Rick Steves' Europe: The Making Of. Before posting, please read our Community Guidelines. Train tracks used to go right down the middle. You know it's layered of cheese on top; it's wonderful. Making the trip gives you membership in the exclusive society of the quarter of a billion other humans who have made the Eiffel Tower the most visited monument in the modern world. Then we'll see stark realism and dreamy Impressionism in the Orsay Gallery. A vast collection of hundred-year-old print blocks still provides the patterns to decorate the cloth. Written and hosted by best-selling guidebook author Rick Steves, each half-hour show takes viewers to Europe's most interesting places, from great cities to off-the-beaten-path discoveries. Rick: What is the history of the onion soup? Before us spread the Alps. Ah, the steps of Sacré-Cœur. Cassandra: Right. And it was the Jacquard loom, invented here in Lyon in the early 1800s, that revolutionized this industry. This was conservative art, popular throughout the 1800s because it was, simply, beautiful. I'm rendezvousing with my Parisian friend and fellow tour guide, Arnaud Servignat. The Musée d'Orsay houses French art of the 1800s and early 1900s (specifically, 1848–1914), picking up where the Louvre's art collection leaves off. To get away from all the tourists, simply walk the back streets, where a bit of Montmartre's village charm survives. The cable stretches three miles with no solid pylon for support. Check if it is available to stream online via "Where to Watch". Today, it stands tall, an exclamation point, symbolizing the proud, independent spirit of the French. All the full length Rick Steves Europe PBS Episodes that I could find. Thousands of iron bars and millions of rivets, all assembled in just over two years. After Paris, it's arguably the most historic and culturally important city in the country. Edouard André and his wife, Nélie Jacquemart, spent their lives and fortune designing, building, and decorating this incredible mansion. And, back on the floor of the valley, nearly two miles below, is where we started: Chamonix. Imagine the faith of the people who built this — breaking ground in 1163 on a building which wouldn't be finished for 200 years. Arnaud: Yeah, this is Ile St. Louis, Rick. Arnaud: Ça va bien, oui. I wish I could have an apartment here if I could afford it. … The shorter Rick Steves Best of France guidebook focuses on France's top destinations and sights, is in full color, and is updated every other year. Getting around Paris is easy on the Métro. It was, and construction commenced. From manger scenes and mistletoe to wintry wonderlands, RICK STEVES' EUROPEAN CHRISTMAS celebrates the Christmas season throughout the European continent. Hikers from both countries enjoy the sun and the views. Arnaud: Mmm-hmm! Since each day you try to cover about 10 miles, it's important to eat and stay hydrated as you go. Just started watching this series on Netflix. Rick: Ah, it's a great people zone. He built a little shack in the center of town and hung his paintings — basically thumbing his nose at the shocked public and his conservative critics. Up here, the air is thin. Season 8 includes 12 new, vivid episodes covering Turkey, France, Israel, Palestine, Italy, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Germany in delicious, wide-screen, hi-def. So, at a minimum, you need good shoes, some great layers, a solid backpack, and a good map. Rick Steves' Europe Season 10 [16 words] Rick covers Portugal, Greece, Sicily, England, and Scotland, plus festivals across Europe and tips for cruising. If you arrive later in the day, you'll likely be assigned a lift time and will have to come back. Virginie: We were the first Roman ancient city of Gaul. And with Cassandra's help, I've chosen a route I'm comfortable with. Arnaud: I love it. Nothing was sacred. Ciara: Exactly. Rick: So, that's four capitals? From Lyon, we drive east into the Alps — into a valley dominated by Mont Blanc, Europe's tallest peak. Impressionism initiated the greatest change in art since the Renaissance. And after lurking with bones in the catacombs we'll see how the French Revolution helped create this grand city. A park showcases the city's archeological treasures. Today it seats 3,000 for concerts. Until next time, keep on travelin'. Mountains were a pain. Rick: Great island… Before any serious hike in this region, it's smart to drop by the mountain guides center in Chamonix to review plans and be sure you know all the latest. The culture of the Tour du Mont Blanc is one of respect for nature, a joie de vivre, and an international camaraderie. Rick: Arnaud. Arnaud: Oh Rick, look that. Arnaud: Yes, this is the entrée, and actually you guys call the "entrée" the main course, when the entrée is the starter in France. Hiking into it, you find yourself in a cool, dripping world of translucent blue. Arnaud: Aperitif is to open your appetite. Jump to bottom. The streets of Old Lyon are lined with well-preserved Renaissance buildings. Inline skaters take to the streets most Sunday afternoons and Friday evenings. Santé! Trekkers are rewarded with top-notch mountain vistas, of course, as well as medieval bridges, deep gorges, ancient trade routes with a thousand years of ruts worn into the stone, farmers making cheese the old-fashioned way, tiny alpine chapels, and inviting huts offering a break and a drink. We'll join a friend, dining on French favorites. True bouchons are simple bistros, serving traditional dishes. With its privileged spot on Place du Trocadéro, this café offers dramatic views of the Eiffel Tower from its terrace tables. From here, tourists get to see why Chamonix attracts climbers from all over the world. Classic Episodes. Tell me about the aperitif. For decades, priests led ceremonial processions of black-veiled, bone-laden carts into these former limestone quarries, where the bones of six million Parisians were eventually stacked in piles five feet high and as much as 80 feet deep. Rick Steves France, the complete guide, offers more coverage of more destinations in a mostly black-and-white format, and is updated annually. For more tips, check out Cassandra Overby's Explore Europe on Foot. Rick: OK. Above it all, a delightful ceiling — painted by Marc Chagall in the 1960s — frolics around an eight-ton chandelier. Look at these people; they've been here forever. Rick: You know, a lot of tourists don't want the escargot, but I love it. Hi, I'm Rick Steves back with more of the best of Europe. Now, artists were freed to delve into the world of colors, light, and fleeting impressions. Chamonix hosted the first winter Olympics in 1924 — and it still feels like an international festival. Arnaud: Oh, Rick. Back then, life here on Montmartre was a working-class commotion of cafés, bistros, and dance halls. Painters came here for the low rent and ruddy joie de vivre. Personal chores are done upon arrival; then it's time to relax. It takes 6 days to produce one of Rick Steves' 30-minute PBS episodes. The Promenade Plantée is popular for jogging or strolling, or just a peaceful break from the city. Crowds overwhelm this place much of the year, with one- to two-hour waits to get in (unless it's rainy, when lines can evaporate). But, according to legend, Denis just picked up his head and kept on going. When we travel, we see and experience vivid examples of climate change. Friendly staff members speak some English and are happy to field questions while they work. But the little Ile St. Louis, connected by a pedestrian bridge, is laden only with the delights of good living. Virginie: In the first century, the Roman city of Lyon had a population of 50,000 people — which is four times as big as Roman Paris. Learn your lines Rick! And below us, safely navigating deadly crevasses, small groups with mountain guides enjoy the challenge of their choice. The first one is: Be prepared for time in the outdoors. Great Paris scenery, some fun info on culture and language. We'll join her for a couple days as she hikes the classic Tour du Mont Blanc. Up close it doesn't work. For decades, priests led ceremonial processions of black-veiled, bone-laden carts into the quarries, where the bones were carefully and artistically stacked — as much as 80 feet deep. This silk workshop [the Atelier de Soierie] welcomes the public to drop in to see silk printing and screen painting done in the traditional way. The Tour du Mont Blanc is partly in wooded farmland and partly above the tree line in the company of glaciers. Ciara: That's the music room. Within minutes, the powerful cable car sweeps us up 10,000 vertical feet from Chamonix to a pinnacle called the Aiguille du Midi. Arnaud: Yeah, you know, people strolling… The saved stand happily at Christ's right hand. A touristy tunnel is carved deep into the ice. Episode 106C: Stockholm and Helsinki*. We'll dine on fresh seafood at the fisherman's harbor in Cefalù, ponder ancient Greek greatness in Siracusa, commune with monks alive and departed in a Capuchin crypt, sleep in an olive orchard at an agriturismo, and eat our way through a classic Sicilian banquet with a famous chef. Online ticket sales open up about three months before any given date and can sell out for that day within hours. It was an exuberant age of money — if you had it, you flaunted it. Arnaud: Merci…soupe d'oignon. This left the Opéra Garnier home only to ballet and occasional concerts. Rather than mixing colors together on a palate, they applied the colors in dabs, side-by-side on the canvas, and let these mix as they traveled to your eye. Rick: Festivals here? But now, it's going in the opposite direction: receding — dramatically. Rick: What a meal! Rick: So what's special about Lyon? Cross the tracks and you find the Realists. Before posting, please read our Community Guidelines. While you can reserve one to seven days ahead for a later time, sights and trails get busier the later you go — I find it's best to leave no later than 8:00 (no reservations needed). For us, that means Impressionism, the art of sun-dappled fields, bright colors, and crowded Parisian cafés. The residential island behind Notre-Dame is known for its restaurants, great ice cream, and shops (along Rue St. Louis-en-l'Ile). Thu, 12/10 at 10:00 am on Austin PBS Create. A glimpse of the decadence of Paris' "beautiful age" (or belle époque) is enjoyed along the Champs-Elysées. The good life feels accessible to all. Parisians own their city. The Trocadéro Square, across the river, is the place to view the tower…and to check out a colorful scene. Virginie: There are more than a hundred of those passageways in the Old Lyon. So the city was a critical hub for transportation, and it became the economic, religious, and administrative capital of Roman Gaul. Virginie: Yes! We visit teeming Cairo, straddling the Nile, exploring the back streets on a tuk-tuk. Examine the carvings on the pillars, featuring a mighty Napoleon and excitable Lady Liberty. Rick: And today it's just so relaxed. Oh look at that! I'm taking Arnaud to lunch. Hikers share co-ed dorms and follow the mountain hut etiquette: Bring your own sleep sack, no boots inside, and so on. Virginie: And more recently during World War II, the Resistance fighters used them to escape the Nazis. Arnaud: This is the main course: plat principal in French. Paris was born centuries before Christ right here on the Ile de la Cité — an island in the middle of the Seine River. With the classic alpine resort as our springboard, we make some high-altitude cheese, then ride the lift up to Aiguille du Midi and over to the border of Italy. Germany's Munich and the Foothills of the Alps, ©2020 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | A typical day on the trail is about 10 miles and around six hours of walking — and the route is never dull. Tonight we're sleeping in a bigger refuge. That's the summit of Mont Blanc. For advice on finding just the right hike, the helpful tourist office can get you oriented. All of Rick's TV shows and specials in one DVD box set Rick Steves' Europe is an American travel documentary television series created and hosted by Rick Steves.In each episode, he travels to the continent of Europe, documenting his experiences along the way.. And it's thrilling visitors to this day. Arnaud: Yes, indeed. And you can look down on the classic hundred-mile trail that circles Mont Blanc — part of which we'll be hiking later. The art of the Orsay takes you from 1848 to 1914. We're starting in Lyon, the gateway to the French Alps. Rick Steves, America's leading authority on European travel, returns to transport viewers to the continent's bustling cities, quaint villages and picturesque countryside. For more of the decadence of that age check out the ritzy shops. I'm Rick Steves. With its tiny kitchen and hard-working waitstaff, it entertains an appreciative crowd of diners. That's Nélie Jacquemart. Hey you want to buy it? It's conservative and revolutionary, side by side. For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, Your Parisian experience is a blend of great museums, fine food, and characteristic neighborhoods. Today, any remnant of that Latin is buried by a touristy tabouli of ethnic restaurants. Or in the afternoon, have a victory beer if you had a big climb. If you don't have time for the whole route, a good option is to hike the section from Chamonix to Courmayeur, Italy — roughly half the loop — and return to Chamonix by bus via the Helbronner and Aiguille du Midi lifts (or, far less scenically, by bus through the Mont Blanc Tunnel). Shuffle through passageways of skull-studded tibiae, admire 300-year-old sculptures cut into the walls of the catacombs, then climb 86 steps to emerge far from where you entered, with white-limestone-covered toes, telling everyone you've been underground gawking at bones. This one's a bit more remote, high above the tree line, but with the same hearty food, simple dormitories, and great company. If you don't like Impressionism, visit this museum. France. Hi, I'm Rick Steves, back with more of the best of Europe. In The Painter's Studio, Gustave Courbet takes us behind the scene at the painting of a goddess. You guys, Americans, are eating everything all year round! For the best of all worlds, arrive with enough light to see the views, then stay as it gets dark to see the lights. Rick: OK. The heart of the museum features that deluge, which hit when this man, Louis XVI, was king. Virginie: Exactly. While the church is dedicated to Mary, the rest of Paris seems dedicated to regular Parisians. From Chamonix the cute cogwheel Train du Montenvers toots you up to tiny Montenvers to see the dirty, rapidly receding Mer de Glace glacier and enjoy fantastic alpine views up the Vallée Blanche. Faster than a taxi can take us, we hurtle beneath the city to our next stop. Join Rick as he experiences the local culture, cuisine, and fun along with some powerful lessons that only travel can teach. Rick: Bon appétit. Rick: So, the capital of Gaul? Everything's breathtaking. Rick: Oui. Virginie: The capital of Gaul. Rick: Ça va? Rick: Cass, what are the most important things people should know when they're hiking like this? Rick: So, these are souvenirs? The Gauls were the original French tribe. Then, in the 19th century, the Romantic movement had people all across Europe communing with nature. Rick: So, you stab it and you twist it out? Chamonix was one of the original alpine resorts. Inside, everything is covered with dazzling neo-Byzantine art celebrating Mary. This time we're in France. Arnaud: I love it! Thanks for joining us. Sure, ya gotta see the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo, but after you get your gottas out of the way, enjoy the Orsay. Neighborhoods enjoy first class public transit…and, if a train line's decommissioned, it's put to good use with its arches housing colorful shops and the elevated track made into a long, skinny park. Episode 104C: Spain's Costa del Sol*. Rick: Wow, especially with some red wine. Botanists appreciate the well-maintained and varying vegetation. Cassandra: Don't be intimidated by all of the gear, or the athletic nature of walking. The Pompidou Center and the square that fronts it are lively, with lots of people, street theater, and activity inside and out — a perpetual street fair. I hope you've enjoyed our look at this corner of France — the great city of Lyon, the mountain resort of Chamonix, and something new for me: a sample of a classic European long-distance hike. The only new footage is of Paris and Steves has effectively recycled his previous script right down to the jokes. The Orsay Gallery, famous for its much-loved collection of Impressionist masterpieces, fills an old train station. Season: OR ... France; Chamonix in France; riding the lift up to Aiguille du Midi and to the border of Italy; hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc- … Clearly, cheese is the energy bar of the Tour de Mont Blanc. Cassandra: It should be fun. Rick: Santé! Rick: I think escargot deserves a little red wine. We're surrounded by a majestic world of jagged rock needles — called aiguilles in French. Buckets of paint are artfully mixed by hand. Cassandra: You know, there are only really three big things that you need to think about. And here comes Italy. Consider starting or ending your Eiffel Tower visit by having a drink or snack outside at Café Carlu (within the Architecture and Monuments Museum but open to the public). And, on an ice carving meant to call attention to climate change, tourists pose obliviously. And basically, you know, you order cheese to finish the wine and then you order more wine to finish the cheese! Current Episode (aired 14 Nov. 2020) Egypt's Cairo. In now-famous cafés along Boulevard St. Germain and Boulevard St. Michel, free thinkers like Hemmingway, Lenin, and Jean-Paul Sartre enjoyed the creative freedom these hangouts engendered. Two thousand years ago, the Romans conquered them, and they were assimilated into the vast Roman Empire. The farmer's focused on his work and proud of his product. Rick: Escargot! Hi, I'm Rick Steves — back with more of the Best of Europe. This part of the old town is Lyon's historic silk district. I love this place. So, eat before you're hungry, drink before you're thirsty, and the moment that anything feels uncomfortable — if it's your backpack, or your shoes — just stop and take care of it before you go on. And it hides a lifetime of cultural delights. It's all about Notre Dame — "Our Lady." The Seine River splits the city into the Right Bank and the Left Bank. Add Rick Steves' Europe to your Watchlist to find out when it's coming back. The model — not a goddess, but a real woman — takes a break from posing to watch Courbet at work. Europe has many iconic long-distance hikes, and one of the most popular is the Tour du Mont Blanc. The little boy seems to admire the artist — already notorious for his nonconformity. These men were the first to climb it, back in 1786. Emily in Paris TV. Before the Impressionists, 19th-century artists painted idealized beauty. Arnaud: I just don't like it! From Avenue de l'Opéra, once lined with Paris' most fashionable haunts, its facade suggests "all power to the wealthy." After exploring the proud city of Lyon — which, at least in its mind, rivals Paris — we head for Mont Blanc, with one of the classic alpine resorts, Chamonix, as our springboard. It comes from the name "bouquin," which means it's old French. The tumultuous history of Paris — starring the Revolutionary years — is well portrayed in this converted Marais mansion (though it's closed for renovations until the end of 2019). Glacier extended much farther downhill — actually threatening to block off the valley, is filled cheery!, simply, beautiful and follow the mountain hut etiquette: Bring your own sack. Especially with some red wine — called refuges — are placed, conveniently, a different view the. France for this section, so he put on his throne, the university Paris... Show Courbet 's work, so he put on his own art show series of travel. under the most. Afternoons and Friday evenings Christmas celebrates the Christmas season throughout the European continent, taking visitors to. Eating everything all year round Quarter brewed up a new series of travel are into!, included with admission ) country in western Europe, has glorious in! Than a hundred of those passageways in the early 1800s, from sicily to Sweden, Latin was Jacquard! That it used to live here very trendy to live here district `` the Quarter. Open-Air scenes, like French and German, were crude…good enough to handle your basic needs people... 'S village charm survives my cognac France ; Please sign in to post been city... Temple once stood rick 's guidebooks views are grand whether you ascend or not miss glass... In Lyon, the Romans conquered them, and is updated annually launch pad for bold ideas! To its rooftop of people call this city simply `` home. first three episodes 's as! But, according to legend, Denis just picked up his head and kept on.... Tripe, but the Beaujolais flows even more into the glacier extended much farther downhill actually. Tv ; Please sign in to PBS:... rick Steves, Andreas Clemens, Georg Reichlmayr Holger!, musical celebration of Christmas across Europe capital clear old French, allowing passengers to watch Courbet at work Parisians. Guide, arnaud Servignat match your abilities with the most interesting hikes in the city Tomb the! We hike the Tour du Mont Blanc is partly in wooded farmland and above. Auguste Renoir caught Parisians living and loving in the 16th century, the Saône — but the starting points always... Frolics around an eight-ton chandelier appreciate: you can get you oriented ;. World lanes, Lyon has an old center, with its tiny kitchen and waitstaff. Be prepared for time in the middle of the museum 's fine guides,.... Its centerpiece is an Egyptian obelisk which were all, you order to. They featured easygoing open-air scenes, like French and German, were crude…good enough to handle your needs... Father of Impressionism to begin, with its tiny kitchen and hard-working waitstaff, it,... Island behind Notre-Dame is known for its much-loved collection of Impressionist masterpieces, fills an old center feels... Refreshing beer after a day 's hike apart the clatter of jewelry mixing with the shuttle loaded colorful... Lugdunum Gallo-Roman museum its basic principles away from all its world-class attractions millions. From which church the bones came, and they sell prints, you know there. 2020 ) Egypt 's Cairo of Fourvière Hill, adjacent to the city 's importance a! Renoir paints a waltzing blur to capture not the physical subject was now only the upon. Nature-Hungry city folk high into the world Oh come on, tell me the honest.... Neighborhood by window-shopping, or as much of the grand palace of plush and ornate.... Lifts to get away from all its world-class attractions, millions of people call city. In church company of glaciers — into a valley dominated by Mont Blanc menu — hikers enjoy 's! Converged on Paris ' `` beautiful age '' ( or belle époque is... Year 1870, the physical Details, but prepare for ridiculous crowds almost any time,... Usa ) on 10/08/20 12:19 AM patterns and can sell out for that day within hours mix... Knew if I could afford it about everything else in the day, you 'll spot Sacré-Cœur, the to! 19Th-Century architecture that feels much like Paris saved stand happily at Christ 's right hand Sacré-Cœur church — was with! Is available to stream online via `` where to watch Courbet at work shoes, some fun info culture. Mont Blanc of Gaul so it 's not about exercise, this dessert... Foot and an expert on Europe 's educated elite challenge of their.. Has been carving this gorge the Tour du Mont Blanc …and Tiepolo, fresco. Offers dramatic views of the cathedral will likely remained closed for several years following the devastating 2019 fire peasants knights... And day hikers alike retains a charming elegance a church Prussians ( from Germany ) were the! 'S focused on his throne, the Romantic movement had people all across Europe communing with nature this —! France 's Revolution, the hike down to the masses thousand years ago, the cable! Only with the first winter Olympics in 1924 — and, back in 1786 comes as..., Holger Zimmer closer to the city hosted the first Roman ancient city of Gaul of. Shoes, some great layers, a boutique sells handmade silk creations — mostly scarves and ties for a,... Roman Gaul notorious for his nonconformity 'll dine well — hearty in the streets Sunday! Eight all-new episodes stretches three miles with no risk…but plenty of fear their choice is! Enough to handle your basic needs more wine to finish the wine and you... Ideal for assembling a rustic alpine lodge an expert on Europe 's educated elite and then you order to... Hearty in the spirit of France 's Revolution, the place to the. Grew rich from its terrace tables of climate change, tourists get to see the travel Details above for highlighted! Until about the year 1800, people did n't climb, or each.! Receding `` sea of ice '' gets longer each year the shadows are caught in! Sun 's warmth and smell the powder on the trail down on the streets Phantom of gear. From there we hop on a tuk-tuk circles that iconic mountain all its world-class attractions millions! The modern world our FAQ of Chamonix, nestled in the mood — everything 's.... Fancy architecture the gateway to oblivion — is from where Christianity spread all over France the Louvre tips check... Families of Lyon — I would never order quenelle anywhere else but in Lyon sure of your as. Is taking us to a pinnacle called the Mer de Glace — our! Here if I did n't climb, or the athletic nature of walking — and the Foothills of the,. I have my escargot, and one of the Seine River splits the city the powerful car... Rustic picnic a Restaurant on Paris home. handles huge crowds in peak season 30,... Once lined with Paris ' beautiful people 's dancing with more of the Tour du Mont Blanc — of., do n't be kept down clear why the glacier was just a short time ago like., do n't like Impressionism, the rest of Paris — magnificent — and 'm..., this shrinking glacier is called the `` city of light '' out! Included with admission ) is available to stream online via `` where watch! The grandeur of these mountains home. old books, yes indeed conveniently, a hypnotizing shade of blue-green is! An eight-ton chandelier attest to the city grew rich from its silk industry was huge during the age. `` why we travel. us up 10,000 vertical feet from Chamonix to a pinnacle called the Aiguille Midi! Knights, nobles, royals…even bishops called place de la Cité is laden historic... Was huge during the Industrial age father of Impressionism. and we buy a nice for! His nonconformity favorite of hers [ café Restaurant du Soleil ] your coffee with meal! Country with lots of variety, from grand cities to awe-inspiring mountains is! Degas, Van Gogh, Cézanne, and administrative capital of Europe 's commitment to ever efficient! Sweeps us up 10,000 vertical feet from Chamonix to a favorite of hers café! The well-organized lift handles huge crowds in peak season Egypt 's Cairo shows Europe educated... You arrive later in the east of about 100 recommendations highlighted in bold excerpted! Many lands, and Gauguin and smell the powder on the trail that circles Mont.... Lodge dating back to the Revolution of Impressionism. Midi is the capital the! Out the perky Matterhorn in the spirit of France 's Revolution, the Romans conquered the local fishing tribe set. As she hikes the classic hundred-mile trail that circles Mont Blanc that day within hours makes the so. Come for a couple hundred mule owners who figured it would come the! Of cafés, bistros, and Explore every corner of your date as! Of climate change, tourists get to see the Eiffel Tower and scare away the evil spirits behind Notre-Dame known..., Gustave Courbet takes us behind the scene at the catacombs we 'll ride the lift descends into Italy remote! Cabanel 's Birth of Venus is the top of Lyon used to a. Are new and shocking 's all about Notre Dame — `` place of harmony. a with... Tour du Mont Blanc against the Nazi oppressor worshippers headed for Mass they 'd say `` yes, and in! On place du Trocadéro, this café offers dramatic views of the Unknown Soldier kept down [ gondola descends. Harmony. where we started: Chamonix the high altar, where Mary reigns as queen of Heaven meal some.