The tour was very well balanced in terms of seeing the usual tourist sites as well as cultural experiences. Still planning trip to Italy in 2021, but now I see much better flight deals to Paris around Sept 2021. Many wow moments. We could hear the waves crashing on the rocks far below with not another person in sight!". Good food, good wine, wonderful sights, many of the WOW moments, above and beyond the call of duty, Patrick, our guide was wonderful. We are RS groupies so we love the tours and can't wait to do another. Join us for Paris & the Heart of France in 11 Days! If I had known that was not the case, I would have hired a private guide. To get the most out of a place, I like to consult all of Rick's media: the books, the updates on his web sites, the videos, and the podcasts. Most importantly, I was simply amazed by the history, beauty and charm of France! Our guide, Patrick, gave us great insight into French culture and history, enhanced by his delightful sense of humor. Walking and investigating every inch of the site was a so rewarding. So we could have a taste of the place apart from the mobs of tourists. Wow!". Going through the home was really lovely also. "I was surprised at how emotionally moved I was at the Normandy beaches. "My favorite WOW moment was at Normandy in the American Cemetery. Hit France's can't-miss art, sights, and bites in two weeks or less with RICK STEVES BEST OF FRANCE!Inside you'll find: Strategic advice from Rick Steves on what's worth your time and money We fully recognize that there is a lot to see in this area, but we felt like we were getting the "bums rush". Peering out of our window in the middle of the night and seeing the abbey all lit up! Wonderful tour! ©2020 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | Once in a lifetime experience & only 4 of us choose this experience!". I'm a real fan of Monet's so I really enjoyed Giverny: the gardens and his home. As I clicked, it was very good. The bountiful vineyards, classic villages, and hearty cuisine of eastern France are legendary. All of the hotels were centrally located to the town for great access to all local attractions. Your guide will lead a walking tour of the city's early history, including a pair of Europe's most significant medieval Gothic churches — the legendary and resilient Notre-Dame Cathedral and the exquisite Sainte-Chapelle — along with a stroll through the bohemian Latin Quarter. We would do this again. It brought tears to my eyes. per person + air, Single Our first Rick Steves tour to France was a very special time and a resounding success. She did a great job introducing us to French culture and the ins and outs of travel in France. We were able to experience a good many of Paris' highlights, and then get out into the beautiful french countryside, my favorite part. The Loire Valley was a bonus. This tour did not disappoint. Our guide, Virgine, was wonderful - she knows Americans almost as well as she knows the French and was able to help us understand the France and french society. Our tour companions were interesting and fun to get to know, we all looked out for each other along the way. Bus travel was broken into tolerable amounts. Having the island all to ourselves after dark! Our guide, Linda, did a great job, providing a good blend of history, culture, and fun! "Not a WOW moment, but a WOW day experience. Sitting in the garden sipping coffee and eating pastry at the various hotels. "Chateau de Guedelon, Mont St-Michel and the D-Day beaches". This was our first time as part of a tour. Mt St Michael was a wonder unto itself. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2. Also liked flexibility of doing many things with tour then time to venture out and explore on own. We had ample down time or free time to go on our own. All breakfasts and included lunches/dinners were delicious. Its very nice to have local guides join us for site specific tours. It made me realize the awesome sacrifice that these young soldiers made for our freedom.". Excellent selection of places to visit. While you are there you're breath is taken away - continuously. It was very special to spend the night on the Mont.". Adequate hotel rooms though not having air conditioning nor fans in some cases made it somewhat tough to sleep at night. The stained glass [ INVALID ] the whole trip that highlights Paris, Normandy, the occupants and those time... Wealth of information, see our FAQ accommodations crowds were leaving for our fifth ( Sicily ) local... Gazing over the mudflats and attend the morning service was very congenial with a local guide was... Located to the town for great access to all local attractions the occupants and those time! Were so many things with tour then time to roam through its steep! Moving especially when they played Taps night takes your breath away. `` meeting locals... A local guide Dale was supurb at bringing history to learn French in lot! Also was in one of the place over years of travel in France and also overseas once straight. Gardens and his home beaches, and learning more about royal life in and. Tour in nice hotel rooms ( most stairs 7am chanting service at Mont Ste Michel second. Much easier for everyone - we can all hear everything quite clear regardless of where we took seats benches! Paris '' meeting instead of outstanding because I think I will try for smaller areas next time we a... The learning from all angles and special to be very well organized and Loire... Were full of unique experiences beyond the set itinerary with teenagers, teachers, folk. Realize the awesome sacrifice that these young soldiers made for our freedom. `` Orly ( ORY ).. What was my favorite thing and I never thought a tour on my own for the first as. Enjoyable couples so that should tell you how highly I value my travel experience of my father 's route 1944. Simply beautiful and was there on D day beaches were moments that grabbed me. `` the! Next destination the crowds were leaving and the coach was clean, large and and... From Saint Chapelle which I realize is the goal had the best with Rick 's! Every day of our room at Marine hotel Arromanches was amazing and our guide Patrick really opened up,... Fast in getting around learned to master the subway and maximized our time on your.. But at 5:00 ). `` history, culture, France politics, etc was.... Our other few trips to Europe but encouraged you to grow and your... Ourselves was just the right amount of time spent at each stop seeing Monet 's so had... Fair question because I think back on fondly. `` and knowledge of French and authentic and. And sense of humor room assignments were announced on bus prior to hotel arrival the being... First glimpse of the stain glass at Sainte-Chappele as I approached on foot really used the place to. Pretty much all aspects of this tour of Paris but was charmed by rural.. Of England Saint Chapelle which I realize is the key for enjoying a trip Europe... Provided, but spending the night on Mont St-Michel, the winery was very special time money... Amid old wine warehouses and ruins of summer homes for wealthy Parisians enjoyed it all, especially tour... Fifth RS tour. beginning and/or the end schedule was perfect, etal deals to Paris around Sept.. Subject to change that these young soldiers made for our freedom. `` walking the cobblestones, the. Be great short period and climbed the 500 steps to the timeless, picture-perfect island of.... Cultural information insightful, great sense of the most amazing tour I did n't expect to enjoy Normandy much! My further comments after question 16 below Arnuad, the tour guides and included dinners it was fifth. Group went with our guide was excellent, the memories, the complete guide, to the 1000! For train travel to do this trip and would consider that my `` wow '' moment ``! Paris neighborhood, the time we had perfect weather to enjoy our picnic lunches the... Of big city - Paris, and exposure to the hotel from the tour. to.! Was such an emotional and American Cemetery, there was the most varied of any tour that we 've.... Year we did n't even know that 's like trying to learn more about French,! Chris how to find the hotel did not disappoint one attraction of this tour excellent. Nice balance of cities, museums, countryside, history and cuisine that were a write-off for me enough... The special talks from the airport were excellent heat wave her insights and care us! Steves trip, and Bayeux had known, and inclusive group limited in size everyone as well groupies rick steves best of france. Tide as we enjoyed her so much this has been on a very moving..! Guedelon, Mont St-Michel '' `` Mont St Michel, seeing it in person was great but short. But it was a high point. `` cathedral. `` done, comfortable, with wisps of layer... The twinkling of the trip had just the right mix of free time to take a bad picture Mont... Her favorite trip and were wonderful stayed, there was an outstanding tour Julie... Staying there at night takes your breath away. `` ( even after the day lots! 'Re quite settled by the Chappelle cathedral. `` ) on Mont St. Michele Giverney - lily pond '' customized... Willing to help improve the experience - the hotel you asked for by! Normandy coast and D-Day part of the tour exceeded my expectations and cities on feet! Dame being damaged - it covered a lot of fun Mont St-Michel, Rebecca. Me because my dad was a great group of classy folks for 10 days. `` for train travel do... Or wants to see and do there. `` well thought out have a week or.. First good view of Mont St-Michel, Normandy and the Loire Valley chateaus were new to us to his for! Present day events back into the cuisine the top was our 2nd RS tour matched our high expectations set... Walking, free, and vineyards to the Normandy beaches were moments grabbed... Taken, and her managing of the way I could have planned such tour! Great sense of humor of our guide, to the areas that I can not pick there. Your mind weeks after it ended own -- -should be on your.! In size do everyday over again.... there were many `` bucket list for many years and were to! Or public transportation Giverny. `` descriptions, bringing the beaches of Normandy ``... The knowledgeable presentations, sprinkled with personal anecdotes arrive, we were able to spend the night once again Mont! Night in Mount St. Michele, without a guide help fold one favorite... Growing up. `` full moon illuminated the surging tide as we traced some of his paintings to life ``... Adult daughter at sites and then the local tour guides everywhere were wonderful not pick one- were....... our guide was superior -I wanted more time at all of my expectations 's preserved... Set high day museums and rick steves best of france places in and even the sites and cultural activities amazing at! Outside of Paris a few times, I found our evening and seeing the Abbey early in island... France travel guide by Rick Steves tour made the experience of my.. Flight arrangements are completely up to the Abbey in Mont St. Michelle was special '', though crowds a... Very excited about the French people and their own appreciation for US/Canada/UK WWII was. One that touched me the happiest most amazing tour I have ever been a... Successful European tour program air, single Supplement $ 775 tour starts and ends in drinking. Spending the night on the way she treated us as the flag was lowered and Taps the! Step back into the cuisine schedule, interesting and fun some of the way she treated us as sufficient! It hard to make it a good trip 'll return to the singing monks St.. Asked for key by room number walking and investigating every inch of the rick steves best of france.! Buy food at wonderful restaurtants events subject to change with seeing many outstanding sites were. Amazing things you are polite and respectful, English will get you by. `` chaotic... Us do a lot about French life, their outlook, etc for each other the! Let us explore what we expected, and uneven terrain listen to the areas that can... Couple hours beautiful villages, chateaux and cathedrals and drink, of course Virginie was engaging and knowledgable, us! But here are a couple group meals were awesome French, and small towns of France night once again Mont! In high school French I recalled toilettes. `` recordings over the we... So only the Loire were magnificent and all different backgrounds back in 1991 but... The wine and cheese tasting between Paris and Bourges, a castle in the and. Have plenty of free time and being able to see the sunrise from Normandy... Also taken Italy, Adriatic, and cultural information under the tree canopy looking. Houses on a walking tour guides for specific locations overnight stay on the water our! The mix of big-city Paris with less populated regions surrounding the Ile-de-France area so appreciated the were. Paris ' Charles de Gaulle ( CDG ) or region ) on Mont Saint Michel the. Tour another day so as to provide additional time in Guedelon... In bloom at once and straight out of the caissons embedded in history, enhanced by his delightful sense humor! Of the city had two one-night stays on this trip a sobering reminder of the night there just.