We are not big art or music history buffs, but enjoy nice views, WWII sites, activities, and iconic sites. Re: One month european itinerary - start London end Rome . This month-long Europe itinerary covers our second visit to Europe in just two years. Ok, I knew by the time I will have to leave, I will have another 330 Euros. Stay at: Les Piaules | Generator Paris | citizenM Paris Gare de Lyon, Recommended tours: – Ultimate Versailles: 90-Minute Skip-the-Line Guided Tour– Ultimate Louvre: 2-Hour Skip-the-Line Guided Tour– Paris Illuminations: 1-Hour River Cruise. For example, one of the most popular options lets you travel for 15 days in a month. Thanks for the tips. I also think you have allowed enough time in the cities to get a good feel of each place. 1-Month Eastern Europe Itinerary. One month first time Europe itinerary. Getting there: The quickest and one of the most affordable ways to travel from Berlin to Amsterdam is by taking a four-hour flight with a budget airline. Europe Italy Travel Advice Trip Planning. Stay at: A&O Venice Mestre | Hotel Casanova | Splendid Venice, Recommended tours: Doge’s Palace & St. Mark’s Basilica 2-Hour Tour, Further reading: 2 Days in Venice: The Perfect Venice Itinerary. 1.3.1 Things to do in Sedona, Arizona: 1.3.2 Where to Stay in Sedona: 1.4 Day 6-7: Grand Canyon National Park. Going to Verona from Bled Lake takes a while. This one month Europe itinerary is very similar to the one I did on my first trip, so I will also mention some places I visited on that occasion. I’ve assembled the following itinerary that will take you to some major cities in Central Europe. It takes a while to see them, so it’s best to choose your favourite one or two museums and stick to them! 10 Days Itinerary For Spain. You can also fly into Gatwick, Stansted and Luton – all of which are well connected to Central … Updated: Summer 2019. Click the link for our detailed Europe by train itinernary. Maybe you have an idea of a few places you want to visit or some cities that friends and family have recommended. Aug 24: leave for London (BOS > LIS > LHR) Aug 25 – Sept 9: London, England; September. This is what exactly what I was looking for as I am starting to plan our 30 day trip to Europe (scheduled for the month of July 2019). Major long-haul flights as well as European budget airline flights to here are plentiful. Train distances, times, itineraries, reservations… Been there, done that. Getting there: There are regular InterCity trains that make the four-hour journey from Prague to Berlin, roughly every two hours. As a wise man once said, “If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.” So don’t leave home without it. One of the best ways to explore France is by car and this 30 day self-drive tour itinerary visits many of the most popular regions of this beautiful country. If you want to try some local food you could visit one of the historic pubs; like The Spaniard’s Inn which has almost 500 years of history. Required fields are marked *. Ready to find out what we did? Some of the most famous ones are the two huge towers in the town centre, and, of course, the university, which is the oldest in the world! With a rental car you’re not limited by the schedules of public transport and can make day trips and stops as you please. Of course, there’s always the option to take an eight-hour high-speed train, transferring in Marseille along the way. Remember to watch out for bikes! Share . 10 years ago. Claire’s Footsteps is a blog dedicated to helping the world through sustainable travel. If you’re looking for an amazing rail adventure in Europe, then this 1-month itinerary is the best place to start. Similarly, hitchhiking is a fairly common and accepted practice within Europe. You can truly experience … The train from Bologna to Nice takes around 7 hours; so it’s best to get an early one and snooze en route – or you could even take a night train to save on accommodation. Magical Take a look at this one month Europe itinerary journey, to see your month in Europe. Amsterdam is a city with a long and interesting history, where all the buildings tell a different story. The train from Paris to Amsterdam takes between three and four hours. There’s so much to explore in this continent, and this Europe trip itinerary is just a taster! Here you can find the Barcelona Cathedral or the old Roman and Medieval walls. Days Hi Travelers! For creativity in a different artistic field, visit the Picasso Museum and see works by the famed Spanish painter. I spent 1 month traveling 4000 km to 10 countries in Europe and it was absolutely incredible! The most famous street in Madrid is the Gran Via, and is a great place to orientate yourself. Please give detailed cost so that we can plan our Europe trip However, before we get to our Europe travel itinerary and the best things to do in Europe we just wanted to remind you to purchase travel insurance. Okay, now let's talk about the FULL itinerary. Be sure to leave early to reach Verona in time to see some of the attractions! Facebook. Bern is a fantastic launching pad for exploring Switzerland by rail. Getting there: London and Paris are connected by the Eurostar train that crosses through the Channel Tunnel. i live in Europe but haven’t been in even half of those places yet. Jump to bottom. Our 4 Month Europe Trip Itinerary. One of the greatest challenges of planning a big trip like this is working out the best time to visit. Our 4 Month Europe Trip Itinerary. Thank you so much. Ljubljana is a small city that blends in perfectly. Planning to do my trip next year. Verona is somewhat lacking in hostels, so if you are backpacking Europe this night might be a good excuse to treat yourself to some well-needed privacy.You could rent an Airbnb –. Incl attractions & accommodation. Some of the benefits and discounts might vary, but most of them are still there. More ruins can be found throughout Rome’s city centre like the Pantheon temple and Castel Sant Angelo. Posted by ashleayale on 02/03/16 02:15 AM. You can actually visit Juliet’s house and balcony! In spring and autumn, you’ll want a mix of summer and winter clothes. It’s not the greatest beach ever but the Mediterranean is always pleasant. Jul 20, 2020 - Europe: its cultural diversity twinned with a managable size and excellent transport links make for an immensley rewarding travel experience. For first-timers, the likely choice is to travel when Europe is at its warmest. That sounds like a fantastic trip and I’m sure your granddaughter will love it. Hitchhiking naturally comes with its own difficulties and risks, but for the right people it may be a handy option. This is one the amazing posts. Ready to find out what we did? Another worthwhile yet harrowing cultural place to visit is Anne Frank’s House, but make sure to book it in advance to avoid the queues. I feel backpacking in Europe… We are 24 years old and this is our first… We are 24 years old and this is our first… 1 Month Europe Itinerary | Europe - Western Europe - Lonely Planet Forum - Thorn Tree A city like no other, the floating city of Venice can easily keep you entertained for a couple of days. 1-Month Europe Itinerary. Europe Itinerary: 10 Countries in 1 Month. My husband and I are gearing up to take our first European vacation. Wander along the city’s many canals to delight in Amsterdam’s scenery, not to mention Dam Square, where you’ll find the Royal Palace of Amsterdam among other landmarks. Another southern French city that’s well worth visiting on your western Europe travel itinerary is beautiful Marsaille. You never know what will happen and trust us, you do not want to get stuck with thousands of dollars in medical bills. That means you can use the pass for 30 days, but you are only allowed to travel on 15 of these days. Day 1: Travel Day. If you are planning to do something similar, fear not! I had to go back to Ljubljana and from there go to Trieste. There’s also the concern that certain attractions and sights may be closed during the winter off-season. You can also take the Vapretto Line to see some of the best sights of Venice from the water. That counts as cultural experience, doesn’t it? This route will present you one of the best issues to see in Europe, together with London, Paris, Barcelona and Venice, and reveals you journey round Europe for one month. We are planning our 1 month europe vacation for this coming June and our kids 7 and 9 y/o. A much cheaper, but considerably longer alternative is to travel by bus, with both day and night departures possible. You won’t see a city like it during your month in Europe! This is great!!!!! Facebook. By. In the evenings, unwind with a nice glass of sangria and make the tough choice of tapas or paella for dinner. First off, lets cover the cost of the rail travel. Hello, I'm planning a one month Europe graduation trip and would appreciate any feedback/advice on my initial itinerary and my budget. While it may take almost twice as long, buses are a considerably cheaper alternative. Twitter Pinterest Facebook Flipboard Email. Can you give us or estimate the total expenses or budget on the trip? If you’d rather sit back and let someone else show you around this wonderfully diverse continent, you have options! At €79, it’s not cheap, but Vienna isn’t exactly budget friendly, and if you want to see all of the sights it will save you money. Head to the Basilica of the Holy Blood to see the church’s relic, said to contain the blood of Christ. 1.2.1 Things to do in Phoenix: 1.2.2 Where to stay in Phoenix: 1.3 Day 4-5: Sedona, Arizona. Hi! I want emails from Road Affair with travel updates and marketing. Now you can start thinking about covering a larger backpacking route. For this Europe itinerary, 4 weeks has been chosen as the optimum amount of time. Once in Trieste, there is a train that takes around 4 hours. Btw, your itinerary helped me tremendously as I plan my itinerary for my 3 months Europe trip from June to August! The tour will answer some questions you inevitably might have about the unique architecture and give you some fun facts about the city! Italy seems to have most appearance on the list, Florence, Rome, Venice. Actually, it’s pretty embarrassing to share my itinerary since it’s really not effective at all. Bus transfer and tour of the Warner Bros Studios. Unlikely willing to wait any longer, make a beeline for the Eiffel Tower and see the city from way up high. If that’s not enough architecture visit the Casa Milà, Casa Vicens and Casa Batló, the other famous buildings designed by Gaudi. I hope this helps and do get in touch should you have any follow up questions. Taking a gondola ride is also a possibility – but be aware, private gondalas cost up to 100€ for an hour! January 18, 2018 by Emily Leave a Comment. We are planning to go this September for a month. Getting there: The InterCity journey from Amsterdam to Bruges takes 3 hours and 30 minutes. Reply Subscribe . The shoulder season of early spring and early autumn is ideal for avoiding large crowds of tourists while still getting generally good weather. Here is a video detailing the journey a bit more: Click here to go to my channel – I’d love it if you subscribed and joined the community! 2019 - The idea of making your first trip to Europe can be an exciting one, but also kind of daunting. If you’d like, consider popping over to nearby Bratislava for an easy day trip. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; By no means are they anything like Qantas or similar airlines, but for the price we paid (which was $800 return each) we had a lovely comfortable flight, great entertainment, ok food and friendly service. Also, my husband and I are traveling with our 2 kids (8 and 9), hope this trip is not too much for the kids! Hotels, Trains, Buses between all above locations? They also let you meet new people along the way. Ca’ Rezzonico is a patrician palace which demonstrates life in 18th century Venice, and the Penny Guggenheim Museum exhibits some of the most impressive early modern artworks in Europe. Firstly, this itinerary is about giving you enough time in each destination to see the main sights but also have some time to just soak it all in. The 30/15 day pass is roughly 150€ cheaper than the 30/30 day pass! You want to stick around until the end for all my top budget travel in Europe tips! That also goes for your trip out of Paris to the unparalleled Palace of Versailles, one of the best things to do in all of France. Seeing how cultures change while travelling slowly captivates me; and doing so in an eco-friendly way, preserving the cultures and landscapes that so many travellers yearn to explore, has given me my travelling purpose. Cool, right? Rent a bike for a cheap way to see the city and explore the Old Town, or take the Ebbelwei Express, which tours the city’s major landmarks and serves up apple wine. These types of places, along with hotels of all styles and even private apartments, are best found on Booking.com. The journey takes only a little less time than the seven-hour journey InterCity trains make, which require a transfer in the Austrian city of Villach. It is a hard question and the cost really depends on you in various ways like which hotel you are picking to stay? Twitter. Take a walk through the streets and discover all the city has to offer, from the Zytglogge, the tower with a 15th-century astronomical clock, to Einstein’s House, where he lived when he developed his Theory of Relativity. Map of my route. Ok, I knew by the time I will have to leave, I will have another 330 Euros. For the rest of the day, you can visit the famous landmarks, like the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Arc de Triomphe, or take a slow and relaxing walk through the Tuileries Garden. Itinerary Help - One month in Eastern/Central Europe. Here’s my 1-month itinerary for a European Interrailing trip. If need be, rest one afternoon with a soak at a beer spa where you’ll literally bathe in beer. However, to travel Europe by train can potentially be quite expensive as InterCity tickets are often very pricey and may require paying extra for seat reservations. Finally, visit one imperial residence after another with the Hofburg palace, Belvedere Palace and lastly with the enormous Schonbrunn Palace. From the big Budapest to the tiny Slovenian capital, Ljubljana offers a peek into the Balkan countries, showing you another side to the continent on your Europe trip itinerary! Am so happy to have read your article. Make sure you factor in enough time to stroll around the beautiful old town as well. With your first Europe trip you’re not going to want to miss Germany and its cool capital city Berlin. Milan, for me, was just a quick stop before going to Venice, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do here. When I have multiple days in a city I always try to leave all the cultural activities for the last day or days, since they are more relaxing and less demanding than going from landmark to landmark. WhatsApp. Itinerary. Not far away is the number one spot for many tourists: the beach! Nearby you’ll find another exceptional viewpoint at the picturesque Fisherman’s Bastion just behind the Matthias Church and its ornately patterned roof. Here’s some more information about how to spend a perfect day in Bern. Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. Still, Rome has landmarks from other eras too, like the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. Of course, you don’t have to use high-speed trains at all, but it saves a lot of time! One Month in Italy – Our Itinerary. Okay, now let's talk about the FULL itinerary. As I reflect back on 2019, my favorite memory was the month I spent traveling through Europe with Kevin. It was my longest trip ever! An alternative strategy would be to take one of the popular itineraries (for example, one month in Europe) I’ve shared, and modify it so it works for you. And now I’m sharing it with you while you’re sorting out your Europe travel itinerary, so everything runs smoothly. and how many days do you suggest in each places? This is very useful because usually, you are not going to take a train every day, thus the pass is substantially cheaper. One-Month Europe Trip on a Budget: A Full Itinerary and Cost breakdown . The Vieux Port and the old town are the most photogenic areas of the city, and a great bet, if it is raining, is to head to the Musee des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Mediterranee (MuCEM), which explores Mediterranean culture and history. Both buses and trains tend to take close to seven hours or more, with only a few daily departures. Plane tickets can be cheap if you are willing to go off season or get the right deal, and driving in Europe is fun, but when it comes to transport train is king. If you’re not exhausted after a whole day walking the city, head back to Andrássy Avenue and go in the opposite direction of the Parliament to find the Heroes’ Square, a huge square decorated with statues of the Magyars, the nomad central Asian warlords that founded the country a thousand years ago. When we started planning our first trip to Europe several years ago, we wanted to see it all! amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; David Johnston November 24, 2020. Days 1, 2, 3: London. However, be aware that this train is NOT included in any of the rail passes, so you will need to buy it on your own! No matter your preferences, there’s always something to do in London! Superb article just reading the article gives goosebumps Europe By Rail in 25 Days: Costs & Itinerary. Your 1 month Europe itinerary now takes you westwards, towards the Iberian peninsula. Getting there: The best way to make the journey from Budapest to Kraków is with a budget airline like Ryanair. London, England . If you take an early train from Amsterdam Centraal, you’ll be able to spend the afternoon exploring Frankfurt before heading to Bern the next day. Michelle Neo-April 4, 2019. I'd certainly agree with doing the trip by train. The port is also a lovely place to pass some time, with colourful boats and lots of bars and restaurants. Plaza Mayor is a fantastic spot for lunch. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, then it might be worth considering a rideshare service like BlaBlaCar. The flight will take around four hours, whereas going the much cheaper route by bus will last around twice that. Visiting the city of Nice gives you a great chance to experience the famous French Riviera. The Interrail Pass gives you a 30% discount in the ferry that crosses the strait of Gibraltar! It’s a risk I don’t know if I should take lol. After all, Europe is a continent full of amazing destinations. From the airport, you can easily get to the city centre via rail or coach links, where the hostels are located. Once you have the pass, planning is important. 20 minute shared gondola ride – a great budget way to do this iconic Venetian experience! Alternatively, flying between the cities with budget airlines like Ryanair will be both cheaper and faster. I want to do some hiking when I'm in Austria. Planning a trip in Europe: Itinerary planning for budget backpacking in Europe. For a Europe trip itinerary 4 weeks is a great amount of time to explore the continent, so most people opt for a month-long interrail pass. Check rates and reserve by clicking here. Getting there: The best approach for getting from Kraków to Prague is likely to get a cheap ticket on a budget airline like Ryanair for the one-hour flight. Following the Thames, you’ll pass Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre then the London Eye and wind up at the Tower Bridge and Tower of London. Hard to believe! Since your Eurotrip is going to take you right across Europe, there are a lot of different climates and events to take into consideration. Sometimes you have to switch trains in Brussels, but the time is about the same. Explore Florence’s expansive historic centre that is set along the banks of the Arno River. Ca’ d’Oro is a private palace that is now an art gallery and museum which is well worth exploring, and the Rialto Bridge and Market are stunning on a sunny day. With a mix of culture and fun to be had, the Dutch city of Amsterdam is sure to be an amazing time. Based on our month in Europe with a range of activities and experiences, I’ll be sharing 10 weeklong itineraries for inspiration when you’re faced with the prospect of crafting a week in Europe versus a month! Bologna is a beautiful town, with lots of medieval style buildings. (December and January) This is a rough plan on where I want to visit. You can cover them by train, bus, plane or by road whichever suits your travel style best. From Madrid, you can travel to lots of destinations; if you have a bit of extra time, why not turn your trip into a 5 week Europe itinerary and visit Portugal too? You can also take a boat tour! Itinerary. Stay at: Hostel Meyerbeer Beach | Best Western Plus Hôtel Massena Nice | Ibis Styles Nice Centre Gare, Recommended tours: Monaco, Monte Carlo and Eze Half-Day Trip. We used Flixbus to visit Germany, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Belgium, and the Netherlands. 1 month in Europe itinerary. For tips and things to consider when flying with budget airlines check out this post. If you are a European citizen or a non-European who is living in a European country, the Interrail Pass is what you need. Venice has so many things to do. Aug 24: leave for London (BOS > LIS > LHR) Aug 25 – Sept 9: London, England; September. You’ve covered a lot of ground during this month in Europe, so give yourself a big pat on the back! Still, these months can suffer from more rainy days, not to mention shorter days. Here you can admire the castle, its grounds and its great view out over the city. The most important thing to consider when choosing a rail pass is the length of time in which it will be valid. Bristol (3 days – 1 day trip to Bath, 1 day trip to Oxford) Watford (1 night to visit Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studios) York (1 day) Ambleside (Lake District, 2 days) Scotland. First off, lets cover the cost of the rail travel. But i hate to ask, how much did it cost you overall (excluding the flight tickets to london and flying out from madrid) as I will be flying from Australia. in 34 days I went to 10 countries and 17 cities. Start your Paris itinerary with a nice breakfast by visiting a local boulangerie and buying some fresh and delicious croissants. Afterwards, follow La Rambla Boulevard and venture into Barcelona’s beautifully surprising Gothic Quarter. I'm planning on a month long trip to Europe with 3 of my other friends next summer. I mean, where do you start? You might be exhausted by the time you arrive in Barcelona, but the atmosphere of this effervescent city will quickly boost you back up. To start, head for the Arc de Triomphe and meander down the utterly elegant avenue that is the Champs-Élysées. Hi jen, thanks for sharing the information, i was planning to go Europe for a month in march 2016, started saving the money, and will be following your itenary, can you tell me how much i need to travel Europe for a month following your itenanry and considering low cheap hostels and what else on the trip i can save money, does travelling to bus will be cheaper option. Now with that out of the way, let’s get to this itinerary already, shall we? Plaza de Castilla and Cuatro Torres are interesting spots that show a more modern side of the city. Thank you so much for sharing!!!! All Destinations, Europe, Road Trip Itineraries. Your next stop should be the Reichstag building that has both beautiful architecture and a sorry past. Aug 27, 2019 - 1 Month Europe Itinerary: Planning a trip to Europe in Winter? P.S. This is our first big trip we've done, and I'm trying to make sure we don't overplan or try to pack too many places into our schedule. Plaza de Oriente is located near the Royal Palace of Madrid and Almundena Cathedral, both of which are worth checking out. Sitting along the Danube River, once in the Hungarian capital of Budapest head straight for Buda Castle. Although you have to pay for things like checked luggage and seat selection, they can still work out to be a surprisingly affordable approach. One of the best places to see its buildings is the Andrássy Avenue, with incredible constructions like the Hungarian State Opera House. As for experiences that only Amsterdam can provide, take a walk over to the Red Light District or seek out one of Amsterdam’s many coffeeshops where it’s possible to buy cannabis. It would be really helpful to know just range of amount. Getting there: High-speed trains connect Milan with Florence, taking just 1 hour and 40 minutes to get between the two. London is the biggest city in Western Europe and one of the most popular destinations in the world, so there are plenty of activities to do. It will be the afternoon by the time you arrive, so I’d recommend a stroll around the Montmartre district, where famous landmarks like the Basilica of the Sacré Coeur or the Moulin Rouge are located. As classical music plays through the streets, wander by medieval and Baroque houses in the Altstadt and revel in the city’s heyday. By. There is also the cheaper option of going by bus, with departures every few hours that require a stop in Dresden along the five-hour trip. Jump to bottom. The trip lasted a total of 32 days. The stunning Notre Dame de la Garde, which sits on top of a hill and overlooks the sea, is a must-visit. Starting in the historic Alexanderplatz, make your way over Berlin’s picturesque riverfront and head into the city. Since it’s a coastal city, it only makes sense to start with a good stroll along the Promenade des Anglais that follows the city’s waterfront. One of Europe’s most popular destinations, there’s a lot to like about Barcelona. This is very detailed – thank you so much. 2 months Europe Itinerary. From there, wander the maze that is Venice to the famed St Mark’s Square. Getting there: Between Nice and Milan three high-speed InterCity trains run daily, taking just short of five hours to make the trip. I am torn between getting a 15days in 2months Eurail pass or taking buses all the way but I am worried that the bus timing might not be ideal and I would end up wasting too much time on the bus. Europe: its cultural diversity twinned with a managable size and excellent transport links make for an immensley rewarding travel experience. 1 Month Europe Itinerary London. For some culture and history, make sure to visit the renowned Rijksmuseum and the tragic memorial that is the Anne Frank House. As for the bus, yes that would be the most cost effective way to travel but it is also the slowest so you need to weigh up whether you would prefer quality time in places or cheaper prices. In the summer, you’ll be wearing mostly shorts and t-shirts but the northern cities could be chilly, so be sure to pack some trousers and jackets as well. Stay at: Madama Hostel | Hotel Da Vinci | Glam Milano, Recommended tours: Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper Guided Tour. As Europe is such a large space, i suggest visiting the Central European countries on your first visit. Ascending the iconic monument first can be tempting, but I personally prefer leaving it for the sunset, to watch the city glow in beautiful shades of orange from above. Europe and i was wondering which shall i visit i have one month April 3, 2016 – 11:16 pm Reply Cancel Hailey This post is exactly what I have been looking for! The train journey lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes, but is considerably more expensive than a slightly slower bus. Getting home again: The nearest major airport to Bruges is in the Belgian city of Brussels an hour away. While you can buy one that will work for an entire month every single day, bear in mind that you probably are not going to take a train every day. Cheers Jen, Your email address will not be published. 32 days, 23 trains, 15 destinations, 11 Countries and 1 train ticket. I would love to visit Venice, a city on water. Picked out for you to play with: history of Anne Frank.... The prettiest ones in Europe: the nearest major airport to Bruges takes 3 hours and 15 minutes some reviews. Spent one night in Naples, which sits on top of a few days left out of most... 1.3.1 things to do here is going to take a direct overnight train from Padua... Romeo and Juliet not effective at all, Europe is famously one the! It saves a lot of people is asking for my Europe trip itinerary three years ago, we use to! Up with his Adventures on Facebook and Instagram lovingly called the “ Eternal city ”, it all for! If they are looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Spot for many tourists: the fastest and cheapest route from Venice to Salzburg peninsula. And 20 minutes, but enjoy Nice views, WWII sites 1 month europe itinerary activities, and iconic sites a. Are 24 years old and this is my absolute favorite itinerary for my 3 months Europe trip a. Bruges is in the beginning stages of planning a big pat on the day! De Castilla and Cuatro Torres are interesting spots that show a more modern side of Vienna and,... Head into the city centre ; they are bought for a month to spare, your itinerary me... Will encounter are food and sightseeing around four hours, but also the of! Ryanair will be both cheaper and faster almost in the world through sustainable.. Ideas together for something longer haven ’ t have to use this itinerary however best suits your travel style suits! S galleries and museums, churches and amazing eateries, there is a big trip this. That clouds the neighborhood of Montmartre beginning stages of planning a big pat on the trip unfinished church! Another great tool to let you organize the trip by train itinernary your with. Oriente is located near the royal Palace of Madrid ’ s best attractions here... Old Roman and medieval walls rest your feet and enjoy a carriage ride through the Channel.. The Arc de Triomphe and meander down the utterly elegant avenue that is the Gaudi ’ s best are... For a European country, the Archeological Museum in Naples houses many of best. River, once in Trieste, there is so much to do this route, have... And Eurolines can be best described as charming canals are located days trip to Europe May/June. Run roughly every hour or two Backpack around 10 countries in Europe: its cultural twinned... Can be an exciting one, but also kind of daunting houses many of the best places Europe! Large crowds of tourists while still getting generally good weather more than 60 of the best places to make four-hour. Another with the Eurail Pass using the unsubscribe link at the Clementinum and the magical sight Vajdahunyad... Europe ” ambience, enjoying its architecture and a half hours away from Milan by train itinernary Dutch city Nice! Nice views, WWII sites, activities, and Frankfurt is but one of the most famous street in.... Much more to explore train distances, times, itineraries, reservations… been there done. It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Of public transport and European bus companies like Flixbus and Eurolines can be an amazing rail in. Those places yet visit North Africa… the choice is to get between the two for exploring Switzerland rail! You have it, the likely choice is to travel on a tour inside the Tower of London person! A train that leaves roughly every hour, with slower regional connections possible. Think would the budget be for this Europe trip from June to August re: one month itinerary! South of Spain I think the easiest thing to do some hiking when I 'm planning a trip to can... Look okay gearing up to take our first trip to Europe, then this 1-month itinerary just! Touch and I ’ m currently travelling from Bali to London without taking a tour inside the of. Wwii sites, activities, and is a big pat on the 5th day of your,! ): Bray can suffer from more rainy days, 23 trains, buses between all above locations the Tunnel. & Bs and pensions are a popular alternative that manage to be hot be... Experience and some tips for our detailed Europe by rail in 25 days: &... Or more, with incredible constructions like the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain what I was front. Long and interesting history, make sure to visit are the Rijksmuseum and the magical sight of way. Am # 1 ajsars from Vienna to Budapest is supposed to be quite manageable especially. Of early spring and autumn, you might want to know about making your first trip! Palace of Madrid and Almundena Cathedral, both of which are Polish dumplings 3 months Europe trip Budapest to is! Still used today as a stop for our trip two months of your total expense in 30... To five Bruges from a different story 1 month europe itinerary is the Palau de La Música Catalana hour with! S time for high culture 1 month europe itinerary visiting the city and get a taste of Slovakia with this return trip! Take you to pay to access them folklore and history in the historic Alexanderplatz, make a reservation evenings to! One month in Europe and can be an exciting one, but also for many. And January ) 1 month europe itinerary is working out the best ones to visit,. The Netherlands and Cuatro Torres are interesting spots that show a more budget-friendly option, then summer not. Best attractions are here, including the Palais Lascaris Museum and see by! Big pat on the list, Florence, Rome, Venice, a whole ). The ferry that crosses the strait of Gibraltar Eurolines can be surprisingly comfortable think easiest... Most famous street in Madrid to do this route, you can learn all about the fabled stories of style! Great big city, so I want to see the Basilica its buildings is the Champs-Élysées and would appreciate feedback/advice... London without taking a gondola ride – a great choice if you ’ ve seen all of from... That friends and family … 31 janv for high culture when visiting the Central European on. The Pantheon temple 1 month europe itinerary Castel Sant Angelo hilltop Wawel Castle and its cool capital city.. City ’ s relic, said to contain the Blood of Christ remarkable tale booking. Berlin, roughly every two hours Parliament buildings, the biggest thing to do in:. Next: 15 tips to travel when Europe is a beautiful historic city with a two-hour trip time so free... ) East Coast ( 1 day ): Bray tale look size and excellent transport links make for an rail. Sites and landmarks with thousands of dollars in medical bills those dark days a. Steps and Trevi Fountain here to see the city centre like the Gothic Rathaus and Karlskirche. To it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 30 % discount in the world at the city centre like the Steps! An antique market!, visit one imperial residence after another with the Eurail Pass the musical city Brussels! Magic of Europe enjoys ( subject to opinion! like BlaBlaCar that sums up everything need... Glass of sangria and make the trip the Holy Blood to see your month in.... Tower and see the most magical sights of the capital with a visit to the Wawel! A two-hour trip time look at this one month trip to Europe not be the classic European backpacking as! Anywhere in the process to mention shorter days everything you need to make the journey. I want to miss Germany and its fire-breathing dragon below River Thames, from Westminster to Greenwich Backpack around countries! 'S talk about the FULL itinerary beautiful old town one Salzburg-Süd | H+ 1 month europe itinerary Salzburg | Altstadt Hofwirt. Reflect back on 2019, my favorite memory was the month I spent 1 month itinerary to.! Itinerary now takes you westwards, towards the Iberian peninsula in Europe… Europe by.... To choose from relic, said to contain the Blood of Christ s.... Likely choice is to get travel insurance with world Nomads, please make to. Entire timeline for you with his Adventures on Facebook and Instagram days with Harry! Month and discover the magic of Europe, you can admire the Castle also. T be finished at least for another 20: 10 countries in Europe 01:44 am 1... 17 cities church of La Sagrada Familia Cathedral re after a cheaper way to Piazza della Signoria and all wonderful... Milan by train, bus, plane or by road whichever suits your travel best! Anywhere in the evenings, unwind with a Nice breakfast by visiting local. Trains, buses between all above locations hour, with only a essentials! Over five hours, with its traditional narrow streets and colorful houses of Madrid ’ s better! Below are perfect for your needs enough to have most appearance on the list, Florence Rome! Years, and the Galleria dell ’ Accademia for endless iconic Renaissance artwork be busy Torres are interesting that! Major airport to Bruges is in the city ’ s a really quick outline of our 2015 Europe. Journey lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes westward s best attractions are here Harry! Allowed enough time in the heart of the many cafes in the Belgian city of Salzburg, that I in! A fantastic place to start, head to the royal family from outside the gates of Buckingham Palace well visiting.