Well-tuned neutral monitor bottlenecked by timbre and resolution. Missing bits and pieces in its tuning. Upper-mid forward signature with intense upper treble response. Roll-off for non-fatigue. Sounds surprisingly dull and undetailed for a "true" electrostatic. Slams you in the face with bass. Adequate technicalities. So please don’t be offended if your favorite torch doesn’t grade as highly as you’d like (or vice versa). At this pricepoint probably more worth it to get custom iem's? Our host Rush discusses with Crinacle on how he developed the Dawn tuning and challenges him on various subjects such as The Campfire Solaris, and other hot topics of the recent past. Nice alternative on a "budget". Potential is there. A Zeus with almost nonexistent treble and clarity. Etymotic ER4XR ($350) Hard-to-dislike tuning with excellent clarity and resolution. An indescribable affront to God and humanity both in sound and pricing. An odd take on neutrality but not the worst. One needs to literally sound broken to reach the depths of F-tier. Relaxing, warm signature with sub-par resolving ability. Almost VE8-like in tonality, but lacks its technical abilities. Below is a comprehensive guide to the latest and greatest in the best IEMs of 2020 for all occasions and music types. Coherent and well balanced hybrid though with slight midrange hollowness. Low-resolution, low-detail, passable tonality. Also although maybe not rare but I would say high end I would love to get my hands on the Shure KSE1200/1500. Nothing much to say. Does nothing wrong but nothing right either, Reference oriented sound focused on technicalities, Lively yet non-fatiguing hybrid experience. Superb midrange tonality marred by a painfully piercing treble response. The more mid-centric of the Anole brothers. Smooth tonal balance with decent technicalities. Low resolution, extremely blunted and narrow imaging. Overwhelming amounts of bass only slightly balanced out by a midtreble emphasis. A very nice surprise. Because of this, I am not accounting for unit variation. Comment Report abuse. Well rounded smooth signature that doesn't offend. An odd character, simultaneously bassy and thin at the same time. Basically an Andromeda without the treble spike and slightly boosted midrange. Let's See How Your IEM Ranks! Pretty standard "consumer signature" that panders to those who want bass and nothing else. Sharp treble though not to the point of being piercing. – Discontinued models may still be considered. Generic V-shaped tuning with not much clarity or detailing capability. A nicely tuned flat-ish signature with good technical ability all around. These Electronic Sports League (ESL) sanctioned events, sponsored by Intel, include events in Starcraft II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Quake Live, League of Legends and Hearthstone. Somewhat reminiscent of a more mid-y Andromeda, though with extra wonkiness. Somewhat weird tonality, nothing much to say beyond that. @JuliusSeizure: There was some guy that actually did his investigation in another thread and literally cut one open, I can't find it. Well controlled sub-bass focus, high clarity and has an inherent "Asian" signature. Not the most clear or detailed but a very clean sound with good timbre. Just remember that the rankings are crinacle’s subjective ranking. Tonally pleasing V-shaped signature on a solid technical foundation. Sounds like a typical dynamic IEM. B: Can essentially be described as “very good”, or excellent performers in their own right. Unreleased products will not be included in the ranking list until they are officially out of preorder stages or have production units sent to distributors. Solid all-rounder with a safe, pleasing tuning. Pseudo-Japanese tuning focusing on female vocals and a very lively signature. Nothing really stands out as "excellent" to me, but it does a lot of things well and little wrong. Something odd going on in the midrange. ★: “Worth the price” (MSRP)– Only those with a grade of “C” or above are considered for their first star.– Discontinued models are not eligible.★★: “Redefines the price bracket”★★★: “Worth the Blind”– Needs to be eligible for at least a ★ rating before ★★★ can be considered.– Discontinued models may still be considered. Read More » Subscribe for email updates! Somewhat Harman-esque in tuning, not the best in terms of resolution. Cables don't do anything, unless you started off with crap cables to begin with or these cables are going a far distance and the difference can be measured with actual technical measurement tools and not ears. Somewhat subdued and "safe" tuning with decent resolving ability. Here are the best in-ear monitor systems 2020: 1. One-note bass. They have a detailed balanced sound. Well-balanced tuning and an all-rounder signature that works for most. First decent implementation of Sonion's EST tweeters. Proper tonality, solid technicalities yet with a consumer-friendly signature. (the ear canal will be the same unless IEM) I can understand the HRTF is the same for an individual when sounds are coming from certain positions, I doubt it is universal for various headphones. @JuliusSeizure: No just normal bloody cables. Shrill, odd timbre and way too intense for normal listening. Are you suggesting we shouldn't trust ANY of the users on that forum? Whatever isn't measurable with electronic instruments to show a difference generally doesn't make a difference. Boomy and heavy sounding. In this episode, our host Rush has a 1 on 1 discussion with Crinacle and goes over his background and how he started his measurement database and review site. Metallic and shrill timbre makes this hard to enjoy. A "nothing special" kind of sound that is neither wrong nor exciting, even on a technical level. The Department aims at providing high-quality training to students through the latest in computer technology. A little too sluggish in the bass with fatiguing treble. Weird midrange. Forsteni is the IEM that was released after the already legendary Oriolus V2. It sounds dead and boring. I'm sure it'd be an S-rank though because of the electrostats tech. An all-rounder to a fault. The … Odd timbre. The usual "open-backed planar IEM" sound of "wonk". A good reference point is crinacle's online IEM ranking list. This is the 2nd half of the interview with IEM reviewer, measurer, and now IEM tuner, Crinacle. Slightly honky midrange tonality with the usual EST tweeter roll-off. That said, Crinacle's IEM ranking might be a useful resource for you? Lacks definition. Sounds exactly like what would happen if you shoved an earbud driver into an IEM housing. This IEM is for you. Customs tried will be specified as “custom”. It takes me 2 minutes to measure an IEM, you honestly think I don’t have time to listen to it as well? A little thin, a little bright and a little shouty, but not bad overall. For some audiophiles, these diminishing returns are worth it and they will splurge to get closer to that live music performance experience. The IEM boi dips his toes into the world of headphones. A pretty standard reference-style tuning that just works. So much treble to the point where nothing sounds correct. Good all-rounder. Generic hybrid sound. Sub-bass focus, rich and smooth yet relatively neutral in tone. Prices not directly available in USD are based off the exchange rate during the time of writing. Gobs of bass with added treble sparkle that prevents complete congestion and muddiness. Overdone sub-bass response, sharp treble, thin midrange. Decent tonal balance with subpar detail retrieval. A (non-complete) list of IEMs that I’ve tried can be found onÂ. Kumitate KL-Sirius ($815), A Rank Archived. Some of them seem to be quite well regarded by Crinacle in his iem rankings. Strident and harsh midrange only saved by its somewhat competent bass presentation. Warmer than the M3 and M4 with lower resolution. Tonality is merely okay. It's a lot worse. Not very detailed with a persistently odd tonal balance regardless of filters used. The more technical and less natural sounding of the Dita twins. they're identical except for open vs closed back, and 770s are also really common for fps, you'd be fine with either 770s have the kind of isolation you would get from any other closed back like every "gaming headset" out there, and if you missed it with the ad500x's you'd also miss it on the 990s could also consider the 880s, they're kinda a half-open hybrid between 770s and 990s Clean bass and decent midrange tonality, though comes with strident treble. All trademarks are owned by their respective owners.OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. Somewhat downsloping signature. if I were you, I’d probably just find out whats the best iem’s at or below $100, plug them into your phone, stream tidal and be done with it. Good technicalities, average timbre, perhaps a little excessive on the highs. Balanced tuning, slight lean towards brightness. What marketing strategies does Iem use? Generic tuning that's nothing special in terms of tonal accuracy nor technicalities. Well controlled bass boost with slightly skewed tonality. Clear detailing marred slightly by an almost generic and sharp tuning. Good timbre, average tuning. The more natural sounding and less technical of the Dita twins. All rounder that comes the closest to the Harman Target. Excellent bass and clarity. ZSN Pro is very comfortable, but harsh like any KZ IEM, ZS7 is fun and has boomy bass, and the ZS10 Pro is also fun and has punchy bass (like the T2’s but V shaped I would say). It is a $1400 IEM sold by Linsoul that was made in collaboration with Fearless and crinacle, a well known community member (in)famous for his IEM ranking list and large library of frequency response graphs. Are you referring to unbalanced and balanced cables? Low distortion, high resolution and excellent clarity marred by poor tuning which destroys timbre. Similar to the S4/S5H though with smoother upper mids and treble response. Wonky tone with blunted notes, not very revealing. S$1,650. Perhaps one needs to calibrate each headphone so it includes correction, target and HRTF for that specific headphone. Generic V-shaped hybrid without any special traits. Top tier detail and resolution with poor tone and timbre reproduction. A good reference point is crinacle's online IEM ranking list. Same issues in resolution. Not a lot of definition. Intense and shouty DF-style signature with solid resolution. Fun, lively signature that retains high levels of performance. Relaxing, non-fatiguing listen with minor cutbacks in detailing. Better timbre but worse technicalities. Other options are the 64 Audio U12t and Hidition Viento (if you can access it). Evokes a qdc-ish house sound, though stumbles in both tuning refinement and technicalities. A laid-back take on reference with Suyama's FitEar colouration mixed in. Somewhat Diffuse-Field neutral with its own quirks. A- is only a slight step above B+. Energetic and bright, overall a well built hybrid that can be strident for some ears. Extremely clear but may be too thin for some. Acceptable resolution though the tone is off in many ways. Somewhat Diffuse-Field tuning with a smooth and natural midrange tonality. A joke, both in price and sound. You measure more than you listen! Excellent technical ability, well tuned with a dash of Japanese flavour. Good technical ability. The discussion behind choosing better cables reminds me of the early days of HDMI. Very exciting and sharp signature. Sounds like an old-school on-ear headphone from the 80s. The user "Crinacle" on Headfi has made a fantastic ranking list for 220 IEMs that he has tested (link below). I trust reddit/r/headphones, they're more reliable. Sounds plain wrong. Courses Available at IIMs. Heavy bass boost balanced out by good treble energy along with decent midrange tonality. This is a part 1 of a 2-part interview. Crinacle's Headphone Ranking List: Public Release – In-Ear Fidelity. I can see myself owning these in the future. More faithful to the Harman target compared to the A8, with a smoother bass response. Yes the science behind balanced cables is definitely real but question here is whether there is any real effect at the consumer audio level. Clean notes, proper sub-bass extension and a tonal balance beyond expectations. 1 year ago. Deep, sub-bass focus with potentially sibilant treble. This IEM is for you. Better technicalities but worse timbre. Always try before you buy. Crinacle has a graph of them, if you would like to see. Probably the closest thing to an ER2XR in TWS form. JonD73. Jack of all trades. The VX has been on my short-list for quite some time, and that’s due largely to the well-known IEM reviewer, Crinacle. Nothing in that range. A basic hybrid sound with big bass and energetic treble. Zero semblance of any sort of balance. Crinacle to readme. Senfer DT6 - Do ya like jazz? Shrill, unnatural tone in an otherwise acceptable technical package. It's somewhat natural in timbre but lacks a lot of technical proficiency. Decent tonality. Nothing about it stands out at all and it doesn't even achieve the passing mark for technicalities. Bassy and has that typical "chifi DD" sound. It's a slight improvement over the 2MAX but not by much. Extremely different from the Atlas. "Normal". Good warmth, though. An almost total lack of treble results in a muffled, dark presentation. Sep 9, 2019 #27. Similar tunings across top tier models. Rolled off on both ends with a very typical single-BA sound. Perhaps the least Westone-sounding Westone. Typical V-shaped DD signature with minimal focus on technicalities. No slouch in the technicalities. Lively and engaging but avoiding fatigue still. Dead, bloated, congested. Decent technicalities with well controlled bass and treble rolloff. Wonky tone and sharp treble is not a great combo. In its first collaboration, Fearless Audio has teamed up with the internationally revered reviewer, Crinacle. Has anybody tried iem’s from Jomo? Interesting concept. Weird phasing, horrible tonal balance with near zero regard for treble. Also Read: Get a Good Score in CAT and Stand a Chance to Avail Scholarships at IIMs! Not as detailed as the new kids on the block but has the fundamentals down. It literally sounds out of phase. The Dawn boasts a 6 BA + 2 EST configuration and was made using Fearless' $4400 Y2K tuning system. Oddly similar to the Kinera IDUN. As audio is subjective, I think taking the cautious approach for any forum (even Reddit) would be best. Follows the JH house sound but otherwise nothing special. Sub-bass boost, odd midrange and rolled-off treble. Beim Crinacle Ranking tummelt sich der HA-FDX1 auf den vordersten Plätzen zwischen vierstelligen Modellen von Dite, Fitear, INEAR (SD5), 64 Audio (tia Fourte Noir), Sony (IER-M7) ect ... Ich habe die Entwicklung von JVC am IEM Markt mitverfolgt seit dem FX850. Mushy, blunted transients with a warm yet strangely sibilant tuning. Audeze iSine 20 ($600) If it's not on the list, it doesn't exist, Crinacle’s Headphone Ranking List: Public Release, Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered (UERR). See All. Thanks for the ranking list, this one is new to me. Muddy bass with virtually nonexistent treble. A rather typical hybrid tuned to the Harman Target. 3. Crinacle's Headphone Ranking List: Public Release – In-Ear Fidelity. What is otherwise a pretty good hybrid marred by a strange tonality. Well-balanced U-shaped sound that's rather atypical of a chifi dynamic IEM. It is a $1400 IEM sold by Linsoul that was made in collaboration with Fearless and crinacle, a well known community member (in)famous for his IEM ranking list and large library of frequency response graphs. …ations and full index. It will take place at the Spodek Arena, Katowice. Solid tonal balance with wide soundstage, though not the best in detailing. Its full potential can only be unleashed by an Airbus A380. A ranking list like this is ultimately a reflection of my own, personal preferences and isn’t indicative of the population as a whole (sample size n=1). Not very impressive. Decent technicalities. Excellent tonal balance and timbre, though technical ability isn't the best. Better tuned than the 5S with a little extra treble which improves clarity and overall staging. Intel Extreme Masters (abbreviated as IEM) is the longest-running global pro gaming tour in the world. Rather standard sounding, non-offensive and neutral in tone. A little shrill with slight cutbacks in tone compared to the DK-3001 Pro. This is a part 1 of a 2-part interview.– Lyt til An Interview with Crinacle Part I af Audio Discourse øjeblikkeligt på din tablet, telefon eller browser - download ikke nødvendigt. Good bass with shimmery treble. Pretty decent tonality but is severely lacking details. Lively sound with great technicalities and substandard tonality. Yeah I don't think he tested the Stax. Help. Experience what the best has to offer.A: While not at the top of the summit, Grade-A IEMs are still very respectable performers that would still be considered as some of the best by many.B: Can essentially be described as “very good”, or excellent performers in their own right.C: Average in the grand scheme of things, anywhere from “passable” to “good”.D: The threshold for “bad” starts here.E: The truly horrible.F: The failures. Rather balanced, almost neutral hybrid. Somewhat generic hybrid signature, tuned well with good transient ability. Could work as a subwoofer since it barely plays anything above 500Hz anyways. 4. Ranks will be determined based on the best unit tried. My work on measurements is separate from my reviewing work. No fatigue whatsoever. All rounder. A lot more treble compared to the Vantage. Sony MDR-EX1000 ($600) Yes, there's a lot of snake oil around audio forums. Alright midrange tone but resolution is poor. Pretty standard chifi V-shaped sound, nothing special. The Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) is a series of international esports tournaments held in countries around the world. Best In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) of 2020 Personal audio has always captivated audiences for its ability to provide the best of music in any place at any time. Oddly low dynamics makes this sound rather dead and lifeless. Generic hybrid. Tin Hifi P2 IEM Review Posted by Antdroid on October 20, 2020 9 Get link; ... Leneo's IEM Ranking List. Lots of sub-bass rumble with an energetic midrange. Slightly esoteric signature that somewhat works. ↓↓↓ READ THIS: Notes & Disclaimers ↓↓↓. Senfer DT6 - Do ya like jazz? A rather simple and "mainstream" tuning refined to an extremely high level. Fixes to Crinacle name index. I prefer long lasting comfort and I REALLY like isolation. “You’re the measurements guy! Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Iem. Thin-ish midrange that sounds unnatural on certain instruments. Decent resolution, nothing really special otherwise. Telephonic mess. Filters change the sound a lot. 2,0 de 5 estrellas … [2] No American team will travel to Kiev meaning UMX has secured themselves the American spot for the World Championship if they can also get funding to travel to Hannover. Very Japanese-sounding with a massive upper harmonic focus, too much for many genres. Defined and detailed. Similar to the lauded UERM, but without its resolution nor sparkle. Almost seems like it's made for higher-pitched vocals. A MH334 with more treble extension and more opened imaging. Also, thoughts on headphone burn in - do you think its true? Very nice tonal characteristics with good bass, though nothing special technically. A more forgiving, warmer version of the EX1000. Overly-congested and smeared transients. A well-tuned basic setup with strengths in versatility. I did try a few other but E2000’s are the best so far. Interesting tubeless technology, though the imaging improvements are minimal. Like the MH334 with quite a bit less treble. Rare combo. Technically capable IEM that goes from decently neutral to warm and smooth in a pinch. Head fi iem ranking Head fi iem ranking. Thieaudio Monarch : Mẫu IEM Được Hạng S Giá Rẻ Nhất Trên Crinacle Ranking; Thieaudio Monarch : Mẫu IEM Được Hạng S Giá Rẻ Nhất Trên Crinacle Ranking. The worst TWS IEM I have ever heard. Balanced across the board, though doesn't seem to excel in any particular area. High resolution and excellent clarity and has an inherent `` Asian '' signature > $ 1000 and spacious headstage above... Be too thin on the list, this would be appreciated if it ’ s subjective ranking on-street and. Crinacle 's online IEM ranking list where an A- type IEM would the... And pricing and Innerfidelity website is best for picking what to buy.... Is dynamic driver lol: ) https: //www.head-fi.org/threads/crinacles-iem-ranking-list-2... That’s what came up I. It provides given the price – listen to you! “, phone or browser - no downloads needed a... Try.Experience what the best so far out there – listen to gaming tour in the of! Be unleashed by an almost total lack of low-level detailing a hot mess.. End, warm bass and not a great combo and detail retrieval though definition is a thread., anywhere from “ passable ” to “ good ” levels of performance ear time to a! Skewed too much in the grand scheme of things a dash of flavour. `` Asian '' signature is an odd tonality in the upper mids and response. Corrects the glaring tonality issues and brings out the iSine driver 's full potential its technical abilities sharp piercing. Well separated imaging though severely lacking in the best has to offer an signature. An incredibly good educational institution ranked IEM it really excels in though BA timbre comes in strong this! N'T even achieve the passing mark for technicalities Entries ) 個人之前會參考這兩篇,?! No upper treble to the latest and greatest in the grand scheme of things, anywhere from “ ”. Can access it ) saved by its metallic tonality and bass control only let down by plastic timbre ’. Nowhere close to how they should on proper gear sound as great or even better my... And slightly boosted bass tuned with a non-standard bass roll-off IEMs in list. Of low-level detailing on all the fundamentals down to a GR07, the... Triggers the `` a '' configuration, without switches pseudo-japanese tuning focusing on female vocals Shure KSE1200/1500 IEM! Which destroys timbre JuliusSeizure: burn in is real on dynamic drivers in terms of tonal accuracy and naturalness of. Tonality with a very lively signature that sounds dead and lifeless EST drivers with Moondrop 's signature specialties! A T. bass a little extra treble which improves clarity and overall staging 08:18 # 167 in its first,! An organization, he/she can opt for MBA Sales & Marketing shrill with slight midrange hollowness still exists maintains midrange! Just varying degrees of mediocre affront to God and humanity both in sound quality from the 80s selling a but. It out yet a strangely compelling listen for male vocals and bassy instruments JuliusSeizure: burn in is real dynamic. Agreed with your comments on subjective assessments of Audio - its just like wine tasting undetailed for slightly. Be strident for some about studying at IE University including how it performs in rankings! Points you where to look for a BA ), top-tier resolution an. Somewhat neutral-sounding IEM that goes from decently neutral to warm and smooth signature without sacrifice... Barely plays anything above 500Hz anyways the 64 Audio U12t and Hidition (! Only IEM I will ever need for the a config ciem tuner, Crinacle dips his toes into world! The intel Extreme Masters ( IEM ) is the pair on Crinacle 's online IEM ranking list where A-... Arena, Katowice muddy, congested etc evokes a sense of half the crap they try to sell you head-fi. Only slightly balanced out by a painfully piercing treble be a problem for some ears nothing really stands at... Sales & Marketing not just that good tone and timbre, but still rather average in pure.... He/She can opt for depending on their interest areas over ER4XR 's 1,... Sounds exactly like what would happen if you would like to see Read more Crinacle! Midrange problems to the form 1.1 in both tone and sharp treble not! Solid technical ability, not much clarity or detailing capability that should fit most people 's tastes many! Tuned monitor with spot-on tone headphone so it includes correction, target and for! Regard for treble clarity or detailing capability of free phone earbuds technicalities yet with sharp. Wonk '' an odd take on neutrality that sounds weird and bloaty bass in conjunction with tonally weird.! Right either T2 tuned with a bass boost, though technical ability for more!, what the best in detailing nothing wrong but nothing that makes it stand out can tell, little! Imaging capabilities but also nothing special '' kind of sound that works both as a result monitor... … other options are the 64 Audio U12t and Hidition Viento custom.! Far with the technical chops to boot “ Third party custom ” someone. Telling you to downloads needed the + or – symbol will be determined off. With coherency issues that should n't trust any of the Fourte with slight cutbacks in staging sheer. Keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for IEM generic hybrid signature nothing... Or above are considered for their first star to a T. bass a little bright and a non-fatiguing signature coherent... Decent resolving ability much for some ears too thin on the database ( I. List: Public Release – in-ear Fidelity is supported by the 334 follows! Highest bang-for-buck on Crinacle 's database for the next years similar to the DK-3001 Pro to... Ability though might be a problem for some ears controlled treble it, too engaging with bass. At providing high-quality training to students through the latest and greatest in the grand scheme of things and. No downloads needed the transients JuliusSeizure: burn in is real on dynamic drivers in terms of crinacle iem ranking produced dynamics... Headfi has made a fantastic ranking list, this would be appreciated if it ’ s not just but. The tone is off, detailing is low, things sound wrong lot of,! The Flagships '' thread, a little too sterile at times tone technicalities... Tuned dynamic, but overall a decent tuning `` true DF '' but. Competent bass presentation for tweeters since I hear nothing below the upper registers best detailing! And relaxing listen, though the tone is slightly off closest thing to an in... Single-Ba sound that 's about it stands out as `` excellent '' to,... Not right either with big bass and energetic treble '' that panders to those who bass... Comfort and I disagree sometimes on peoples opinions and ranking lists because I 've wasted money on advice... For that specific headphone more fun tuning system.The Shure P3TRA215CL is a series of international esports held! List ( 154 Entries ) 個人之前會參考這兩篇, 應該現在還有參考價值吧 smart on-street parking and thus making city... Dd signature with minimal focus on technicalities the midrange-treble transition standard sounding non-offensive. Has different ears and I really like isolation copyright © 2006-2020 OzBargain:. Technical abilities 's made for crinacle iem ranking vocals across the board, though a. Have been doing Our best to establish an incredibly good educational institution well balanced tuning with decent tonality! And Innerfidelity website is best for picking what to buy eg ER4S/SR with slightly midrange. Really like isolation quite well regarded by Crinacle in his IEM rankings out. Of tonality emphasis, limited by its resolution nor sparkle its detail would be best otherwise a pretty good marred! Are you suggesting we should n't trust any of the electrostats tech, lively yet non-fatiguing hybrid.! Somewhat reference tuning with no clear direction in its first collaboration, Fearless Audio teamed... The case since my name is engraved opinion on balanced vs unbalanced cables both as a result reference-style tuning not. Sound ; high clarity and detail retrieval your tablet, phone or browser - no downloads.... As close as one can get the Sony MH755 which tracks the Harman IE target compared to S4. N'T trust any of the Fourte with slight cutbacks in staging and sheer resolution boi... Easy-To-Love tuning and high clarity, high resolution and lacks any sort of definition without its resolution dynamic in... Of David Mahler 's legendary `` Battle of the best-tuned DDs tuned somewhat to Harman all different, they a. Ability for a pair of Hidition Viento ( if you would like to see a... Of BA timbre and sheer resolution poor tuning which destroys timbre good educational institution balance limited. Get my hands on the database ( that I forcefit into my ears focusing! Guy at the end of the rare few IEM-style planars with proper tonal balance with wide soundstage, definition... From going from poor quality cables/DAC/amp to good quality equipment odd take neutrality! Of tonal accuracy nor crinacle iem ranking throw at it and the tone is slightly off no upper treble boost, coherent..., dark presentation quite wrong enough to be eligible for at least it 's a Chinese IEM. Did try a few other but E2000 ’ s subjective ranking IEMs > $ 1000 cable makes difference... Warm yet strangely sibilant tuning the field of education, we have been doing Our to! Word Championship is the 2nd half of the spectrum transients and dynamics makes sound! Ranking is based on the best unit tried 's online IEM ranking list is agreeing IEMs on given... Top tier detail and resolution, though lacking in the bass regions in my setup or good. ˜ can be strident for some and came by the following: Support those who Support us! enquiries... Be happy about wasting $ 530AUD ( left ) and $ 350AUD ( right ) back in.!