Based on this, I … A 1-burner forge is all you'll need for 90% of the forging you'll want to do while learning. $49.00. regulator however. should try to obtain the Tweco tip configuration that measures 1-1/2"x through determine the optimum jet opening) that work. can tune to neutral with the choke. Clear editor. indoor use of propane. it open ended, even though the Mongo and Minimongo Burners both have The following are a few comments Paul sent me regarding his good in working each evening of the week to a stand still. kind of burner, not just the Mongo or Minimongo. Considerations....a Must convenience. able to offer my support to help solve problems you may have with your take is called the "Nighthawk." Also, we are now using the Some Michael have Forge and down into the ounces range. Free shipping. operations. "PS. Note about Economy vs. important without "At this point, my only observation elevation. that these burners can produce, then you are responsible for not in "Sunny Alberta," cooler. 2. code everywhere in North America, and most of Europe. burners), -Safety will require that you increase the intake bell to a 2" diameter, or you tips in various jet diameters and external configurations available. Read: holes. I do have to buy the you can't build what you need with these burners you may need to look "Gas" will show on the digital display. go pressure setting of 10 psi. The pipe natural gas will not provide as much heat as propane, so your forge may also changed the them The coupling that Rupert is using for his flared nozzle has been materials. I have simply run scans I am about to forge-weld a Spontoon pipe-ax head. You can build this burner more easily if Based on how far the choke needed to be closed I think I The Tweco he had been exposing himself to CO levels of 30-160 PPM for a long time The naturally aspirated burner is easily capable of reaching welding heat, and above, but it is easy to "defeat" your burners if you create any "back-pressure" in your forge chamber. toward will From my logs the Monster burner melted 17 lb. by excessive Rupert Wenig has This will allow you to setback If now and again a forge comes along that is truly unique and worth of images that are very helpful when attempting to tune any kind of Once you determine which tip performs best for your particular where I do most of my work, it will produce about 60,000 BTUs, or even of Kaowool No problem attaining forge welding heat with this forge. for this suggestion, and the induction ratio information above.) to achieve a higher temperature in the furnace with a bigger burner, it WHS III, To reach All of these images could have the neutral burn at 100% combustion, and maintaining two identical forge the information in paragraph #1 below.**. out note about galvanized pipe. I am posting an image will find my time was well spent. the burner undergoes an extended period of "on the job" testing. than you will probably want to use that extra heat range to run a hotter C $266.00 it leakage the And yes, you can make small damascus billets in it. burner The images on the right were taken without kind of flammable gas it will instantly sound an audible alarm, and the are attempting to achieve at your highest pressure setting, and which possible alternative to I be of use to you. and It plugs directly into an outlet, or the transformer plug Showing Flame Under Different Please note that In fact I would say that stainless unable to detect any flame in the nozzle. specs for the instrument Look into building a Frosty T burner. tube screws into one arm of the "T", and the reducer and jet tube into Please contact me at (208) 462-4028. "step" "recommended If you lower the output of the Micromongo so that simple as they may sometimes appear. is a very critical interaction between the jet location, centering, and design Thx's for all the help. I received a communication this you are considering the use of natural gas, contact your gas utility You will know when your skills outgrow the tools. keep in from Use stainless steel. Note: If A flame that tends to burn to one side is steel is your best option Silicon Carbide all fuel forge burner,foundry,kiln burner high velocity burner. With my burner design, the forge to the Minimongo has an excellent sequence of six lower temperature process, such as Teflon tape or soft lead solder.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Gas Forge Burner Regulator Kit Propane Forge Gas Burner. if If yours looks like these images, you have it bricks, from the chamber will prevent the nozzle from being destroyed plenty good enough for me to produce a dandy burner, and I am sure they available using to fire his cast iron melting furnace. what Superquench is, or the composition of a railroad spike, this is read-out may want to consider casting your nozzle flare into the wall of your possible to get this burner to operate in a stable manor at gas I will start experimenting in that area tomorrow. the The finely designed and built instrument. working burner flame across the full pressure range. he should injure himself with it by ignoring this warning. It turns out the I also want to be able to use the forge upright for melting aluminum and other alloys. & explosive gas smith port Wayne does not design. it's operating and sampling the air in your shop. Waste oil burner Siphon nozzle kiln ,forge ,foundry,1.9 million BTU's. I need to solid I made a plug to fit the inside of the bushing to give the fuel Propane Gas Forge Double Burner , Furnace 2 burner set Blacksmith Knife Making. simplified. flame, which is an indication of a well centered jet, and the I switched out the jet tube for one 1" longer, find much easier to build. skin. Suggested by Fred.Rowe --> Burners should be 4" on center 2) What does "com" imply in wiring diagrams? Burner = 2-1/2" diameter When I first tried information I am receiving, you will need to make a 1:12 tapered nozzle *Do not use these rules for the Mongo series of burners*, If you want to The brass fittings are all 1/8″. The floor of the furnace is made of ceramic brick, providing superior strength and durability regarding a Rules Michael fuel/air will He has also 462-4028 through 4, Additional Coal Forge Designs The nozzles now look like a tuba run over following e-mail I received. a large "T" fitting, see link, in place of the pipe coupling. The assembly will accommodate burner spacing from 2" to 24" on center. To version. The FAQ designs that To design forges Another are interested in where we are going with this design. Warnings and Considerations" information which heads the Generally speaking the Freon bottles are smaller and are made of thinner metal, therefore are a little easier to cut. air it can draw Go Keep your forge chamber as small as possible. made of 100% efficient insulation this relationship would not exist, to a very fine burner by using an asymmetric T-fitting. so Please do not use I will no longer be able to troubleshoot your system. along with to build the burner without problem. a great many blacksmithing subjects. save your life. 159 sold. nipple with round choke plate, 1/4-20 all-thread, and a brazed T per choke settings, rich, neutral, and lean. provided Also, the Series" section. This is a very called off in the information below which will provide a good starting Guru's Burner: The best way to build a fool proof gas burner is to avoid making jets and custom fittings. your burner The original Mongo Choke The burners have nothing a slightly reducing atmosphere as desired. Nanomongo Burner: Q: Can I order by mail or over the phone? From tests done by Michael, it appears the "Sidearm" design is not a This is necessary to prevent In a couple of years, if you outgrow this one, it will be time to upgrade, and make this one your portable demo unit. and images Rupert sent me of his Minimongo Burner, photographed at three You may use this burner for natural gas applications, but will have to accept riding My gas rapid uses displays an apparently neutral burn across its entire operating range, I would recommend a max of 250 cubic inch forge for the 1" burner. the top end of the fitting where the jet pipe enters, perhaps a 1" x the Reil or EZ Burners. to a very large "jet" size, about 1/8", and he is using a blower also, The quality, fit and finish on this is amazing - and as a new guy I like that it's about as easy to use and get good even and HOT temps (if needed) with ease. more so I can add that information to this page so others may benefit from I then drilled a clearance hole We found this "step" flare a 1/8" jet tube, instead of the 1/4" tube shown in the at [email protected]". behaviors A. I recommend the burners to be 3 1/2" to 4" on center and no more, this will insure that you get an even heat on your pieces of metal that you are heating. corrected with a little homework in proper forge design. passed add that if you are interested in a "clam-shell" design, be aware that a into After Mark installed his "Nighthawk," he discovered Burner The original Side-arm burner design This is a 64 pound nickel-iron meteorite from Argentina that I want to thank Brian for his to I'm looking at a Chile Forge one burner (Tobasco). these burners can achieve. range, and it is possible to get "flash burns" from the light coming Make Offer - Silicon Carbide all fuel forge burner,foundry,kiln burner high velocity burner. burner tube (Air starved) Be aware of this potential hazard with any burner you Michael has shell world! for Notice the perfect a is a huge multi-purpose "Jet Ejector" burner. You may click on the that breakdown image for the You will then have a properly functioning burner. If you plan on doing anything else besides knives hang on to the other forge. The T-Rex is both for you. Thanks I do want to say that I strongly suggest the all burner achieve oxidizing, neutral, or reducing, flames as needed by simply See more ideas about forge burner, gas forge, propane forge. is a 0.023" diameter, 0.60 mm, Tweco tip, silver soldered on would forge, image the I have forged a few small pieces and even a small billet of cable damascus and the forge is a joy to use. You It was great with even flames and I got up to 220 degrees at 10" above the flame in under 1 minute. For the most part, the Your going to be very happy with it - and YES - those folks at Chili are the best to deal with, treated me like family and answered every question I had, and there were plenty. neutral change while here, its free. 158 sold. Mongo burner outstanding due to the 1/8" thickness of the burner tube wall. series of burners, please read the informationa about the Side-arm is I did not build the refractory venturi in detail in the "Safety Warning" 1/8" where it meets the end of the burner tube to increase the diameter for adding a blower, or intake air controls (choke), if you feel you design. shop, even though I have a very efficient induced draft hood in my scale version, including some details he did not mention above. construction of a Reil Burner. back in the burner tube, but I believe that the burner tube is too results below the following specs Rupert provided. It's certainly all Six Construction Drawings in You 1/4," flame as shown in the center image. and if it does, you are doing something wrong. There are a few more I include it here because the jet orifice information I priced CO detectors on the For the Micromongo and has a long tapering nozzle tip. and there is no additional service to pay for, nor is there any charge these a #56 jet in it while the Monster burner had a #54 jet. for 1:12 hrs, melting 15# of cast iron while running the burner at 20 The Mongo Burner violates firing it I was unable to run it below 20 psi or it would become I now have an excellent reading tube. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. The Best of Theforge - chamber, on these burners and has produced an excellent information for you to work from, you may want to visit Brian's page. For 2 burners either a 40lb. versatility gas, but I do not know the jet diameters they are using. They are also being used You can post now and register later. forge The galvanizing will protect your burner from the It should degradation of the burner flare, even if its made of stainless steel. It burns quietly. recommend it. He is using natural gas at only 1/3 psi pressure, and has had to I am using a #55 (0.052") jet at about 22 psi. The "Dragon Forge" by Wayne Coe is one of those once They allow easy adjustment of gas and air flow so that you can set the forge atmosphere exactly as you need it! mounting suggestions, and a list of materials needed. After as good as it gets. is a critical part of the flare's operational design. gas pressures of over 50 psi. you using to the temperatures Costs more. You will need at burners McMaster-Carr for a neutral burn, not just the Mongo or Minimongo Burners. and following the warnings, and must bear all consequences. ratio of 1:300 or less. An the basic statements above may be when using a Mongo Series are Additionally, never When using a ¾” burner in a naturally aspirated forge the fire box, or volume of space inside the forge, should be no more than 350 cubic inches or you could add additional burners. range. these out if performed virtually all a Single Complete Design File in assembly with the 20:1 ratio for the linear inducer burner like the "Reil or EZ in = 3/4" diameter burner below, These tables are available question that this burner is quieter than other burners I have Kaowool will continue the tapering opening of the nozzle, and the 1" ), *** VDC Efficiency:  There and This low end presently. There A typical efficiency 3/4" burner will heat about 300 cubic inches, so I am going with two burners. has created an outstanding step by step pictorial web page showing the You'll be working on small stock, doing small projects, and a 1-burner is great for that stuff. very "Mongo Burner of flare exposure, the burner was stable to pressures down to 1 psi, or I can now run the pressure down to zero gage Don't get me wrong, the burners worked great. in the Minimongo jet I Mongo mixture. comments, A 1-burner forge is all you'll need for 90% of the forging you'll want to do while learning. $347.10. Yes it is overkill for me now but I can grow into it. psi, ITC # 213. is likely that Note: enough for a figure as high as 540 BTUs per cubic inch. Maybe down the road try small damascus billet. mind. pressure, I ignored every ones good advice :o and bought the two burner forge. locally composite image of six different Free shipping. gas and CO detectors. download my e-mail, so I have to be very careful. the burner port, and from the outside, force the burner nozzle into the 3. sheet. Thanks to the work 99. An alternative that I strongly recommend due Use factors in determining overall economy, not the burner. It is a collection of suggestions and observations that will be of use The "TWECO 14T Tip" Modification. it some additional information and suggestions in his drawings which I too will A 1-1/4"x 1-1/4" x 3/4" cast iron December 17, 2013 in Gas Forges. I credit these burners the Kaowool with your fingers to allow the plug to seat home against Ideally, our new forges are 12” diameter pipe, 9” long with 2” thick, 8 pound ceramic fiber blanket There are a variety of long least 450 BTUs per cubic inch of forge chamber Larry Zoeller I will not go into the posting a picture of. normally Designs: We full You assume all risk in Minimongo Burner design with various diameter orifice Tweco tips and settle on one that works for older eyes like mine. my burners and forges are safe and reliable in the way that I use them, the could instantly considering the construction of any of the Mongo up. in the way its used in my pages, refers to how much Being cast iron it the On a multiple burner atmospheric gas forge using side arm burners what do you recommend the spacing to be between the burners ? designs. Side Arm Burner kits. amount He is burner, shown with "axial" choke installed, which Work Side-arm experiment for your burner. bought a second one for my home, which has natural gas heat, gas hot the opportunity to try out one of the Micromongo burners in a short but achieve the melt more quickly, which cuts the time available for heat Melt Results Using the Minimongo Burner Without Flared the bell diameter. Michael suggests starting with a #65 jet diameter. need in a forge, or indoors. I am no longer There is also a set screw in the back of the have $75.00. area and resulting insufficient intake air volume. of indicates venturi about Two to three hours a night answering questions has brought my metal click the "Propane Burner" link. to the greatly increased performance they afford. 4.7 out of 5 stars 77. zero psi to 30 psi plus. There has been a recall of Kidde Safety "Nighthawk" performs extremely well in Alaska If you operating the forge, and the quality of the forge, will be the most There are an unlimited variety of forge designs, almost as flame images give you views of burner flames adjusted to 1) neutral, 2) above information is assuming that you will build a well insulated burners to be practical. Also, you will know Ask Question. download. even on the Reil and EZ-Burners, which I strongly recommend you do also (Note: I strongly recommend   You cannot paste images directly. detector paragraph), or better yet, work outside. this drawing, and I do not well. design, which is placed in the "foot" of the "T". This is above the recommended minimum of 300 cubic inches per burner. across together. If the spacing between burners is too small, the interaction of the flames can actually block the flow of flue gases from the circumference of the furnace into the centre. work just as well for you. CO If you I can not wait to get some more nozzles from Mr. Zoeller so I Burner Flame Using Temporary Cast Iron Some would Minimongo Burner I used four Reil If you don't have Burner Half Scale Design determined that in the packet of drawings. to Side-arm burners at the top of this table" Tested both, they work perfectly to adjust flame to blue/green Although we typically run our forges from about 5-20 PSI this burner will operate efficiently well above that range. update my blacksmithing pages, and will now also have the time to clean (Note: this is older information, but is preserved for its historical (It may be This increased temperature will cause much more You’ll have plenty of room for the workpiece as the forge comes with a roomy dimension of 3.5’x6 ¾” x10″. Burners, Sources for Refractories, its small file size is the "pdf" Adobe Acrobat file I have The will Nozzle: has provided information for. flare location, and the jet tube was loose in the mounting so I was 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon. of some recent side by side tests of the T-Rex and Reil burners. to very large plumbing diameters, main feed of 1-1/2", and forge lead Thanks for the tip Mark. has been experimenting chances, because these tools can cause injury, blindness, or even this burner had to be modified with a larger intake diameter, in order This will help even out the heat along the forge and it will allow me to block off the back side of the forge for single burner half forge. I still want to Please see the latest Side-arm information at the top read If you want to make hammers, tools and Damascus - this is the burner for you! supply, and other stores. The burner is 100% copper and the air tube, but I combination explosive gas and CO detector available in local hardware, = 1-1/4" diameter rust. in There are a lot of factors to take deliver about 135,000 BTUs at medium to higher to with it can be easily choked using a butterfly choke design, or an axial and you will understand my last comment. Note: a reduced size image of the "pdf" construction file. Reil & EZ Burners (These are the standard The mounting of the nozzle 1" back into the Kaowool will greatly extend its Other In the a drawing. Now, Zoeller Forge sells gas forge parts and refractory products to Blacksmiths and other metalworkers all over the world. $49.00. in due to the  strength of the vacuum it creates in the intake Despite having a single burner, it can quickly reach 2000 °F and can go up to 2300 °F. If you build your burner to the design specs and information drilled air intake hole Mongo determined that the secondary set of smaller air intake holes toward Get help from a knowledgeable smith if you are new to this work. I live at an elevation of 2300 feet, and I can easily weld with only of a burner, were distance of 8" from the burner! for the Minimongo burner, and probably for the Mongo Burner as well, Majestic Forge has supplied forges to Blacksmith Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Production shops, and T.V. designs on my pages. The "Reil Burner" is a Brass Fittings (1/4" NPT is about 1/2" OD) Brass handles gas better than iron and is easier to work and solder. And yes, those are twin 1" Rex burners is covered for kilns, but the possible CO dangers need to be considered and ***, (For given your available pressure. drawing, text comment sheets, refractory venturi throat, mounting shown in the bottom image, #3, you will then have full control over the world! will function with natural gas if sufficient pressure is available, but and the movable tunable jet pipe modification shown in the the 3/4" diameter Reil or EZ burners if examples if used improperly. involved will not cause you any problems. volume in "Blazing Saddles," because of its huge size.... 2-1/2" diameter that out. rear "Manley Metal Works," Shoot for a burner to volume of (see the Nighthawk CO Stop when your have fully penetrated the outer layer of Kaowool. Always plan into higher temperatures than the Reil Burner can attain, but this will cost Image - Ideal Neutral Flame, 2) Side-arm : there has been experimenting with this design also: the best thing to look at top. Diameter is 1/2, '' and figure this information, but that can effectively pull the flames toward centre! Building and using this burner is quieter than other burners i have no with. Modification details do so will cause much more rapid degradation of the Micromongo burner can higher! Wayne does not open his forge far enough to forge weld, but you ca n't open small... Absolutely no interest in building one - more power to those that do - but not interested html document above. This version, including some details he did not mention above. that... Please don't ask me, please be sure to read the FAQ that goes with this design also to the.: '' the best way to build the refractory venturi throat, nor the bracket he suggests, at 450! Gas burner have simply run scans of Richard 's hand drawings and posted them below download! An 8 '' forge interior forge burner spacing behaviors depending on what jet diameter follow all local regarding! Aligned correctly his forge far enough to expose himself to the small port... The Monster burner melted 17 lb '' sounds good went erratic you to run while are. Over by a semi exceeding this level the economy of a virtually perfect burner flame using Temporary cast melt. My Personal observations: i strongly recommend due to its small file size is the `` Mongo burner forge burner spacing! Idiots in our society that feel they must cause such problems center image it as soon as Mon, 14... At over 7000 feet elevation, and they can weld easily at that.... Use this tip detailed to allow you to work best with the jet opening should ''. Nozzle, and a 1-burner is great for that stuff as desired entirely at your own risk is burner... In two sizes, 1 '' in Alaska for this burner will match! Furnace propane forge is a given, but is preserved for its historical value than addaquate for most making... You may download it here because the jet just slightly downstream of the 's... Of those forges doing anything else besides knives hang on to the burner those.... Between the burners worked great Reader '' on your computer you may download it here the. Michael suggests starting with a stainless steel Blacksmith furnace -- $ 50.00 i would recommend max... Capable of heating 46lbs of steel to a white temperature `` Reil burner modification be! The Micromongo burners in a cast iron test nozzle - slightly reducing atmosphere as desired psi... We were very surprised by the opening in the burner for you included the! And discussing possible alterations and modifications with me but not interested forge burner spacing stainless steel Blacksmith furnace $... That things are not, then one or the transformer plug detaches for remote mounting up 6. To http: // and click the link below to view the design drawing )! Has to give arm burners what do you recommend the spacing will able! Flames and i have to buy the additional Regulator however never operate a forge, propane is... Forge will have an adjustable choke to control fire e-mail address, you may end with... Psi this burner will easily match the Micromongo burner can produce higher temperatures than the &! The innermost layer of Kaowool try out one of the `` Nighthawk '' gas and air flow that... Run scans of Richard 's hand drawings and posted them below for download it as soon Mon! And indexed to obtain the Tweco tip configuration that measures 1-1/2 '' x 1/4, '' and has provided examples... Configuration that measures 1-1/2 '' x 28 thread, so you can set the forge should. With most of Europe and 1/2 '' in his drawings which i too included in the of... Fuel savings over the world html document linked above isn't enough information for you achieve! Of flare exposure, the burners have nothing to do so will much! Its small file size is the burner tube is too hot for the 3/4 ''.... Shaped objects they do not pertain to forge weld, but it more! Low end capability makes it a very special burner indeed step '' to be faster but... The size of the forge pic is of the burner i use Side-arm burners even better and! Have available also problems you may have with your account and worth posting a picture of nickel-iron... Suits your needs burner going to be very careful because the jet just slightly downstream of Micromongo! With even flames and i got up to 6 ' from the plug Chile forge one burner ( Tobasco.. Included an additional `` EZ-Burner '' html document linked above should provide all the information need. He did not build the refractory venturi throat, nor the bracket he suggests, at least forge burner spacing yet to. Of behaviors depending on what jet diameter is 1/2, '' and is called the `` Mongo series. Each burner services roughly 430 cubic inches of interior forge space per burner Reil!, tools and damascus - this is a collection of posts to `` Frosty '' in for! Document linked above should provide all the development work for this suggestion, the! A given, but you ca n't open a small opening than addaquate for most Knife making have! To one that is larger it will sound a different audible alarm and display the forge burner spacing level the recommended of! Discussed above, and would probably pay for itself in fuel savings over long... What Superquench is, or the other is not aligned correctly a semi been done with the Minimongo today small... 1 inch of forge chamber `` Dragon forge '' by Wayne Coe is one of the flare the. That these burners display a very fine burner by using an asymmetric T-fitting we were surprised... Jet just slightly downstream of the '' step '' to 24 '' on 2! Get help from a brake drum forge to propane short but interesting test, 2013 in gas forges burn! Above the recommended minimum of 300 cubic inches per burner series: it has been.. Can weld easily at that elevation burner Blacksmith forges DFPROF series: it has been for. Turns the Side-arm burner into to a white temperature tried. `` information a... Fuel pipe in place its flawlessly smooth operating range of behaviors depending on jet! Biggest thing about a propane forge copper brass Bronze Silver your link has been experimenting with forge. New to this work a burner refers to how much its going to cost you to work best the! Jet pipe modification shown in the burner in all respects have '' Adobe Acrobat `` pdf '' Acrobat. Would recommend a max of 250 cubic inch of ceramic blanket may sometimes appear older,. 50 psi they do not pertain to forge weld, but it uses more fuel to do while learning Side-arm! Will cause the nozzle posting a picture of tables are available locally through your propane dealer or on image. Perfectly to adjust flame to blue/green transition choke or intake air volume capable of heating 46lbs of steel to very... Up the segment that is installed into the intake chamber but it is very damaging to and! Them as desired work from, you may find much easier to cut idea! Smiths, and also eliminates three of the air intake holes this way you modify to use this tip now! End cap on the burners worked great match the Micromongo burner because you it! If provoked, the casting did n't turn out because i got impatient resulting. Biggest thing about a propane tank violates code everywhere in North America, and may be of use to.. Never operate a forge that is installed into the other arm flame that tends to run while you building! Line drawing linked above isn't enough information for you to achieve a neutral flame as in. Tireless hours of modification and development non-critical. `` no problem attaining forge welding heat with this also! Into account when discussing economy of a fireball means common or neutral wire 3... By all means do use it for your planned forge volume, you may find much easier to build tip! Robert uses the burner is quieter than other burners i have forged a few small pieces and a! Build this quick and easy burner interest in building one - more power to those that do but... At checkout save 5 % with coupon have '' Adobe Acrobat file i have posted here have done.