes oxidation, and because fats high in omega-3 fatty acids tend to go rancid easier. Science says the longer a deer has lived in the wild, as scent experiences compound, the more the deer has learned how to avoid certain VOC signatures that signal danger. That young deer had nothing to do all summer except get fat. For steaks, you can’t beat a young, crop-fed deer. I didn’t think so. The smell of bad deer meat is the most obvious indicator of spoilage. Deer’s sense of smell is so elite; it is not a surprise that they can smell you half a mile away. Old bucks are perfectly edible but rarely the best. The solution is to add some fat, either beef or pork, when you’re grinding venison. Frozen deer meat can be good for two years or more when kept in a freezer. You don’t owe anyone an apology. After a while, it turns gray, chewy, dry … and still gross. And some things will ruin the flavor, too. December 11, 2020   |  Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes, December 9, 2020   |  Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes, Is your deer meat tough, dry, and gamy? Animals like deer, mice, rats, skunk, squirrels and even suburban coyotes react to the scent of predator pee by seeking to avoid those predators at all costs. Unlike beef fat, deer fat does not taste good. If the meat smells extremely pungent, much like sewage, you can assume that it is no longer good and cannot be used. If you want to shoot one and it’s legal, go for it. Inspect the meat to ensure the color and texture is normal. 7. These knives can be honed to a razor’s edge and quickly resharpened. Ever had a glass of good-tasting acid? Wash your clothes in special hunting soap that has no perfume scents added. Blood meal scattered around the garden is another good deterrent. And they are good at sorting out the odors, too. During the cooking process, the smell will become even more pungent and does not dissipate. There is no substitute for playing the wind and keeping deer upwind or crosswind of you whenever possible. During the cooking process, the smell will become even more pungent and does not dissipate. Freezer burn doesn’t help the flavor of ice cream or anything else, deer meat included. Cook the meat. Removing those organs is the first step in cooling the animal down. Check out this list of 12 deer-butchering sins to find out why your venison tastes bad — and how to make it better. That’s too warm to let a deer hang, so icing them down is my only option. Bucks usually spray their urine on their beards, chest, face and front legs during rut (the time period when the does are in estrus cycle). I live in a warm climate, and most of the deer I shoot in a season’s time are during early bow season, so I don’t have that luxury. There’s nothing wrong with a little splash of flavor enhancement, but try lighter flavors that complement the flavor of deer meat, and keep the marinade time short. I keep the cooler in the shade with the drain plug open and on a downhill incline. In order to do that, your grill needs to be hot enough to instantly sear the meat surface and lock in those flavors and juices. We substitute deer burger for beef hamburger in virtually everything — chili, tacos, sloppy Joes, burgers on the grill, spaghetti, and who knows what else. Smell of Deer by YOKEL, released 14 October 2020 1. Taporsnap77 Senior Member. My usual maximum is three or four hours. I’m often amazed at the people, deer hunters included, who tell me they just don’t like venison. Venison, whether destined for steaks or hamburger, should be trimmed free of anything that’s not rich, red meat.Â. It smelled to me very near to the deer musk urine smell of a buck in rut, maybe a bit 'deeper' musk smell, but very similar. Dawn December 26, 2012 at 6:38 pm Site by Gray Loon. It will smell strong and earthy. Deer focus on yellow and blue, but have difficulty with red and orange. Spoiled meat will become more pungent as it is cooked, not less. We all make bad shots on occasion. Deer can smell things from 100 yards away that a human could barely smell right next to his nose. And so on. That statement is usually followed by a qualifier: it’s tough; it’s gamy; it’s dry. For the hunter, letting loose and letting the urine fly may be just the thing to keep 'em on stand. (Note: If you do this without a drain plug, you’ll get the opposite effect — deer quarters that are essentially marinated in bloody, dirty water. I line the bottom of a cooler with a layer of ice, add my deer quarters on top of that, and then cover them with more ice. Furthermore, scientists say that whitetails have thousands of sensitive receptors in their nostrils, which they use to sort out up to six smells at one time. This is why information on salt licks is so important to their survival. Deer don't like the smell of soap either. I usually make hamburger, sausage, and jerky out of such animals. Stranger Saves Woman and Dog from Aggressive Buck, Help a Brother Out: Story of a Mega Ohio 9-Pointer. The moist nose of a deer, similar to that of a dog, allows the deer to pick up the faintest of odors. Generally rut occurs in the late summer through fall. I keep three sharp knives handy when I’m cleaning a deer. That’s very important. If one animal proves especially tough, we know to use that meat for slow-cooking recipes. This not only keeps the meat cold, but purges an amazing amount of blood from it. When the low pressure system is leaving, deer spring back into action and make up for the down time that was a result of the bad weather of the low pressure system. The idea is to let the ice slowly melt and drain from the cooler. The meat should be smooth but not wet. Inspect the meat to ensure the color and texture is normal. The problem with some deer repellents is that they don’t smell bad only to deer; they can smell pretty funky to humans as well. This one will be a stout knife with a drop point for prying through bone. anything I can do … Some have camouflaged in the latest attires washed in the best scent eliminating detergents, but still got detected. If you’re a hunter, you know that deer have a sense of smell that rivals that of a bloodhound— and they can see and hear pretty well too. can deer smell alcohol by Kenneth Theobald August 07, 2019. Though a skinning blade with a gut hook is nice to have, I’ve been using a long-bladed fillet knife the last couple of seasons, and it works beautifully. Im in Wisconsin and while degreasing I cover everything up with garbage bags to hold the heat in. If you install a wire fence, attach flags to the top wires to make sure the deer see the fence. In all, some studies have estimated that the whitetail deer's ability to smell is about 10,000 times stronger than a human's. So, if you had to provide for your family or hunt for the woods camp, success was not a given. And while we know not to “push” a deer that’s been hit marginally, realize that the longer it takes for the animal to die and the farther it runs, the more adrenaline and lactic acid builds up in the animal’s system and muscles. It shouldn’t be. Bonfire Night 5. It makes our patties stick together, and the bacon adds a great flavor. Had the body of one that was born this year. I’ve eaten a lot of good deer meat. Grilled venison is best when eaten with a medium-rare interior, but the outside needs to be cooked. It’s enough to make a venison lover cringe. Look, Italian dressing and BBQ sauce taste fine, but you’d better be a ravenous fan of them if you’re using them to soak venison steaks for two days. I once took a deer to a processor, filled out my paperwork, and watched him disappear to the freezer room. We started to gut it right away and noticed a bad smell as soon as we opened it up! On a cold night — in the mid-30s or lower — a deer can be left hanging skin-on overnight. Smell the meat. For all I knew, the deer I was getting could’ve been gut-shot, left to hang in 90-degree heat, and then dragged along a blacktop road en route to the processor. Freezer-burned meat should tossed. The point to take from all this is to keep your knives separate so you reduce contamination of the meat with blood and hair. Neither does the sinew, silver skin, and other connective tissues holding the various muscle groups together. Am I saying to whack every young buck that walks by? In especially cold weather, some hunters like to age a deer in such a manner for several days (more on aging in a bit). Expect chewy steaks. We shot a deer on Monday morning. That’s the first step in decomposition. We’ve all heard the phrase: “A mature buck is just a different animal altogether.” Well, neurobiology and anatomy of the animal makes this a sound assumption. Deer have a highly developed sense of smell, it is one of their best weapons for detecting approaching danger. Think about it. “We mix all our meat together and package a lot of burger at once,” he said. An old buck that’s spent a full autumn fighting, rubbing, scraping, and chasing does will be lean. Laying into a deer’s legs and spine with a power saw puts bone marrow, bone fragments, and whatever mess was on the saw blade into your venison. Insist on getting your own deer back when you have processing work done.Â, “First, soak for 48 hours in Italian dressing …”. Some gardeners have especially found success with Dial and Zest brands. If a deer smells a human, it might have had a bad experience with humans, so it will become alert. Once that odor hits those receptor cells, it triggers an area of the deer's brain. Hit right in the heart and died right away. One is for field-dressing. We package our deer the old-fashioned way, first wrapping each portion in clear plastic wrap, and then covering that with heavy-duty freezer paper. In the poker game that is deer hunting, the house (and the deer) has the evolutionary advantage. Some of the best-tasting deer I’ve ever had have been shot in the head with a gun. The spike in a whitetail deer’s activity level typically occurs when the barometer is rising or falling … Didn’t think so. Internal bacteria rapidly takes over after death, expelling gases and causing the animal to bloat. Is It Time to Rethink Fall Turkey Hunting. Urine mixed w puke almost . Usually bucks always stink with a strong peculiar musky odor. Yes, it does. It also affects their ability to smell out a potential problem and detect its source. If the meat smells worse as it is cooked, you can assume that it has gone bad and should not be eaten. “If human urine gets deer thinking about what they’re smelling, then it may heighten their awareness and make them more likely to detect a hunter,” Miller cautioned. All articles go through an editorial process that includes subject matter guidelines, plagiarism review, fact-checking, and other steps in an effort to provide reliable information. Don’t stop feeding them. If deer can smell your stinky pits at 300 yards, they can smell your rotten piehole, too. No. The smell of bad deer meat is the most obvious indicator of spoilage. You name the odor, and a deer has a group of cells located in one tiny region of the nose that can smell that odor. Train a puppy to blood trail a deer. II 3. I actually whiten the antler green area and re stain. In fact, almost every hunter has a tale to tell of being busted by the wary animals. Given the chance, most of us want to shoot a mature buck with big antlers. Muscles get tougher with use and stringy with age. Well, yes, do smell corn. The animal is killed instantly, and the meat is uncontaminated by blood and entrails from the chest cavity. Here are a dozen of the worst offenders. If you don’t have nice grill marks after three or four minutes, the grate isn’t hot enough. Bad Breath Can Spook Deer. Modern deer hunters are in tune with deer herd management. After the deer has been killed, inspect the animal and log how long the deer sat before being dressed. Y.T. Members of the deer family and predators need their sense of smell to survive, so they are equipped with far more olfactory receptors than those animals that do not rely on their sense of smell. Deer meat that is spoiled will have a pungent odor when it is thawed.